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Question: Why Are You Searching for the Eye Diagram?

I check the stats for the Fellowship of the Minds blog on a daily basis and I’ve noticed something that has me puzzled.  I see a considerable number of Searches for “Eye Diagram that was the graphic of a post I did a month or so ago called  People’s Pharmacy- Eye Care and Pickle Juice

The Eye Care and Pickle Juice post includes a link to the downloadable pdf transcript of the People’s Pharmacy Radio interview with an opthalmologist who discusses eye health and nutrition.  It’s a very informative transcript.  I know because I typed it myself! 

My question is, why search for the “Eye Diagram” but not click on the “transcript”.  The diagram is just a picture.  The transcript gives information that could prevent or slow serious vision deterioration.   

 So, tell me, what’s so fascinating about the darn Eye Diagram?   ~LTG

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People's Pharmacy-Eye Care & Pickle Juice

As usual on Monday morning, I downloaded the latest broadcast of THE PEOPLE’S PHARMACY radio show  (#813 Preserving Your Vision) as an MP3 file.  That’s my favorite website for medical information because the hosts are solid professionals in the medical field and get topnotch guests, yet they’re very respectful of alternative medicine and home remedies.  This particular show was dynamite!  There was such a ton of detail information about vision care and eye conditions and nutrition that I typed it up,  so I could pass all the information on to others.  This interview covered everything and gave things you can do for prevention and treatments for  Myopia, Dry Eye, Macular Degeneration, Glaucoma, Cataracts, Lasik surgery, Multiple Sclerosis, Diabetes.   Read Transcript Here
Imagine my surprise, when I checked my email yesterday and found a request from Joe and Terry Graedon, hosts of THE PEOPLE’S PHARMACY, for a short interview regarding a comment I made on their website awhile back.  Based on a tip on their home remedy section, I had started drinking a little dill pickle juice to relieve night-time leg and foot cramps and it really works!  When I mentioned having a refrigerator full of jars of dry dill pickles because I drank all the juice, Terry told me to check online for companies that make Pickle Juice only, without the pickles!  So, I did!  There’s a half case of pickle juice heading my way and it only cost $30 including shipping!
Enjoy the transcript while I enjoy a nice relaxing sip of pickle juice!

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