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Darwinism Produces Racism and Eugenics

The untold legacy of Charles Darwin

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aVdKqG1xpA8]

A bad tree cannot bear good fruit

Hank Hanegraaff delivers a scorching analysis of Charles Darwin.

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Jay Z Bails Out Violent Protesters

By Doyle Murphy of the New York Daily News
Beyoncé and Jay Z wired ‘tens of thousands’ of dollars to bail out protesters in Baltimore and Ferguson, Mo., a writer says.
Jay Z and Beyoncé bankrolled protesters in Baltimore and Ferguson with tens of thousands of dollars in bail money, a writer and social activist close to him claimed.
“I can say I’ve personally helped facilitate donations they’ve given to protesters directly and that they never ask for anything in return, especially publicity,” author dream hampton told the Daily News in an email.
The writer, who collaborated on Jay Z’s book “Decoded,” first revealed the power couple’s behind-the-scenes support in a series of tweets on Sunday morning.
“When we needed money for bail for Baltimore protesters, I asked hit Jay up, as I had for Ferguson, wired tens of thousands in mins.” hampton wrote.

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Why I Pray for the Man Who Calls Himself Obama

Why I Pray for the Man Who Calls Himself Obama
I don’t think that I have ever felt so much anger towards a single person as I do towards the man who calls himself Obama. When I think of the blatant destruction that he and his cabal of communist usurpers have brought to this country via illegitimate authority: the economic destitution, the destruction of sacred marriage, the persecution and attacks on conservatives and Christians, the ruined lives, the wrecked marriages, the murder of millions of babies, the deliberate tearing down of racial progress and the proliferation of racist policies and actions, etc., I am at a loss to come up with another person in my lifetime that more personifies the word evil.
Yet, I pray for the man.
Why? Because if there’s anyone who has done more to deliberately chart a course to his own eternal damnation in the fires of hell, it’s him. Yet I know that God loves him.
For the same reason, I pray for Holder, and Hillary, and Reid, and Jarrett, and Biden, and Pelosi, and Boxner, and Feinstein, and all the rest.
They are sowing the seeds of their own damnation. Yet God loves them.
I’ll admit, it’s hard to pray for these people. It takes effort. Yet the more I do it, the easier it becomes.
Perhaps one of them will be saved. Perhaps one of them will see the light and the errors of their ways. On the one hand, I’m not optimistic. On the other hand, I know that all things are possible with God.

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Yes, Virginia, There are Racists in America, and They Don’t Like White People

White privilege conference
Yes, Virginia, There Are Racists in America, and They Don’t Like White People

Did you attend the fifteenth annual, tax-payer funded National White Privilege Conference? Hundreds of people did, almost all of them teachers and education officials at public schools and universities.

Here’s some of that they learned:

All members of the Tea Party are racists.

The longer a person remains with the Tea Party the more racist they become.

Tea Party groups are similar to white nationalist groups.

People who send their kids to private schools are racists.

People who disagree with (so-called) President Obama are racists.

Leonard Zeskin

Leonard Zeskind

All of the above statements came from author and activist Leonard Zeskind, a keynote speaker at the event which took place March 26-29 in Madison, Wisconsin.

“There has been a longitudinal study that finds the longer you are in the tea party, the more racist you become,” Zeskind said, according to the MacIver Institute, which covered the conference.

The Daily Caller reported on a different session, in which a former high school teacher claimed that teaching was a fundamentally political act and all teachers who were unwilling to use their post to rail against white oppression should “get the fuck out” of education.(RELATED: White Privilege Conference: Being white is like being an alcoholic)

Attendees paid hundreds of dollars each to attend this conference, and while I have no doubt that speakers, such as Leonard Zeskind, know that they’re peddling a load of BS, many of the attendees actually believe this nonsense. And they’re the ones who are teaching America’s kids. How does that grab you?

Somebody correct me if I’m wrong, but it seems like race relations in this country have deteriorated ever since aka Obama took office. And it further seems as if that deterioration has occurred purposely, in order to separate Americans and drive them apart.

Does anyone else feel this way, or is it just me? Perhaps this has been going on all along and my eyes have just recently been opened. Common sense and courteousness have gone out the window over the last five plus years.

We didn’t have the knockout game five years ago.

We didn’t have politicians getting caught red-handed in Pennsylvania for engaging in criminal activity, yet not prosecuted because of their skin color.

What is happening to our once great country?

Read more: https://dailycaller.com/2014/04/02/more-from-the-white-privilege-conference-tea-party-racism/#ixzz2yPbMrW8j

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A little sensible talk about Atlanta Mall taser incident.


Tommy Sotomayor offers common sense about the tasing incident at the Atlanta Mini-Mall. Thank you Tommy. ~ TD 

And now, for your personal information, here’s the event Tommy Sotomayor is referring to:
And for those who say, “No good deed goes unpunished,” here’s a story following up on the plight of this courageous mall cop, Darien Long:


America’s ‘toughest mall cop’ FIRED over controversial videos of him tasering troublesome shoppers

Zero tolerance security guard Darien Long has lost his job after posting online videos showing his tough stance with troublemakers at the mall where he works.
Mr Long, who made headlines last month after a video showing him tasering a violent woman outside Atlanta’s Metro Mall was posted online – has told how he will be out of a job on April 1.
He blamed a host of factors including ‘the police’, a recent raid at the mall, and the publicity surrounding his no-nonsense approach to his job for him being asked to leave at the end of this month…
Read more: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2297455/Darien-Long-Americas-toughest-mall-cop-FIRED-videos-tasering-shoppers.html#ixzz2pAtGBFbi

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FoxNews finally deals with racist mobs

I’ve been waiting for FoxNews to deal with this story. Now that it’s out in the open, the rats in the government controlled media will have to start spinning like crazy. ~ TD
Here’s a guy who talks straight to the people who are playing the knock-out game. Warning: rough language ahead. He feels the same way about these guys as I feel about my fellow Boston Irishman, Whitey Bulger. Start me on Whitey, and you’ll hear colorful language out of me, too: 
Here’s a guy who has a good response to the problem:



‘It’s savagery. This is like Lord of the Flies’


The Knockout Game features young black males attacking white victims on the street.

After scores of reports by WND about the problem of black-mob violence in the U.S. and a lethal practice of attacking random whites and Jews called “the Knockout Game,” Fox News has launched a full-frontal assault on the shocking phenomenon its own analysts say is intentionally suppressed by national news media.
At least three of the top-rated cable network’s prime-time broadcasts focused on the issue Tuesday night, with the common conclusion that it’s a racist crime trend of black individuals pummeling white victims.
“It’s savagery. It’s very difficult to watch those tapes,” former CBS News correspondent Bernard Goldberg told Bill O’Reilly on “The O’Reilly Factor.”
Black mobs routinely terrorize cities across the country, but the media and government are silent. Read the detailed account of rampant racial crime – and get links to videos providing the proof – in “White Girl Bleed A Lot: The Return of Racial Violence to America and How the Media Ignore It.”
“The reason most of the people watching us tonight are probably shocked by these videos and don’t know anything about them … is because they’re getting precious little attention – no attention that we could find in the New York Times and the Washington Post or the network evening newscasts. And I think there’s a reason for this, and it’s not a journalistic reason.”
“Just let’s imagine that what we’re seeing here is white kids attacking black people,” Goldberg continued, “that in cities like St. Louis and Washington and Milwaukee and Hoboken, N.J., and Syracuse, N.Y., and other cities, young white kids got together and said, ‘Let’s start this game. We’ll call it the Knockout.’ And they go around and some black guy is coming home from work and out of the blue, they just hit him in the face as hard as they can and he goes down. And then their idiotic white friends giggle about it like a bunch of hyenas, and then they post it on the Internet. That would obviously be a national news story because it’s orchestrated racial violence. But this isn’t.”
Goldberg told O’Reilly it was a “white liberal paternalistic decision” for most media to ignore and hide the issue.
“The white liberals in the media at places that aren’t covering this are saying, ‘You know what? We don’t want to give any ammo to those white racist conservatives out there (because they equate conservatism with racism anyway), so let’s just make believe this isn’t happening.’ How despicable. How disgraceful to make believe something that is spread from one city to another isn’t a legitimate news story. …
“Most black kids don’t do this, but a disproportionate number are either doing that, or are walking into stores and hauling entire racks of clothing out onto the street. This is like ‘Lord of the Flies.’ This is crazy stuff and the black establishment, the civil-rights establishment, has been predictably silent on this.”
Some Knockout Game suspects

Some Knockout Game suspects

O’Reilly tried to explain the violence by blacks against whites by saying blacks are “sold a bill of good by the civil-rights people that … ‘because you’re unhappy, it’s the whites doing it to you,’ and so they’re whacking whites. But with the Internet and the notoriety, this thing could really get out of control.”
Goldberg flayed black leaders for their absence on the matter, especially after their media omnipresence with the case of Trayvon Martin, the black teenager gunned down by George Zimmerman in Sanford, Fla.
“You had [Jesse] Jackson, you had [Al] Sharpton, you had sanctimonious Tavis Smiley all going on television … painting a fairy-tale picture about how young black males are being hunted down by white people. It was absurd, but they went on doing that,” said Goldberg. “And on this [black-on-white violence], they say nothing because – this is important – because it speaks to their failure as black leaders. They don’t know what to do about this.”
Meanwhile on “Hannity,” former NYPD detective Bo Dietl blasted media suppression of the trend, as well as how police agencies have handled the cases.
“The liberal news media doesn’t want to say what it is. It’s gangs of black youths attacking whites,” Dietl told host Sean Hannity.

“It’s a race-based thing. It’s the black youths against the white individual. Not even just a man. It’s against defenseless women and defenseless people and they hit ‘em in the face and they try to knock ‘em out. People have been killed. My problem is, they gotta take this crime, and they gotta categorize it the way it’s supposed to be categorized. It’s black-on-white crime. That’s racist.”
Also appearing on the program was noted criminal defense attorney Remy Spencer who agreed the Knockout Game was severely underreported.
“I think people in today’s society are too politically correct and afraid to talk about violence from black people on white people,” Spencer said. “But if you reverse it, look at the George Zimmerman trial. That got national attention, not just because a young man died, but because of the race issue. I think media outlets are afraid of reporting this kind of crime.”
Spencer explained there was no guesswork or speculation about the racial angle, as the black assailants themselves are self-publicizing their mayhem online.
“They’re posting these things on Facebook, on Twitter and on YouTube,” she said. “In one that I reviewed before coming on your show tonight, one of the black young men who did this, his caption was that “White Girl Bleed a Lot.’ There has been a book published with that title talking about these Knockout Games. So we know that the evidence is there. It’s up to law enforcement to prosecute them for these serious crimes.”
Not to be left out, Greta Van Susteren, host of “On the Record,” lashed into those taking part in the Knockout Game, stating, “This is no game. It is a mean, dangerous and deadly crime.”

In a personal commentary, Van Susteren said Americans have to address this problem as soon as possible:
“No one wants to get near the topic of race, but we also can’t run from this one. People are getting hurt, they’re getting murdered. And even those who live in these communities where this is happening, they have a right to be safe, and they don’t have to live in fear of having their children hurt or even poisoned by ugly peer pressure, right?
“This game has to be condemned, and in order for the condemnation to have any impact whatsoever, it has to come from important role models to these young teens. I beg of Rev. Jesse Jackson, Rev. Al Sharpton and even President Obama to step up right now and speak out. Your silence will speak volumes, but your voice could make a big difference. Don’t wait. Be leaders. They need you. We need you.”
To see the videos, go to the following link:  https://www.wnd.com/2013/11/fox-launches-full-frontal-assault-on-black-mobs/#zlxE1AGJUQYtkY6u.99

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Dear Oprah Windbag. Nice Nail In Coffin Of Race Relations.

Oprah Winfrey is a big dopey racist elitist schmuck.

To every member of the Black community the Video below of Dr. King is from his “I have a dream speech” I would venture to say 90-95 percent of White Americans believe in what Dr. King says.
We are not the enemy. We do not HATE you no matter what you have been told. Now let’s be honest do you also believe in Dr. Kings words?
What percentage of Black community do you think believes them? You were lied to by people like Oprah and the Democratic. I’m sure our readers here at FOTM get it, but hey if I can get one driveby reader to consider.
Now for our Nitwit of the day  Oprah Winbag.———-stupid-clueless

 Oprah Winfrey tells BBC many Americans hate Obama because he’s BLACK

 The Right Scoop on November 14th, 2013
Oprah Winfrey is going around the world telling everyone that Americans are racist while she promotes her new film:
Oprah Winfrey has been a prominent supporter of Barack Obama. She thinks that both he and the Office of President have been treated with contempt because of the colour of his skin.
( No Oprah, it’s because he is evil and remember he is half white so we own him too.)
“There’s a level of disrespect for the office that occurs. And that occurs in some cases and maybe even many cases because he’s African American. There’s no question about that and it’s the kind of thing nobody ever says but everybody’s thinking it.”

Yup, what he said.

Yup, what he said.

~Steve~                https://therightscoop.com/video-oprah-winfrey-tells-bbc-many-americans-hate-obama-because-hes-black/

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President Lucifer's Racial Legacy



‘They’re about to beat this boy to death over here’

A cell-phone video captures the 13-year-old boy’s screams for help as he’s pummeled with fists and kicked by three bigger, older youths who “ganged up” on him as he was about to get off at his bus stop.
See the video at: https://www.wnd.com/2013/08/white-child-pummeled-by-blacks-on-bus/
The black teens beat the white sixth-grader for roughly a minute before opening the emergency-exit door and fleeing the bus.
As the relentless assault unfolds, the bus driver John Moody yells at the teens to leave the boy alone. He also asks dispatchers to send help.
“You gotta get somebody here quick, quick, quick, quick,” he urged. “They’re about to beat this boy to death over here.”
Moody added, “Please get somebody here quick. There’s still doing it. There’s nothing I can do.”
Moody, 64, said he was too afraid to physically intervene. And according to Lealman Intermediate School’s policy, he is only required to call dispatch.
“The three boys just jumped on him and started pounding on him. And I did all I can,” he told WFLA-TV. “I was looking. It was like I was in shock. I was petrified.”
The attack took place July 9 in Pinellas County, Fla., but the horrific cell-phone video – and a bus surveillance video – came to light only recently.

Prosecutors say they have no grounds on which to charge the bus driver with a crime.

(Anyone notice the attempt to shift the blame away from the attackers, and onto the elderly bus driver who called for help? ~TD)

“It wasn’t like he was looking out the window cleaning his fingernails or something like that,” Chief Assistant State Attorney Bruce Bartlett told the TV station.
But police said Moody could have at least given first aid to the victim after the attackers fled through the vehicle’s emergency-exit door.
“There was clearly an opportunity for him to intervene and or check on the welfare of the children or the child in this case and he didn’t make any effort to do so,” Chief Robert Vincent of Gulfport Police Department told WFLA-TV.
Police say the youths attacked the victim after he told officials at their drop-out prevention school that one of them had tried to sell him drugs.
The victim suffered two black eyes and a broken arm.
Joshua Reddin, Julian McKnight and Lloyd Khemradj, all 15-years-old, were arrested soon after bolting from the bus.

Left to right: Joshua Reddin, Julian McKnight, Lloyd Khemradj
All three assailants are charged with aggravated battery. Reddin is also charged with unarmed robbery for taking the victim’s money after the beating.
Moody, who retired from his bus-driving job two weeks after the attack, said he’s still haunted by it and has suffered sleepless nights.
“I wanted to help him so bad,” he said. “I wanted to help him.”
See the video at: https://www.wnd.com/2013/08/white-child-pummeled-by-blacks-on-bus/

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Airline Crashes Are Not Funny. Haste to Report Things Maybe Are.

 Fox AFFILIATE scammed in reporting four captain’s names.

1) captain sum ting wong

2) wi tu lo

3) ho lee fuk

4) bang ding ow


UPDATE: NTSB Apologizes For Intern Error That Led To Fox Affiliate’s Racist Asiana Airlines Reporting Gaffe


UPDATE, 6:40PM: The National Transportation Safety Board has issued an apology for confirming the fake pilot names to KTVU, citing the handiwork of an overzealous summer intern. Read the full release here.

PREVIOUSLY: Local San Francisco Fox affiliate KTVU is blowing up on social media today after erroneously identifying the Asiana Airline pilots in Saturday’s SFO crash by four racist prank names during its Friday noon broadcast. “Prior to air, the names were confirmed by an NTSB official in the agency’s Washington, D.C. office,” read an apology posted this afternoon on KTVU’s website. “Despite that confirmation, KTVU realized the names that aired were not accurate and issued an apology later in the newscast.”





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Justice in America 2013

Carjacking victims Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom

Carjacking victims Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom



Judge warns families of couple murdered during black-on-white carjacking, kidnapping

L to R, Eric Boyd, Lemaricus Davidson, George Thomas, Letalvis Cobbins, and Vanessa Coleman

L to R, Eric Boyd, Lemaricus Davidson, George Thomas, Letalvis Cobbins, and Vanessa Coleman

Family members of two torture-slaying victims say they are sustaining another slight at the hands of the judicial system – which already has forced them to endure retrials of those accused in the case.
This time, the judge in the trial of one of the suspects in the deaths of Chris Newsom, 23, and Channon Christian, 21, has told their family members not to wear buttons they created honoring their lost loved ones if they sit at the front of the courtroom where George Thomas now is on trial for the deaths.
WND was among the first to report on the case that has garnered attention for the horrific black-on-white violence that destroyed the lives of the two people who had been dating just a short time. Investigators say Christian and Newsom were on a Jan. 6, 2007, date and were in the process of leaving a friend’s apartment complex.
Christian reportedly was sitting at the wheel of her Toyota SUV and Newsom was at her side in the open door, kissing her, when they were attacked by the armed gang members.
According to court documents, the two were tied up, blindfolded and taken to one defendant’s rental home. Shortly thereafter, Newsom was sexually assaulted, shot in the head, set on fire and his body was left beside railroad tracks. The attackers allegedly took 24 hours to kill Christian, raping her multiple times and spraying bleach in her mouth to destroy evidence before stuffing her in plastic and dumping her in a closed trash can.
Judge Richard Baumgartner, disbarred in October 2011

Judge Richard Baumgartner, disbarred in October 2011

The Knox News reported two years ago after the first round of trials in which the suspects were found guilty that new trials would have to be held because the judge was presiding over the cases “while trysting in his office, cutting drug deals with felons on a taxpayer-funded cell phone and snorting pain pills with a former drug court probationer.”
So the court hearings were restarted, and now Senior Judge Walter Kurtz, hearing the evidence against suspect George Thomas, said family members may wear photo buttons they created to honor their loved ones – but they then must sit several rows back from the front bench in the courtroom.
Christian’s father, Gary Christian, said he no longer will sit in an area of the courtroom near where the defendant and his attorneys sit in the Knoxville, Tenn., courtroom.
The trial for Thomas may be the end of the case. Alleged co-conspirator Vanessa Coleman also had been granted a new trial because of the earlier judge’s actions, and was convicted in a second trial and sentenced to 35 years.
Earlier convictions for Lemaricus Davidson and Letalvis Cobbins stood because of the physical evidence that linked them to the crimes.
Defendant No. 5, Eric DeWayne Boyd was found guilty of being an accessory and sentenced to 18 years.
Davidson was given the death penalty. Cobbins was given life in prison, the sentence for Thomas before a new trial was ordered.
Judge Richard Baumgartner, the judge whose misbehavior sparked the retrials, later pleaded guilty to official misconduct and resigned.
The attack happened when such black-on-white violence was just starting to gain attention, and grabbed the headlines because of the extreme violence involved.
The brutalized bodies of the victims showed evidence that the attackers had tried to destroy DNA evidence by dousing Christian with bleach and Newsom’s body was burned beyond recognition.
The suspects were arrested within a few days of the attack in the Knoxville and Lebanon areas.
Prosecutors have explained the suspects carjacked the couple and decided to get rid of Newsom before pursuing their sexual attack on Christian.
Comments posted on a variety of websites by the public showed the level of disgust that developed. One writer said a lethal injection would be too good, and “a public quartering would send a message to other dirt bags that society will not tolerate such atrocities.”
Attorneys for the defendants actually tried to have such comments censored.
Read more at https://www.wnd.com/2013/03/torture-slaying-retrial-declared-victim-free-zone/#ofdZowi5XCT2rzXs.99

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