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Please pray for Auntie Lulu

Auntie Lulu is a longtime FOTM reader and commenter, and an integral member of our blog family.

I noticed that she had not commented for weeks, since last Christmas Eve.

So I sent her a “wellness check” email, but received no response.

Really worried, I called her this morning and, to my great relief, she answered the phone.

Auntie Lulu said she’s been feeling really low, with an imminent hip surgery and hassled by the “communist” Portland city government.

But she has more than the ordinary blues that all of us undergo now and then, tossed about by the vississitudes of life.

Auntie Lulu may be clinically depressed, given her symptoms of listlessness, loss of appetite, and sleep irregularities, especially feeling tired even after a night’s sleep.

I urged her to get an appointment with her doctor ASAP.

In the meantime, Auntie Lulu asks us to pray for her.

Please pray that the dark cloud is lifted from our friend, and that she regains her health and optimism.

Thank you,


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Please pray for Grif and Auntie Lulu

Your prayers are needed for two of our FOTM family:

  1. Grif, a former newspaper reporter who joined our team of all-volunteer (read: unpaid) writers in June. See his first post on the infamous Red Hen Restaurant here.
  2. Auntie Lulu, a loyal reader who is uncommonly insightful in her comments and unfailingly generous to other commenters.

Both have been quiet, so I sent them a wellness-check email.

Grif responded with the distressing news that he had a silent stroke some weeks ago. He is being outfitted with a heart monitor today. He writes:

As for FOTM, I do not subscribe to any other blog. This is it. I love this blog. I pray that it continue to prosper with the truth.

Please pray for Grif!!!

In the case of Auntie Lulu, as you know from my post of September 10, she was admitted to ER for kidney stones, some of which remain unbroken. A stint was put in, but it has led to bleeding. The loss of blood is so massive that she feels weakened to the extent that it affects her thinking. I urged her to see a doctor ASAP. Yesterday, she saw her physician’s assistant and a blood test was done to ascertain the amount of blood loss and whether an iron or blood transfusion is warranted. The results will be out today.

Please pray for Grif and Auntie Lulu. Both are devout Christians and genuinely good people.

Thank you and God bless you,


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Please pray for Dave's mom

praying hands2
Last night, FOTM contributor Dave’s elderly mother was taken by ambulance to the hospital.
She displayed cardiac symptoms, but Dave was told it wasn’t a heart attack, so we don’t know what’s wrong.
Please say a prayer for her and for Dave, on this blessed holy Sunday.
Thank you, and may God bless you and your loved ones,

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Please pray for Joseph and William

praying hands2
So many people — good folks — are suffering in this curséd Barack Ebola logo economy.
Two good friends of Fellowship of the Minds (FOTM) need your prayers.
They are Joseph (regular commenter josephbc69) and William.
On October 22, while doing landscaping for a client, Joseph fell on the steps. The retina in his right eye is partially detached, which means he can’t work. That, in turn, means more financial hardship.
William, a good friend of FOTM, is a talented freelance graphic designer. Like so many Americans, William and his family are suffering financially.
With a full background in traditional commercial and fine art skills, William’s specialties include graphic design, web design, web development, logo design, illustration, flash animation, concept development, interface design, corporate ID, advertising design, business to business, and consumer. He is also gifted in people skills — he is kind, considerate, affable, and very hardworking.

If you can use William’s graphic design skills, you can contact him via FOTM’s email (fellowshipminds@gmail.com) and I’ll forward the email to him.

Please pray for our brothers in Christ — that Joseph quickly and fully recovers from his injury, and that William finds work and many paying clients.
Thank you for your prayers.
May God bless you and your loved ones,

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Your prayers are needed!

prayer warrior

I’m asking our community of prayer warriors to pray for two individuals:

  1. I just got word that FOTM’s beloved Dave was admitted into the hospital yesterday.

This morning he was moved to Intensive Care, where he’ll undergo a series of diagnostic tests. I’ll let you know about the test results as soon as I know.

  1. FOTM’s beloved Trail Dust humbly asks that we pray for his teenage son who is in terrible pain from having had FOUR wisdom teeth extracted.

Thank you, and God bless you and all your loved ones,


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