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California university’s website says its OK for children to engage in 'sexual play,' watch porn

But don’t you dare hand them a toy gun!
From Fox News: A public university in California features a controversial website that encourages parents to react “positively” when 4-year-olds touch each other’s genitals and says young children should be allowed to watch porn.
The University of California, Santa Barbara hosts an online platform, within the sociology department, called “SexInfo Online,” which is maintained by students “who have studied advanced topics in human sexuality” that seek to answer a myriad of questions on sexuality, The College Fix reported.
“The majority of sexual play between children takes place between the ages of 4 and 7,” the website states in a section titled “Childhood Sexuality,” accompanied by a photo of two little girls that appear to be kissing on a beach. “Children might display affection to their friends by hugging and kissing, or touching each other’s genitals, which is perfectly normal. Parents should not react in a negative way because children are just exploring.
It adds that parents should intervene only “if the acts are non-consensual or hurtful.”
In a section titled “Talking To Your Children About Sexparents are encouraged to let their children watch pornography.
“It is important that children understand that viewing pornography is a normal habit, and that they do not need to be ashamed of it,” UCSB students wrote.
(It goes on: “However, parents should discuss with their child that pornography may create certain expectations about sex that are unrealistic, especially when it comes to the appearance, desires, and behavior of women. Emotional intimacy, although severely lacking in most x-rated productions, is a huge part of sex. Finally, parents should remind their child that although sexuality may be a new part of their life which worth exploring, they should resist getting carried away. Children should activities like excessive masturbation, and they should continue to cultivate other productive activities, such as sports, clubs, and friendships.)
The article tells parents how to have “the talk” with their kids.
“Children and teens do not want to be told what to do, especially when it comes to personal topics such as sex,” the website states. “It is important that parents do not lecture their children, but instead try to present information and have an open discussion about sex. Adolescents will make their own decisions regarding sex and it is up to the parent to give them the information and resources needed to make informed decisions.
The school’s department of sociology chair declined to comment and the university did not immediately respond to request for comment.

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A new cultural low…

Mother-Daughter Porn Duo Jessica Sexxxton, Monica Sexxxton Aiming To Be Filthy Rich

Huffington Post: A mother and daughter in Tampa, Fla., have a unique way of expressing family togetherness — by creating a pornography site and shooting sex scenes together.
The duo — known collectively as “The Sexxxtons” — like many porn performers, don’t give out their last names. Jessica, the mom, and Monica, the daughter, have been creating kinky content for their self-titled website for the past year and have just released a DVD.
In order to confirm the Sexxxtons are really related and not just claiming that as a marketing gimmick, The Huffington Post reviewed both women’s driver’s licenses, and their private Facebook pages, as well as private family photos going back 20 years.
Although mother and daughter have sex in the same room at the same time — often with the same male or female partner — they insist that their encounters are not incestuous. For legal and personal reasons, they don’t actually touch each other during sex scenes.
We don’t have a problem doing two-on-one,” Jessica, 56, explained to The Huffington Post. “We will have sex with one man, but not interact with each other.” Monica, 22, said the kinky choreography is a lot more difficult than her mom makes it sound. “It’s not easy to do,” she told HuffPost. “Our lips never touch and that can be a problem when filming.”
Those precautions, the Sexxxtons said, are what keeps their scenes from legally being incestuous, even if experts like Beverly Hills-based psychiatrist Dr. Carole Lieberman, who has never treated the Sexxxtons, considers their activities to be “emotional incest.”
This crosses so many lines, it’s like a labyrinth,” Lieberman told HuffPost. “Even if they’re not having sex with each other, it has to be titillating to one or both or them, so it crosses the line since sexual arousal comes into the mix.”
Monica acknowledges the mother-daughter porn is enjoyable. “I enjoy the sex and I enjoy being with my mom,” she said. “During the scenes, I think about how we’re going to be filthy rich.”
Money was a factor in deciding to start the family business. Three years ago, Monica said the family — including her younger brother — were about to get evicted from their home. She looked at her options, and decided to become a dancer and also get into porn.
“I’ve always been an exhibitionist and sex just oozed out of me,” she said, adding that she lost her virginity at the age of 12. “It was my idea. I dropped out of school in ninth grade and figured this was a good way to earn money.”
Monica worked as a dancer and got her mom into doing porn first before she did it herself. Jessica agreed to her daughter’s suggestion, saying they’ve always been open with each other.
“The money was part of the reason, but so was fun, and having sex with hot guys,” Jessica said, adding that she prefers her new job to her old career, bartending, for one simple reason: “You don’t have to get dressed to go to work.

For the most part, the Sexxxtons only have sex in the same room when on camera, but Jessica said they did do a threesome with one of her boyfriends one night. “We were talking about sex and it happened. We all had a good time,” she said.
Monica has no plans to have a child of her own, but she and Jessica agree that if she had a child who wanted to go into the family business at a legal age, they’d allow it.
There are limits though: No animals and Monica doesn’t want to film scenes with her younger brother. “He’s a virgin and I don’t want his first sex experience to be with someone who is just doing it for money and isn’t into him,” she said.
Monica may see filming sex scenes with her mother as a ticket to the big time, but adult film historian Bill Margold doubts they will be able to parlay their notoriety to mainstream porn. “The adult industry is not that stupid,” Margold told HuffPost. “They have enough problems without creating on-camera incest.”
Well kudos to them for wanting to make money, I guess.
Yet is this really what a mom should want for her daughter? Whoring herself out for money? My, how our society has lowered its standards.
h/t Anon

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Los Angeles just doesn't get it…

Porn Stars Flocking to Phoenix for Filming

Remember my post about the city of Los Angeles’ desire to mandate that porn actors wear condoms?  Well it’s now an ordinance that requires porn actors to wear condoms during filming and takes effect today. The result? The porn industry is seeking to move their business elsewhere…
myFOXphoenix.com: When you think of “Porn in the Valley,” southern California probably comes to mind. But soon, that could all change – because of the billion dollar porn industry.  It is seriously considering moving its operations to the Phoenix valley.
Sweeping health regulations will require porn performers in California to wear condoms while on location starting on Monday.  The landmark law is a rare attempt to regulate how films are made.
The industry is fighting back, and on Saturday night, they brought that fight to Phoenix, and that might not be all.  Adult movie star and film producer Taryn Thomas signed autographs for fans at the first-ever Adult Film Convention in Phoenix — which happens to coincide with the Fifth Annual Porn Star Ball held here in the valley.
This after a strict, new law in California is set to change the way movies are made there by requiring condom use.  “I wonder what’s going to happen for the next ‘Fast and the Furious’ movie? Will Vin Diesel have to keep it under 65? Will James Bond have to wear tactical gear?” one actress said.
Film maker Michael Whiteacre said he’s already seen change.  Producers and actors are packing up and moving to a new valley — one with no restrictions.  Whiteacre said more shooting means more money.
But former porn actress and founder of the Pink Cross Foundation, Shelly Luben, warns of something else.  “What they bring with them is rampant – STDs, prostitution, drug trafficking, let me tell you — they are going to recruit young women in Phoenix,” Luben said.
Wherever work is, of course, I am going to flock to that as well,” said actress Amy Brook.   Brook started making Internet movies in Phoenix in 2008, and like Thomas, is willing to come back if it means freedom of expression.  “Say a construction worker has to wear a hard hat, OK, but the building he’s building is still going to look the same when it’s done. But if a performer has to wear a condom, it’s not going to show up the same way, and it’s not going to be the same in the end,” Brook said.
We all know wearing condoms is most effective in preventing sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).  And while I’m no fan of the porn industry, I am a big fan of free will when it comes to your choice to use a condom or not. 
I would never encourage a young girl or man to enter the porn industry and would certainly encourage using condoms.  Yet I cannot get on board with the city mandating actors use condoms in this business. 
The city of Los Angeles, although driven by good intentions to prevent the transmission of STDs, may find themselves even more broke with the loss of this industry.  Big government usually means big problems.

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Condoms required for workplace safety

Adult Film Condom Proposal Qualifies for June Ballot

NBC  Los AngelesA proposal that would require adult film actors to use condoms has qualified for the June ballot after proponents gathered enough signatures to put the issue before Los Angeles voters.
Proponents gathered more than 70,000 signatures, exceeding the 41,000 required to place the issue on the ballot, according to AIDS Heathcare Foundation spokesman Ged Kenslea. The signatures were certified last week by the LA City Clerk.

The Adult Film Workplace Condom Initiative would condition adult film permits on the production company’s agreement to use condoms on the film set. Under the proposal, fees may be charged to “provide for inspectors to ensure compliance with conditions on film permits.”

“We have other conditions on film permits,” said Michael Weinstein, of the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, a backer of the proposal. “If you’re going to blow things up, you have to have the fire department involved.” (his pun, not mine!)
The ballot measure is the subject of a legal challenge by City Attorney Carmen Trutanich. His office filed a lawsuit earlier this month, calling the measure a “needless and wasteful expenditure of public resources made in connection with a measure which the voters have no power to adopt.”  State laws already mandate use of condoms when workers are exposed to blood-borne pathogens, the lawsuit states.
But in a letter sent to the LA City Council after Trutanich issued his opinion on the matter earlier this year, Cal/OSHA officials said local authorities can require condom use on adult film sets.  “State law does not preempt such action by the City because the City does not seek to enact an occupational health and safety standard but rather a public health standard applicable to any film activity (regardless of employment relationship) within the City boundaries,” officials said in the letter.
How exactly will this mandate be enforced?  Government union workers hired to watch porn movies all day to determine which movies have been made without using condoms? Inspectors paid to go watch porn production?  How many inspectors would that require given the thousands of porn productions that take place in that city in a given month.
Anyone that enters the porn industry knows that it is a dangerous business.  If they choose to not use condoms, they practice their free will (or demonstrate a lack of intelligence).  I get the intent – controlling sexually transmitted diseases is  a good thing.  But can’t stand the fact that another government measure is on the ballot to regulate behaviors (really, the porn industry may be a work place but it’s a chosen profession, one that a person enters into knowing the consequences of unprotected sex).  What’s next, a mandate that requires you use condoms in your personal bedroom as well?

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Pornography Found In Bin Laden Hideout.. hehehehe

Now Kiddies what has Momma told you about Porno. It will make you go blind.
And it seems the nice Men in The Seals/CIA have seen to it as they reportedly blew out his eye. Momma is always right.
Friday, 13 May 2011 04:25 PM
WASHINGTON (Reuters) – A stash of pornography was found in the hideout of Osama bin Laden by the U.S. commandos who killed him, current and former U.S. officials said Friday.
The pornography recovered in bin Laden’s compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan, consists of modern, electronically recorded video and is fairly extensive, according to the officials, who discussed the discovery with Reuters on condition of anonymity.
The officials said they were not yet sure precisely where in the compound the pornography was discovered or who had been viewing it. Specifically, the officials said they did not know if bin Laden himself had acquired or viewed the materials.
 For Rest Of Story Pls go Here

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