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Liberal utopia of Portland, Oregon: Entire city block and family bike path taken over by homeless

Videos NSFW due to some cursing.

Large, progressive-run cities on the west coast all have a homeless crisis: Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, etc. MILLIONS of taxpayer dollars are stolen to solve the problem keep the homeless industrial complex alive.

This past Wednesday, demoRAT Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler told business owners that the laws will be enforced when homeless people disobey them. He specifically told the business owners: “The laws will be enforced, and I’m directing they be enforced.”

Well if the good mayor says so it must be true, right? Let your eyes be the judge of that. I’m sure there are many laws being broken by the homeless in these videos: unlawful urination or defecation, disposal of rubbish, drug use, vandalism, and creating an impassable sidewalk along with health and fire hazards, etc.

The above videos were uploaded this past July by The Michael Anderson Show.  The first shows the area of NE 6th & Everett Street. The second is a family bike path on N Macrum Ave & N Lombard Street.  These areas look like a third-world country.

You better open your progressive eyes, Portland citizens. Your “City of Roses” looks like a sh*t hole.

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California bill makes it a right to pee in public

AmmianoTom Ammiano

Do you remember California State Assemblyman Tom Ammiano (D-San Francisco), an out homosexual and an LBGT rights activist, who proposed a bill, AB 460, that requires health insurers to offer infertility treatment for homosexual couples, although gay couples can’t reproduce?

Ammiano is now expanding his ridiculous legislative ventures to a Homeless Bill of Rights, Assembly Bill 5, in support of peeing in public places like sidewalks.


Daniel Greenfield reports for FrontPage Mag, April 26, 2013, that AB 5 may be the first law ever that turns public urination into a right.

From AB 5:


p style=”padding-left:30px;”>(f) The right to engage in life sustaining activities that must be carried out in public spaces because of homelessness, including, but not limited to, eating, congregating, possessing and storing personal property, urinating, or collecting and possessing goods for recycling

By “public space” is meant “space that is predominantly within the public domain or that is held open to the public, including, but not limited to, plazas, courtyards, parking lots, sidewalks, public transportation, public buildings and parks.”

In other words, AB 5 would make it lawful in California to pee, not just on sidewalks, but also in buses, trains, subway, bus and train terminals, airports, city hall, and the DMV!

But AB 5’s right to public urination isn’t just for “the homeless.” The bill expands the definition of homeless to include as many people as possible, including those living in “substandard apartments, dwellings, doubled up temporarily with friends or families, or staying in transitional housing programs. ‘Homeless’ means any person staying in a residential hotel without tenancy rights, and families with children staying in a residential hotel whether or not they have tenancy rights.”

A close reading of the bill actually suggests that it legalizes public urination for everyone, as it specifies these rights, including the right to drag around shopping carts full of bottles and cans and urinate in public to “Every person in the state, regardless of actual or perceived housing status.”

AB 5 will turn the State of California into a gigantic urinal.

If this lunatic bill passes, you just wait and see, it’ll be amended to include the right to public defecation.

H/t my bud Mark S. McGrew.


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