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Pro-life actress Patricia Heaton would rather keep her Hollyweird bucks than take a stand?

Patricia Heaton is an actress best known for playing the wife on Everybody Loves Raymond. She is worth $40 million. Her husband is an English producer/director who is overseeing her latest TV show on CBS, Carol’s Second Act.

She is supportive of pro-life groups yet not enough to actually cast a vote against pro-aborts. She tweeted the following on February 12:

Funny how she uses her voice for the innocent yet can’t speak for them at the ballot box. It’s as if she’s saying she cares so much about how the democats are killing innocent babies yet not enough to vote to stop it because she’s not a Trump supporter. Or maybe she cares more about keeping her Hollywood career alive?

I used to be impressed with her taking a stand in Hollyweird that goes against their pro-abort agenda. Now, not so much…


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