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Now it’s Wisconsin: Blacks leave rally before Obama finishes speaking

It happened again.

People are walking out while President Ebola is still speaking.

On Oct. 19, 2014, at a Democratic campaign rally in Upper Marlboro in eastern Maryland for Anthony G. Brown, the state’s Obama-lookalike lieutenant governor who’s running for governor, in the midst of Obama’s 25-minute speech, members of his mainly black audience left in droves. (See “Mainly black crowd walks out on Obama at Democratic campaign rally”)

9 days later on Oct. 28, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, they did it again. — at a rally in North Division High School for Democrat Mary Burke, who’s running for governor.

Daniel Halper reports for The Weekly Standard that as Obama was still speaking, telling the mainly black crowd they can vote even without a photo ID (wink, wink), the crowd began to file out.

Mike Lowe, a political reporter, tweeted: “Some people –not a lot, but some — are leaving as the President is speaking.”

Mike Lowe tweet

Here’s a video that captures the rally-attendees leaving, even as Obama’s voice can be heard in the background:

From what I saw in the video, most, if not all, of the people leaving are black.

And yet, brown-noser Politico tweeted this:

Politico brown-noser

Source: Twitchy

Need any more evidence that Politico is left-leaning and should be shunned as a news source?

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Hilarious Friday Headline: Michelle Obama muffs Braley’s name

Michelle Obama

And if that’s a woman, I’ll eat my shoe

Via Politico.

LOL – And that is as far as I am going with this one. 😀


32 hairstyles of the restless Hildebeast

If you need any more evidence that Politico is liberal, look no further than an article on Hillary in the May/June 2014 issue of Politico Magazine.

The article by Glenn Thrush and Maggie Haberman, “What Is Hillary Clinton Afraid Of?,” is a sympathetic treatment of how Hillary hates the media and is convinced that the media are out to get her. At the same time, she is unwilling to “make nice” with journalists for better press. (Wow! Hillary is at once thin-skinned and deluded. She actually thinks the liberal mainstream media are hyper-critical of her? What planet is she on? Ever heard of Sarah Palin?)


Before female readers of this post read any further, please answer this question: “From your late teen years until now, how many hair styles have you had?” Please count them and remember the number.


I didn’t find the Politico article particularly interesting or illuminating, except for this line:

[Hillary’s] ever-changing parade of hairstyles that friends say reflects creative restlessness and enemies read as a symbol of somebody who doesn’t stand for anything.

So I scoured the net looking for Hillary’s “ever-changing parade of hairstyles” and put together this mosaic of the 32 hairstyles of the Hildebeast — from the more recent to when she first met Bill.

hair1hair2What does her “ever-changing parade of hairstyles” say to you?

There was one other thing that’s interesting about the Politico article. It’s the last sentence in the paragraph below, which I find downright frightening:

In 1996, she laid down this marker in a letter to her best friend, Diane Blair, according to recently released papers. “I’m not stupid; I know I should do more to suck up to the press, I know it confuses people when I change my hairdos,” Blair quoted Clinton as saying, after Blair suggested she “fake” a “friendly” attitude toward the media. “I know I should pretend not to have any opinions—but I’m just not going to. I’m used to winning and I intend to win on my own terms.

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VPOS Joe Biden makes a Freudian slip

A Freudian Slip or a “slip of tongue” is an error in speech due to the interference of some repressed and unconscious wish, conflict, or thought. As popularly used, “Freudian slip” refers to a speaker inadvertently blurting out the truth as a result of his unconscious mind not being successful at entirely suppressing his real belief or motive.

Yesterday, at an Obama reelection campaign rally in Wisconsin, Biden said:

There’s Never Been A Day In The Last Four Years I’ve Been Proud To Be His Vice President. Not one single day. Not one single day.”

Reporters of the Establishment MSM immediately tried to save Biden and their messiah, the POS, by insisting that Biden did not make a gaffe.

Politico reporter Jennifer Epstein in a pool report from the campaign event actually wrote this: “Biden was not saying he doesn’t like being VP. It was very clear to all the reporters at the event — and from the context — that he was expressing pride in his job.” Epstein then recorded Biden as saying, “There’s never been a day in the last four years I haven’t been proud to be his vice president. Not one single day.”

Here’s the video clip of Biden from the rally. You be the judge!

I distinctly hear “I’ve been” instead of Epstein’s “I haven’t been.”

The complicit Establishment MSM will tell you day is night, white is black, and wrong is right to your face.

H/t Weekly Standard and Daily Mail.


Obama is NOT ahead in swing states

Did you wake up to the same alphabet TV news that last week’s Democratic National Convention (DNC) has given the POS a big lead in the polls over Mitt Romney, especially in the swing states?

Well, don’t be depressed because IT IS NOT TRUE!

A more accurate Rasmussen poll shows that the POS is not ahead in the critical swing states, but is neck-to-neck with Romney — which is bad news for the POS because the incumbent president normally should surge in popularity after his party’s convention. Rasmussen polling data are more accurate because they poll likely voters, instead of other polls’ registered voters or, worse still, just U.S. adults.


Breitbart’s William Bigelow reports, Sept. 10, 2012:

Politico’s “Unnamed Sources” say Ohio is lost for Mitt Romney. Like hell it is. They say Obama got a serious bounce from the DNC. Like hell he did.

Whatever bounce Obama got was in the blue states. In the swing states, it’s still way too close to call. Today’s Rasmussen poll results show that in the eleven swing states, including Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Wisconsin, which total 145 electoral votes, it’s Obama 46% and Romney 45%. In 2008, Obama won these states 53% to 46%.

So how does the MSM try to spin the evidence so Obama looks like he’s unbeatable? Let’s look at Ohio, for example. Politico reported (using uncredited sources, of course), that Ohio is lost for Romney:

“Two officials intimately involved in the GOP campaign said Ohio leans clearly in Obama’s favor now.”

I didn’t know Axelrod and Plouffe were working for Romney, but hey, they’ll go where the money is.

But, as usual, Politico was relying on Obama-leaning polls to support their narrative; yesterday the PPP poll (which is always weighted toward Obama because of PPP’s affiliation with the SEIU) showed Obama up by five in Ohio.  Hmmm. According to the Gravis marketing poll taken last Tuesday, Romney was up three in Ohio. Who’s telling the truth?

Consider these:

Example #1.  On August 14, the PPP poll showed Obama up three in Ohio, while the same day Rasmussen Reports showed Romney and Obama tied.

Example #2: Last Monday PPP showed Obama tied with Romney in North Carolina, while the Elon University/Charlotte Observer poll, a local state poll, showed Romney up by four.

But Politico won’t be denied their mission to say whatever they can to disillusion Romney’s base, and they make no bones about using uncredited sources; as Politico reporter Jonathan Martin said last month when Politico quoted unnamed sources in a story about Republicans unhappy about the selection of Paul Ryan (what?????):

We were candid about the sourcing on that, as you mentioned, Howie, and basically say to our readers, ‘Look, folks don’t want to put their names [on] the charges. If you don’t want to read Politico, that’s fine.’

Every race in the swing states is close right now, and the unconscionable skewing of the polls by the MSM shouldn’t discourage Republicans. The MSM has lied before, they are lying now, and they will lie in the future. The Obama campaign has thrown everything but the kitchen sink at Romney, they have the power of incumbency, and Romney simply is not going away. And all of this is before Romney has even attacked Obama in ads and the debates.

Hey, Dems, this show ain’t even close to over; we’re just getting warmed up.

Is Moochelle having an extramarital affair?

America’s Conservative News, Dec. 9, 2011, reports that Globe magazine just released a bombshell and is reporting that Michelle Obama is having a “steamy secret affair” with a Secret Service Agent. According to the tabloid The Globe, rumors started to circulate that Michelle may be having an affair after her recent admission to NBC’s Al Roker that she frequently “sneaks out” of the White House; and the ever increasing time she is spending away from the White House may be a cover to hide “a sizzling affair she’s carrying on with a Secret Service agent.”

According to The Globe‘s anonymous source: “The rumors are that she’s getting it on with a Secret Service agent who is not part of her detail. … Her frequent outings away from the White House give her and him an opportunity to get together.” The source adds: “Something has been going on for a couple of months and there’s no question Barack is embarrassed about her increasingly frequent excursions away from him at the White House.”

Here’s the teaser on The Globe‘s website complete with a pic of pouty-lipped Moochelle:

First Lady Secret Affair?

Bombshell charges are whipping through Washington that Michelle Obama is sneaking out of the White House to romance a secret hunk as the President fights to stay in the White House. You’ll learn why the rumors are flying and who insiders believe the First Lady is meeting up with – only in the current GLOBE.

This news doesn’t surprise me because I believe Moochelle is Skippy’s beard all along.

There’s Wayne Madsen’s now-famous report on that gay man’s club in Chicago. And then, of course, there’s Larry Sinclair’s testimony. Not to mention what the elderly mother of the murdered Donald Young said. Just take a look at this and tell me who’s the femme in this pic, LOL:

Gosh, I wonder if the mainstream media and Politico.com will look into these rumors like they had with Herman Cain? Inquiring minds want to know!

H/t beloved fellow Tina.


Cain Accuses Perry

Herman Cain adviser Mark Block accused the Rick Perry campaign Wednesday of orchestrating POLITICO’s story that revealed allegations of personal misconduct against Cain during his time at the National Restaurant Association.

“The actions of the Perry campaign are despicable. Rick Perry and his campaign owe Herman Cain and his family an apology,” Block said in an interview on Fox News.

“Both Rick Perry and POLITICO did the wrong thing by reporting something that wasn’t true.”

Block named Perry adviser Curt Anderson, who advised Cain’s failed 2004 Senate campaign and now works for Perry, as a key link between the Texas governor and the POLITICO story. Anderson has flatly denied that.

Perry spokesman Ray Sullivan said Block’s attack was entirely without basis: “No one at our campaign was involved in this story in any way. Any claim to the contrary is patently false. The first we learned of it was when we read the story in POLITICO.”

For more information… http://www.politico.com