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Fordham University punishing student for “hate crime” photo on Instagram

NOTE: I’m not suggesting you donate to the NRA or this student’s GoFundMe. I have included them as sources to the story since the demorat-run media is silent about the harassment of this student.


Fordham University is a private research university in New York City. It is is the oldest Catholic and Jesuit university in the northeastern United States. It is also a place where free speech and thought is not allowed.

Meet Austin Tong, a senior at Fordham. Austin posted this “offensive” picture with his “automatic” weapon on Instagram:

He’s now being punished for daring to exercise his Second Amendment right.

Here’s what happened to him at Fordham, from his GoFundMe page:

“On July 14th, I was officially punished by Fordham University in the name of probation suspension for the alleged crimes of “Violation of University Regulations relating to Bias and/or Hate Crimes”; “Threats/Intimidation,” an explicit attack on my freedom of expression for two Instagram posts I posted in June. I am no longer permitted on campus, with public safety coming to my home at midnight to question me on the day of the post, and face forced political reeducation through mandatory courses and to write an apology letter, or will face full suspension or expulsion – is this happening in America, or is this a Soviet nightmare?”

Read his story here or watch the NRA video:


But this is who the demorats are: You either comply with their ideology/demands or they will DESTROY you.

Feel free to contact Fordham University here on Twitter or send an email to the office of their president.


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