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Secret Service investigates man for empty chair

In Amerika today, you’re called “RAAAACIST!” if you criticize the POS squatting in the Oval Office. And if you put an empty chair out on your property, you just might get a visit from the Secret Service, as a Virginia man found out.

Dangling empty chair in VA

David Sherfinski reports for The Washington Times, Sept. 21, 2012:

A Centreville man who hung an empty chair from a tree in his backyard with a sign reading “Nobama” attached to it denies that it was meant to represent any inference to lynching or had any racist connotations, though he did manage to “get on the radar” of the Secret Service.

Doug Burger said he was “Eastwooding,” according to local Washington news outlet WJLA. “I loved Clint Eastwood’s speech” at the Republican nominating convention, he said.

Mr. Eastwood delivered a free-form speech on the final night of the convention in which he addressed an invisible President Obama supposedly sitting in a chair next to him on the stage, drawing applause from some but ridicule from others. “Saturday Night Live” lampooned the incident during its TV season premiere on Saturday.

Mr. Burger said that people always steal his political signs, so he thought he’d at least make them work to take it away this time, and that he failed to see what all the fuss is about. “I am not a racist in any fashion,” he said. “I know how to build a noose, really. If I wanted to make a noose, I could do that. I did not. I had no intention for that to occur.”

He has taken the chair down from the tree, but said he felt the whole hubbub was “really an attack on free speech.”

Mr. Obama is scheduled to make a Friday campaign stop in Woodbridge, Va.

There is also another dangling empty chair in Texas:

Being a patriot, I have a tip for the Secret Service on — GASP! — an even more shocking dangling empty chair.

You guys had better investigate the soldiers who did this! I’m SHOCKED! Just SHOCKED!

Meanwhile, Glenn W. Smith, the director and consultant of Progress Texas PAC, hyperventilates on HuffPost:

“Depraved haters in Texas and Virgina are lynching empty chairs — Clint Eastwood’s symbolic President Obama. In Texas, the story was broken by BurntOrangeReport. In Virginia, it was BlueVirginia. The question is, are these hateful protests from isolated crackpots? Or do they exemplify a larger fringe America so lost in bigotry and anti-Obama zealotry that they’ve lost all moral bearings?”

Gosh, I wonder why Smith and his fellow Lefties didn’t condemn “Death of a President” — that 2006 faux-documentary movie on, not an empty chair, but the assassination of President George W. Bush?

I know, I know!

Because liberals/Progressives/Lefties are HYPOCRITES!!!!