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Election 2020 voter fraud: What you can do

There is mounting evidence of voter fraud in the 2020 election. See, for example:

That is why President Trump has a team of lawyers filing lawsuits to contest the media-declared win for Joe Biden.

Here’s what you can do to help:

  1. Donate to the President’s official Election Defense Fund.
  2. Report any voter fraud you’d witnessed to the Republican National Committee. Click here to report. It is best that you submit your statement in a sworn affidavit that can be accepted in a court of law. You can upload your affidavit or photo(s) you had taken of the fraud.
  3. Sign this petition asking the Supreme Court to recount or redo the 2020 presidential election. 2,530,597 people have signed; the goal is 3 million.
  4. Pray for the law firms involved in the ballot challenges and recount efforts, whistleblowers testifing to having witnessed voter fraud, and the battleground states. Here is a partial list of the law firms fighting for truth:
    • Marquis -Aurbach -Coffing
    • Taylor- English – Duma, LLP
    • Lathrop-Gage
    • Hangley Aronchick Segal Pudlin & Schiller
    • Michael Beth Fridrich
    • Arent Fox
    • Jones -Day
    • Porter Wright Morris Arthur


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