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Tennessee Water and UN Agenda 21

Why is Memphis area airport owner, Woody Degan, running for state senate in his district?  

H/T  Roger Fredinburg & Kelleigh Nelson



Meateater Al Gore Blames Meateating for Global Warming

Al Gore is pontificating again.

This time, the “fat crazed sex poodle” wants us to ditch meat-heavy diets and go organic to combat global warming.

Robin Bravender reports for Politico, Aug 26, 2011, that during an interview with FearLess Revolution founder Alex Bogusky, Gore identifies industrial agriculture as “part of the problem” and that humans’ shift toward a more meat-intensive diet led to the clearing of forest areas in many parts of the world in order to raise more cattle, which in turn led to more global warming. He advocates organic farming and relying on “more productive, safer methods that put carbon back in the soil” to produce safer and better food.

Then Gore took a shot at the mining industry, calling mountaintop-removal mining a “horrible practice” that is “just incredibly harmful to the environment and to people.”

Gore — he who owns four energy-consuming luxury mansions and travels in carbon-spewing private jets — concluded his latest exercise in hypocrisy by equating climate change manmade global warming skeptics with racists, comparing the struggle against warming skeptics to the fight against racism during the 1960s civil rights movement.

I did a quick search on the net and found this video of Glenn Beck saying that Gore is a meat-eater (1:15 mark):

According to a 2007 article in USA Today, Gore has profited from zinc mining to the tune of $570,000 in royalty payments for the mineral rights to his property in Carthage, Tennessee. The zinc mine has released millions of pounds of potentially toxic substances.

Ground limestone left over from zinc mining in a valley near Gore's farm. Photo: Billy Kingsley, The Tennesseean.

Al Gore bought the land near the mines from his parents on Sept. 22, 1973, the same day his father bought it from Occidental Minerals, a subsidiary of Occidental Petroleum, and leased the mineral rights back to the company.

Gore’s spokeswoman Kalee Kreider said the terms of the 30-year lease provided fat Al “no legal recourse” even if he had wanted to cancel it. Kreider said Gore received $20,000 a year in royalties for 27 years and $10,000 per year in three years.

During the 1980s, the mine was the largest zinc-producing mine in the country. In the five-year period from 1998-2003, more than 19 million pounds of toxic substances were released into the air, water and land, according to the Environmental Protection Agency’s Toxic Release Inventory data. Most of that was zinc pulled from the ground during mining.

Most of the improper discharges from the mines into nearby rivers and streams involved higher than allowed levels of zinc. One of those waterways was the Caney Fork River, which Gore used as a backdrop in his Oscar-winning documentary on global warming, “An Inconvenient Truth.”


Agenda 21: Mayors Will Lead at 2012 Conference in Rio

I caught this on the BBC broadcast on PBS tonight.  Mayor Michael Bloomberg in New York City says it’s up to the cities to take the leadership role in “Climate Change” because states and feds have dropped the ball.  Every city and county in the country is tied into Agenda 21 through membership in unelected World Government through  ICLEI.                                See Bloomberg’s interview here.