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Massachusetts city gives polyamory same legal rights as married couples

And to Hell goes America in the proverbial handbasket.

Christine Rouselle reports for Catholic News Agency, July 2, 2020, that the city of Somerville, Massachusetts, has broadened its definition of domestic partnership to give polyamorous relationships the same rights as a married couple.

The original draft of the city ordinance specified that a domestic partnership was between two persons, which was changed to allow for polyamorous relationships.

The dictionary defines “polyamory” as “the practice or condition of participating simultaneously in more than one serious romantic or sexual relationship with the knowledge and consent of all partners.” In other words, a polyamorous person is one who has more than one sexual partner.

Somerville’s City Council passed the ordinance on June 25. Mayor Joseph Curtatone signed it into law on Monday, June 29. (Daily Mail)

The new ordinance means that Somerville employees will be able to extend health insurance benefits to more than one partner. It is unclear if private companies will also allow for employees in polyamorous domestic partenrships to share health insurance plans to their multiple partners.

Somerville city councilor J.T. (Jefferson Thomas) Scott, quoted in the New York Times, said that he believes this to be the first ordinance of its kind in the United States. In favor of recognizing polyamorous relationships, Scott said:

“People have been living in families that include more than two adults forever. Here in Somerville, families sometimes look like one man and one woman, but sometimes it looks like two people everyone on the block thinks are sisters because they’ve lived together forever, or sometimes it’s an aunt and an uncle, or an aunt and two uncles, raising two kids.”

Scott said that the new ordinance would legally recognize someone as having more than one domestic partner, regardless of the nature of that relationship: “It has a legal bearing, so when one of them is sick, they can both go to the hospital.”

Scott said he knew of at least two dozen people in Somerville who were engaged in polyamorous relationships, though he did not specify how many households they comprised. The city of Somerville has a population of about 80,000, and, until June, did not have any sort of domestic partnership ordinance.

City councilor Lance Davis, who drafted the domestic partnership ordinance, said: “I don’t think it’s the place of the government to tell people what is or is not a family. Defining families is something that historically we’ve gotten quite wrong as a society, and we ought not to continue to try and undertake to do so.”  Davis claims that constituents told him they were happy the city will be “legally recognizing and validating” the existence of polyamorous relationships.

Ryan Anderson, a senior research fellow at the Heritage Foundation, told CNA that he was not surprised by the latest efforts to redefine marriage to include multiple people:

“Of course it was never going to stop with same-sex couples. Once you redefine marriage to eliminate the male-female component, what principle requires monogamy? [The former cultural norm of marriage between one man and one woman] was that only one man and one woman could unite as one flesh as husband and wife in the very same act that could produce new life, and then connect that new life with his or her own mother and father. Once the law and culture says the male-female aspect of marriage violates justice and equality, we haven’t ‘expanded’ marriage, we’ve fundamentally redefined what it is. And those redefinitions have no principled stopping point.

Former Rep. Katie Hill (D-CA) must be fuming.

Recall that the married Hill had to resign from the House of Representatives because it was revealed she had sex with female and male staffers.

Hill was merely being polyamorous. /Sarc

On June 29, 2020, the Somerville City Council voted to defund the city’s police by cutting $650,000 from the salaries line item. Councilor J. T. Scott had wanted a 60% reduction in the police’s FY21 budget. The source of this information is a news website called WickedLocal Somerville, I kid you not.

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Drudge Report has gone to the dark side. Check out Whatfinger News, the Internet’s conservative frontpage founded by a military veteran!

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MSM corrupt America by promoting polyamory

“[I]t is hard to imagine anything more social in its effects, and more determinative of what kind of a society we will have, than our customs and laws regarding sex, marriage, and the raising of children. For sex results in children. Have we forgotten this?…. Sexual morality is for the protection and promotion of the natural (biological) family, and of adoptive families that affirm the natural by exemplar. The family is both the cradle of society and one of the great ends for which we form societies in the first place. So it is nonsense to say that right and wrong as regards sex are ours to determine for ourselves. Those laws and customs form a language we all must use. We cannot have a private language.” –Anthony Esolen

If you still doubt that the mainstream media are anti-American and are actively working on corrupting our society, this post should remove all doubt.

Last May, Gallup conducted its annual Values and Beliefs poll on the American people’s views on the moral acceptability of 21 issues.

The poll found that despite our bitter partisan divisions, conservatives and liberals are broadly united in their belief that these five behaviors are morally wrong: suicide, cloning animals, cloning humans, polygamy, and extramarital affairs:

  • An overwhelming majority of Americans, 80%, believe polygamy to be morally wrong.
  • An even greater majority, 89%, believe “married men and women having an affair” is morally wrong.

But the major television networks are actively promoting sexual promiscuity and “polyamory” — which the Cambridge Dictionary defines as “the practice of having sexual or romantic relationships with two or more people at the same time.”

Peter Hasson reports for The Daily Caller, Oct. 29, 2019, that “major media outlets” are normalizing non-monogamous relationships.

The latest major media outlet to do so is CBSN, the digital streaming arm of CBS News, which aired an hourlong special, “Non-Monogamy,” last Sunday (Oct. 27) night.

The special portrayed non-monogamous relationships in a sympathetic light. CBS promoted the special in an Oct. 25 press release two days before the program’s airing:

For years, monogamy has dominated what society perceives as, and allows to be, ‘normal,’ but in the modern era, those parameters are softening….

The newest CBSN Originals documentary, “Non-Monogamy,” highlights individuals engaging in various forms of consensual non-monogamy including polyamory, a triad monogamous relationship, a polyfidelitous closed quad, and a committed couple dating outside of their marriage. As Dr. Elisabeth Sheff puts it, “I think of it almost like a menu, a relationship menu, and that serial monogamy is at the top of the menu, and probably the most popular dish that people order, but there’s all these other things that people can order now, and they are.”

Sheff calls herself (itself?) “one of a handful of global academic experts on polyamory”.

The CBS digital-streaming special included a 22-minute documentary of interviews with people in openly non-monogamous relationships. The documentary is followed by interviews with a pro-polyamory researcher and a pro-polyamory lawyer. The people in openly non-monogamous relationships who were interviewed include:

  • A man identified as Alex, in an “open marriage” with his wife Bridget of just one year, told CBSN: “The way our parents were brought up, monogamy felt like it was necessary. It was just the way culture accepted you, it is the way everybody accepted you. Now, things are different, things are opening up.” Alex and Bridget both have outside sexual partners.
  • Husband and wife C.J. and Brandi, who have a “triad monogamous relationship” with Brooke. “Triad monogamous” is an oxymoron because the very definition of “monogamy” precludes a threesome. Brandi said that “with three people it makes it a little bit easier to get those [sexual] needs fulfilled.” Brandi and Brooke don’t have sex with each other, which means that the purpose of the threesome is to “fulfill” the “sexual needs” of the man, C.J.
  • A man called Mahdi, in a “triad” with two women, said “I had to divorce my first partner because my second partner had immigration status issues” and that he is in a relationship with both of them. Mahdi complained that he lost his health insurance since he divorced his first wife.

According to The Daily Caller, “CBS is just the latest major media company to promote polyamory.”

Other major outlets promoting polyamory include:

  • The New York Times: In August, NYT published a feature piece titled “Polyamory Works for Them,” describing monogamy as “a curious stalwart” and that more and more young people are rejecting its “blandness.” In an Oct. 2 article on marriages involving members of polyamorous relationships, NYT said “People are becoming more curious about consensual non-monogamy.”
  • ABC News, in an Oct. 24 article, pronounced actor Nico Tortorella’s open marriage as “redefining what it means to be ‘husband and wife.’”
  • Not surprisingly, CNN appears to be the first major media outlet to promote polyamory. In an October 26, 2013 essay titled “Polyamory: When three isn’t a crowd,” reporter (((Emmanuela Grinberg))) highlighted an Atlanta, Georgia threesome — husband-wife Billy and Melissa Holder and “the couple’s partner” Jeremy Mullins — who were marching and passing out fliers promoting polyamory at the Atlanta Pride Parade. Marching with the threesome were 12 other “polyamorous” people.

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Drudge Report has gone to the dark side. Check out Whatfinger News, the Internet’s conservative frontpage founded by a military veteran!

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A "Modern Family"?

Coming to your tv soon no doubt…

One big happy family

Woman has baby with the lover her boyfriend encouraged her to take

Dailymail:  Jaiya Ma had been living her boyfriend Jon Hanauer, 49, for six years when he urged her to take a new lover.  Within weeks, Jaiya, 34, fell for a furniture designer Ian Ferguson, 44, at a dance class, and a year later she fell pregnant with his baby.  But Jon supported Jaiya, welcomed Ian into his home, and the two men helped deliver baby Eamon during an orgasmic labor.
Now the three live together in a beautiful home in Topanga, California, raising Eamon, two and a half.  ‘I am so lucky,’ said Jaiya, a sexologist. ‘I have two amazing men who really care for me and Eamon. Having three parents around just makes life even better, and everyone talks about how advanced Eamon is.’
Jaiya and Jon met in June 2000, while taking tantric yoga classes in Cincinnati, Ohio, and fell in love in March 2001 during a tantric teacher training course. Six months later, Jaiya and Jon began living and working together, helping couples who had trouble in their sex lives and writing a book, Red Hot Touch, about the importance of touching your partner to keep a relationship alive.
‘We had an open relationship, where we could be really honest and tell each other if we were attracted to other people,’ said Jaiya.  ‘But in 2007 I met a guy who was much younger and started a relationship with him, as Jon was okay with it. Eventually he came to live with us.’
But after a few months, Jaiya discovered the man, who she declines to name, had betrayed her by sleeping with a friend before she’d given her agreement.  Jon said: ‘I was devastated for Jaiya, and I felt guilty because I should have protected her. This guy was very manipulative and I was angry at myself that I was so fooled by him. It made me retreat into myself and I didn’t even want to leave the house. Jaiya wanted to connect and I just couldn’t.’
The couple moved to Los Angeles to promote their new DVD and Jon started to worry Jaiya needed to go out and meet new people.  ‘Jon became very quiet and introverted,’ she said. ‘He told me I should find another guy to be with. At that stage we were going through a difficult time. But our work kept us together.’
Jaiya placed an advert on Craigslist asking men if they’d like to take her out, and was instantly flooded with requests and went out on four dinner dates.  ‘On July 11, 2007, I went to an ecstatic dance class and that’s where I met Ian.  I was trying to avoid dancing with the other men but Ian was a bit more expressive, and suddenly I felt arms come underneath my arms and I immediately felt incredibly safe.’  Ian told Jaiya he had gone through a divorce and had begun dating other women, but had discovered polyamorous relationships just two weeks before.  ‘I was surprised to learn he was polyamorous,’ said Jaiya. ‘We seemed to meet each other at exactly the right time.
‘I’d already told Jon I’d met this amazing guy and he’d been genuinely happy for me.’  Ian added: ‘I found talking to Jaiya so refreshing. She really understands men because of her work. We fell head over heels in love without feeling romantic about it. We didn’t have to think we’d found: “The One”.

Jaiya and Ian in the birthing pool as Jon looks on

Jaiya and Ian began a sexual relationship, and a year later, while they were still discussing trying for a baby, Jaiya fell pregnant.  ‘I had previously discussed having children with Jon, but he felt he wasn’t ready to have a baby,’ said Jaiya.  Jon added: ‘I asked her if she was sure about having the baby and she said she was. Once I knew it was what she really wanted I was okay with it too.
Ian helped pay for Jaiya and Jon to move into a new house in the mountains of Topanga, California, and the three adults took classes to prepare for a home labour and ‘orgasmic’ birth.  ‘We had a doula and even a film crew who were filming the birth for our new DVD,’ says Jon. ‘All eight of us were cleansed of any ill feeling so we could welcome the new baby into the world.’  On the day of Eamon’s birth on March 23 2009, Jaiya, Ian and Jon were all in the birthing pool.
The birth brought Jaiya, Jon and Ian closer and they decided to live together as a family.  When Jaiya returned to work, Jon volunteered to be the main caregiver and to stay at home with the baby.
The three admit it will be more difficult when Eamon starts school. But Jaiya added: ‘There are so many modern families these days, with stepdads and stepmoms, or two dads, or two moms, it might not seem so different. Eamon learned to call Ian dadda without anyone telling him to say that. Sometimes he calls Jon “Poppa Jon” or “my caretaker”.’
Jon adds: ‘It has made me realise how much I want my own child. But if I meet another woman, it would have to be someone who would fit in with our family.’
Jaiya says: ‘I’m looking for adventure at the moment, so I might want to find another partner in the future. But I’ll always have a relationship with Jon and Ian, however that evolves.’
And Ian adds: ‘I hope if we have new relationships they will add to the rest of the group. It would be great to have other polyamorous people in our area, so the community can support each other.’
Alrighty then.  Enjoy your lives as you see fit.   Heaven forbid you think about the emotional ramifications this may have on your child.   
I find this very selfish and weak.  Selfish in that they seek whatever desire they want to fulfill without thinking through the consequences to the child.  They even admit it will be difficult for him in school.  Secondly, I find it weak that they cannot control their sexual desires to remain committed to one individual.  I know I could never have two sexual relationships with two different men at the same time, under the same roof!  Maybe I’m just a little old-fashioned 🙂

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