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Mom wants identical twins to have babies with their shared boyfriend

Do as you wish because “loveislove”

Because that makes complete sense in today’s world…

From NY Post: The siblings dubbed the “world’s most identical twins,” Anna and Lucy DeCinque, have revealed their mom wants them both to get pregnant at the same time with their shared boyfriend’s babies.

The twins made the startling confession on Australia’s “Today” TV show. Any baby would be both half-sibling and cousin. The 33-year-old sisters, who are both dating 35-year-old Ben Byrne, said: “Love is love, we are all adults. “Our mom’s actually convincing us to give birth naturally. “I don’t know how that’s going to work.”

They continued: “We need to be pregnant at the same time. How is that going to work? It’s going to be another challenge. There’s a lot of pressure on Ben.”

Previously The Sun revealed the sisters both wanted to marry Byrne, although polygamy, having more than one wife, is banned under the Marriage Act 1961 in Australia.

“If we can change the government we would love to marry Ben,” they told “Today,” speaking at the same time. “I think we should marry the same man. This is what works for us. People need to get that. We aren’t hurting us.”

The girls also told the show how they were going back to a “natural look having previously spent S175,000 on surgery. “We’re really happy with how we are looking right now,” they said. “We are a lot happier in ourselves. We’re a lot happier where we are today.”

In November, The Sun reported how they were bullied on social media for what they dubbed their “spider-eyed, trout pout.”

They told Australia’s New Idea magazine then: “We would block the comments, but down deep inside they were hurtful. The more popular we got, the more haters we had and we were getting called everything from ‘plastic Barbie dolls,’ to ‘fish lips.’

“We wanted the biggest everything – particularly lips. We loved the look and feel of big lips. Now we realize they were too big,” they said.

They spoke of their regret after plucking their eyebrows off so they could get a thin line tattooed on again. They’ve also thrown away hair and eyelash extensions and stopped getting lip fillers.

Last year they revealed they had an astonishing 14 surgeries in 14 days, including mole removal, pixel lasering, lip filling and tattooing and eyebrow tattooing.

Read the whole story here.


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Megyn Kelly takes Hanoi Jane down a notch

Hanoi Jane has a beef with Megyn Kelly. It started when Fonda appeared on Megyn’s show last year and Megyn asked Fonda about her plastic surgery. Megyn noted she looked good and it wasn’t asked with malicious intent, in my opinion.
Hanoi Jane didn’t appreciate the question and has been whining about Megyn for months. On Monday, Megyn had some choice words for the traitor.
The part where Megyn puts Hanoi Jane in her place begins at the 1:29 mark.
Couldn’t have said it better myself!

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Man transforming himself into an elf: “I consider myself trans-species”

luis padron ELFWell, “trans” is all the rage these days…
From Daily Mail: A fantasy fanatic has spent more than £25,000 on plastic surgery as he wants to become a real-life elf. 
Luis Padron, 25, from Buenos Aires, Argentina, became obsessed with the world of elves, angels and fantasy beings after being bullied as a child. He became determined to look like his favorite otherworldly characters and started bleaching his hair and skin.
He now has a £4,000-a-month ritual applying specialist creams, dyes, treatment and SPF 100 sunscreen. He has almost spent more than £25,000 on surgery including liposuction on his jaw, a nose job, full body hair removal and operations to change his eye color. 
Mr. Padron gets unusual looks but says he doesn’t care what people think and said he won’t stop until he has fully ‘transformed’ into an elf. He is planning surgery to make his ears pointed, hair implants for a heart-shaped hairline and a limb lengthening operation to make him 6ft 5in tall. The 25-year-old, who sells cosplay merchandise, said: ‘I want to be an elf, an angel and a fantasy being, my aim is to look inhuman, ethereal, graceful and delicate. I have my own beauty ideal and want to achieve that no matter what.’
‘I want to have my ears cut to become pointy like an elves, my jaw to look more sharp like a diamond, a face-lift and an eye-lift to give my eyes a cat-like shape. I am also consider having muscle implants too. There’s also a surgery to make you taller and I will remove four of my ribs too, so that I can shape my waist to make it thinner.’
He added: ‘People have stared at me ever since I was a teenager, so it’s very normal to me now. I like people staring at me and don’t care what they think. Even when I’m not dressed up like an elf people stare at me. I have had long white hair for five years, I use larger contact lenses and I am very tall. I use make-up to enhance my features so they are more angelic and wear clothing that’s more stylish or antique.
‘I consider myself trans-species, in the same way transgender people feel, I need to become how I feel inside, I don’t expect people to understand but I ask they respect it.’
‘The fantasy genre makes me happy and because I didn’t have many friends when I was younger I submerged myself into it.’
Read the rest of the story here.

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Traitor and Liar: ‘I’m the oldest ambassador for skincare in the world’

fondaThe hands don’t match the face…

DailyMail: She’s a Hollywood icon, and has enjoyed a glittering career spanning an impressive five decades.

And after clocking up yet another appearance at the Cannes Film Festival when she dazzled  on the red carpet at the Grace of Monaco premiere on Wednesday night, Jane Fonda has opened up on her beauty secrets – joking that she is the “oldest living ambassador for skincare”.

The 76-year-old screen sire traitor is in the French Riviera in her capacity as a spokesmodel for French cosmetics company L’Oreal, and revealed that she ensures she is camera-ready at all times by getting plenty of shut-eye.

Speaking in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, she said: ‘Sleep is my survival tip, it’s the hardest and most essential thing.’

The Oscar-winning actress also discussed how the Cannes Film Festival has changed since she first started attending the iconic movie event many moons ago, explaining all eyes are on “fashion and jewelry” nowadays.

“Twenty or thirty years ago I wouldn’t be here working for a company like L’Oreal, they just didn’t have that then. But it’s fun to be able to come back in that capacity.”

She joked: “I’m the oldest living ambassador for skincare in the world and in history!”

Sleep is her secret? Please, spare me your lies. Fonda has had plastic surgery:

“It was a hard decision to make, and I decided if I’m going to do it, I’m going to tell the truth,” Fonda said. “I’m writing a book about aging, so I can’t write that book and not say I’ve had plastic surgery. And you know, I just decided it was for me — I don’t want to have bags under my eyes that make me look tired, and so forth and so on.” On her blog, she admitted to having some work done on her chin and neck. “I’m careful about how I eat. I stay active. I walk a lot. I have good genes — and money“. 


L’Oreal must be so proud to have a traitor and a liar represent them.


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Supermodel, not so smart…

"Embracing" her imperfections...

“Embracing” her imperfections…

Imperfections are beautiful: ‘Perfect’ supermodel Gisele Bundchen slams  Photoshopping in fashion campaigns

DailyMail: She is the highest paid model in the world and the long-legged beauty that Claudia Schiffer and Naomi Campbell credit as the only true remaining ‘supermodel’.
As a business women, actress and world famous Victoria’s Secret ‘Angel’ with total earnings over the last 10 years passing  the $250 million mark, Gisele Bundchen knows a thing or two about the modelling world.
And now, she is using her powerful status to speak out about the use of photoshopping in advertising campaigns.  The 32-year-old told Fashionista that she wants more fashion photographers to adopt a more natural look when shooting. She is urging them to embrace imperfections and steer clear of the over retouching that is currently sweeping the industry.
The Brazlian beauty’s latest campaign is with BLK DNM, and she has ensured that she looks as natural as physically possible. Working closely with the brand’s creative director, Johan Lindeberg, Gisele was persuaded to pose make-up and hair styling free for the snaps.
Speaking about her fresh-faced shoot and working with Johan, she said: ‘I loved  his approach because I feel like women should be really real and raw and it  doesn’t really happen anymore.

Really real?

Really real?

‘I love that  feeling of, you know, we are women  – we are so different. Our  imperfections are what makes us unique and beautiful.
‘He’s not trying to retouch you or put a pretty light on you. He’s not like, “You’ve got to look a certain way.” He’s like, “You are you.”‘ The results of the shoot, which took just two hours, are yet to be released.
The gorgeous mother last worked on the  campaign for Chanel’s new make-up range,  Les Beiges, which was shot by Mario Testino.
She was spotted on the red carpet at the MET  Ball earlier this month on the arm of her American football beau Tom Brady. The  power couple are ranked only second to Beyonce and Jay Z in the power stakes.
The model is already the world’s top-earning supermodel thanks to property  investments and a number of lucrative licensing deals as well as advertising campaigns and glossy magazine editorial shoots, in fact financial experts believe the mother-of-two is well on her way to becoming the modeling world’s first billionaire.
Naturally beautiful? Sure she was before and is even more beautiful after she enhanced her imperfections. Maybe she should read a dictionary once in awhile?
Hypocrite: a person who acts in contradiction to his or her stated beliefs or feelings.

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What a Difference a Nose Makes

Angelina Jolie: before (l), after (r)

Angelina Jolie: before (l), after (r)

Michelle Pfeiffer

Michelle Pfeiffer


Demi Moore

Super-model Gisele Bundchen

Jessica Simpson

Kate Winslet

Keira Knightley

Salma Hayek

Sarah Jessica Parker: before (l), after (r)

Scarlett Johannsen

Megan Fox 2004

Megan Fox 2011

A nose! A nose! My kingdom for a nose!
[with apologies to William Shakespeare]

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Nancy Pelosi is Looking Exceptionally (cough, cough) Well-rested

Lately, former House Speaker, now House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) is looking kinda different. She’s sporting a new short hairdo, but there’s something more….
For a 71-year-old woman, she sure is looking exceptionally wide-eyed and smooth-forehead.

Photo credit: jacktimes.com

Has the septuagenarian had some “work” done on her puss? Inquiring minds want to know.
Katy Adams and Nikki Schwab of Washington Examiner ask that question, Nov. 1, 2011:

Nancy Pelosi recently updated her hairdo, but if you take a closer look, you may be wondering what we are — is that all the House-keeping she’s been doing?

We’re no experts on cosmetic procedures, but Dr. Ayman Hakki, a board-certified celebrity plastic surgeon who has offices in both Georgetown and Waldorf, seems to agree with our suspicions.

“Looking at recent pictures of Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, I believe she had Botox and fillers like Juvederm injected in her marionette lines, the lines from the side of the mouth down to her jowls. Furthermore, she definitely underwent a face-lift a few years ago. The reason she looks different now is because she used to look pulled and tight. With time the procedure looks more natural and her face is looking the way it is supposed to look,” Hakki explained.

So Adams and Schwab asked Pelosi’s press secretary Drew Hammill. Hammill’s response: You are a disgrace to journalism.”
As Adams notes, that’s not only a tad sensitive, it also “doesn’t exactly sound like a denial either now, does it?”

You be the judge. Here’s the septuagenarian being interviewed on Oct. 9, 2011 (I reduced the volume way down so I don’t have to listen to her voice, LOL):
Click here for an even more recent interview of the septuagenarian on CNBC, Oct. 28, 2011, where she’s looking especially wide-eyed.
This would only be Pelosi’s latest cosmetic surgery, as even a year ago, there were already speculations she’d had “work” done:

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Is That You, Barbara?

Barbara Walters, 82, at the wedding of former Beatle Paul “I love Obama” McCartney, on October 9, 2011:

Barbara Walters, 6 months ago, in March 2011:

Last summer, at the height of former Congressman Anthony Weiner’s (D-NY) Weinergate sex scandal, Walters saidon The View that if Sarah Palin can be considered as a possible presidential candidate, Weiner can stay in Congress.
The Daily Mail reports that although Walters has never admitted to undergoing plastic surgery, this is not the first time that she’s been rumoured to have gone under the knife.
Back in 2007 she also looked to have freshened up her face with some form of tightening procedure, which provoked plastic surgeon Anthony Youn to write on CelebrityCosmeticSurgery.blogspot.com that “She appears to have had her eyelids done (both upper and lower) and a facelift. Her eyes are free of loose, excess skin, which is extremely unusual for someone her age. Her upper eyelids show especially little sagging skin, and look as young as someone in her 40’s.”

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True Love?

This is a photo of 85-year-old María and her 25-years-younger groom, Alfonso, on their wedding day yesterday.
Only a few dozen family members and close friends were invited to the ceremony because, sadly, the bride’s six children from her first marriage, reportedly balked when the idea of marriage first emerged.
But the course of true love will not be thwarted!
In July of this year, María gave her grown children and grandchildren some of her estate to appease them and clear her way to the altar. Poor María bemoaned, “I have been alone in this project, and got nothing but negative opinions until they realized what kind of man he is.”
Despite María’s generosity, two of her children did not attend the wedding — an only daughter, Eugenia, who reportedly was hospitalized with chicken pox; and a son, Jacobo, who reportedly is unhappy with his slice of the family estate. But you needn’t feel too sorry for Jacobo because the pieces of estate that the children and grandchildren got are mansions and palaces.
You see, María is no ordinary octogenarian. She is none other than the Spanish Duchess of Alba. That’s only one of her more than 40 titles. According to Guinness World Records, she has more titles recognized by an existing government than any other noble in the world.
Her full name – take a deep breath – is Maria del Rosario Cayetana Alfonsa Victoria Eugenia Francisca Fitz-James Stuart y de Silva. She goes by simply Cayetana, and is a distant relative of Queen Elizabeth and Winston Churchill.
Estimates of her wealth range from euro600 million ($800 million) to euro3.5 billion ($4.7 billion). Besides fabulous and historic real estate sprinkled around Spain, the family treasure boasts paintings by Goya and Velazquez, a first-edition copy of Cervantes “El Quixote”, and letters written by Christopher Columbus.
Doña María del Rosario Cayetana Fitz-James Stuart y Silva is the 18th Duchess of Alba de Tormes and the current head of the House of Alba — only the third woman to carry the title in her own right. The Duchess is a descendant of King James VII of Scotland, II of England, through his illegitimate son James Fitz-James, Duke of Berwick (1670–1734), born of a relationship with Arabella Churchill, only sister of the Duke of Marlborough — which makes the Duchess of Alba a distant relative of both Sir Winston Churchill and Diana, Princess of Wales, descendants of Arabella’s daughter Henrietta FitzJames.
The House of Alba is an important Spanish aristocratic family who derive from the 12th century Mozarab nobility of post-conquest Toledo. Some Mozarabs were Converso Sephardi Jews. “Converso” refers to Jews or descendants of Jews who converted to Catholicism in Spain or Portugal, particularly during the 14th and 15th centuries when mass conversions took place under great governmental pressure.
For her wedding, the twice-widowed duchess wore a salmon, shin-length dress by Spanish designers Victorio y Lucchino. In fact, little Maria was on Vanity Fair‘s International Best-Dressed List in 2009.
She must also have undergone extensive plastic surgery for her new love, as you can see by comparing her pic from her wedding with one from 2009:

The Duchess of Alba in late 2009 (from Wikipedia)

The Duchess’ 3rd wedding was in Palacio de las Duenas, her 15th-century residence in the cobblestoned old quarter of Seville.
The happy groom is Alfonso Diez, a civil servant with the social security administration in Madrid, whose salary was euro1,500 ($2,000) a month. Alfonso and Maria are old acquaintances through her second husband, who was a former Jesuit priest, and Diez’s brother, an antiques dealer. The love birds bumped into each other about three years ago outside a movie theater in Madrid and eventually started dating.
Diez will be entering a new world, although he has reportedly signed a document renouncing any claim to the House of Alba wealth. Now he will live in splendor as a duke, reportedly with plans to take a leave of absence from his day job, although the noble title will pass on to the duchess’s eldest son, Carlos, when she dies.
An idle thought:

I wonder why the “Occupy Wall Street” commies don’t/won’t demonstrate against the global super-super-super rich like the Duchess of Alba, George Soros, and the satanic Baroness Philippine de Rothschild?


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Dolly, Is That You?

Another celeb victim of too much plastic surgery.
If the pic wasn’t identified as Dolly Parton, 65, I wouldn’t have recognized her. But then, as my husband would say, who notices her face? LOL

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