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Student wins case against Oregon school over his “Trump Border Wall Construction Co.” t-shirt

addison barnes trump tshirt

In January of this year a student in Hillsboro, Oregon wore a pro-Trump t-shirt to Liberty High School. The student, Addison Barnes, wore the pro-border wall t-shirt to his “People and Politics” class which was going to discuss immigration issues.

That did not go over well with faculty. He was asked to remove the shirt, did not, and eventually left school.

As USA Today reported on May 25th:

“I thought to myself, ‘You know this isn’t right, this is my First Amendment right to be able to wear this shirt,'” Barnes told KGW-TV, Portland, Ore. “So I took off the jacket and the assistant principal had seen that and sent for a security guard to escort me out of class.”

Someone, either faculty or security, asked Addison to either remove the shirt or leave the school. He chose to leave, and the departure was marked as a suspension. 

More from USA Today:

“If somebody else disagrees with me politically, I think they should be able to express their viewpoints just as I should be able to express my viewpoints in school,” Barnes told KPTV

Liberty High School’s Parent-Student Handbook doesn’t address political clothing, KPTV reported. But Hillsboro School District’s Standards of Student Conduct says, “Clothing decorated or marked with illustrations, words, or phrases that are disruptive or potentially disruptive, and/or that promote superiority of one group over another is not permitted.”

“He was told he offended them but that’s a far cry from being disruptive and it is certainly a far cry from violating school policy, let alone what is clearly First Amendment free speech law,” said Barnes’ attorney Mike McLane.”

Even the ACLU of Oregon sided with Barnes.

Barnes decided to sue. And he won a temporary victory.

This past Tuesday U.S. District Judge Michael W. Mosman (appointed by George W. Bush) issued a temporary restraining order which means the school cannot enforce its decision to ban Barnes from wearing the t-shirt.

As Oregon Live reports:

U.S. District Judge Michael W. Mosman found the Hillsboro School District could not justify its censorship. The judge said he balanced constitutionally protected speech with the orderly running of a school.

The school district is entitled to be concerned about the response of other students to the T-shirt, the judge said. But the “thin” court record so far offers little support for the district’s argument that the shirt could “substantially disrupt” the school, he said.

“There’s not enough to go on here to show that sort of legitimate concern justifying censorship of this core political speech,” Mosman ruled.”

District officials offered the defense that a third of their student population is Hispanic and therefore are somehow “insecure.” Don’t forget that Oregon is a sanctuary state.

From the Oregon Live report:

“School officials defended their actions, saying the shirt would contribute to a “hostile learning environment” and would make students feel insecure in school, noting that about 33 percent of the high school’s students are of Hispanic descent. They also said the school has been the site of recent student walkouts and sit-ins to protest Trump’s immigration policies.

The district also described increased racial tensions arising from racially charged language around immigration, school officials said.

This particular school district has a population that is one-third Hispanic. This is not Lake Oswego. This is not West Linn,” attorney Peter Mersereau argued for the Hillsboro School District.”

Read the whole Oregon Live story and details about the t-shirt ordeal here.

Score one small victory against “The Resistance.”

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Catch & Release: Oregon so concerned about assault weapons that they release man caught with an AK47

vazquez with ak47 portland police bureau photo

Outta jail in less than a day: Emanuel Venegas-Vazquez/Portland Police Bureau Photo

Oregon is very concerned about citizens getting their hands on assault weapons.

Politicians there are so concerned that back in April, Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblumfiled a draft ballot title for an initiative petition that would ban assault weapons except for military/law enforcement purposes.

So when a man was arrested with an AK-47 what did Multnomah County do to him? They released him the same day he was caught.

On Saturday, Emanuel Venegas-Vazquez (unknown if he is an illegal alien) was arrested and taken into custody after he fired a gun into the air while sitting in a vehicle. According to Oregon Live, investigators seized two firearms: a Browning 9mm and an AK47, which were located in the vehicle.

Someone had called the police and reported the make and model of the vehicle as well as the location of the gun fire.

Police arrived and caught Venegas-Vazquez still sitting in the vehicle. He was booked in Multnomah County Jail on 5/27/18 at 1:18 am on the following charges:

  • Domestic Violence Menacing (Class A Misdemeanor)
  • Two other counts of Menacing (both Class A Misdemeanors)
  • Theft I by Receiving (Class C Felony)
  • Unlawful Use of a Weapon (Class C Felony)
  • Two counts of Unlawful Possession of Firearm (both Class A Misdemeanors)

Venegas-Vazquez was released from jail on the same day: 5/27/18 (no time noted). The amount of bail listed on his booking? A BIG FAT ZERO.

Do tell me #GunControlNow crowd, what is the point of having more gun control laws when individuals who break current laws are not held for any amount of time and quickly released?

And why is a man arrested for domestic violence, who was caught with an AK47, being released? What about the woman he violated? Aren’t you concerned about her safety?

You know that if this guy had an AK47 he can easily get his hands on another weapon.

Oregon politicians are so concerned about assault weapons and victims of domestic violence that they allow perps to run free after less than 24 hours of arrest.

I guess we need more gun control laws for criminals to break in order to make citizens feel “safe.”


“Reparations Happy Hour” invites white people only to pay for drinks

reparations happy hour cameron whitten twitter photo

Celebrate getting whitey to pay for your drinks!/Cameron Whitten Twitter photo

How inclusive…

From Fox News: On Monday night, a bar in Portland, Oregon hosted people of color and gave them $10 as they arrived — a symbolic gift funded primarily by white people who were asked not to attend the “Reparations Happy Hour.”

A local activist group, Brown Hope, wanted the event to be a space for people of color in a mostly white city to meet, organize, discuss public policy and potentially plan various actions.

The notion of full-scale reparations — sought by some as compensation for the horrors of slavery, Jim Crow and the large wealth gap between white and black U.S. households — was supported by 58 percent of black people and 46 percent of Hispanic people in a 2016 poll.

However, 68 percent of white Americans do not support reparations; when the topic was brought up during the 2016 presidential campaign, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders said it was “divisive” and unlikely to get through Congress.

The economist Robert Browne once estimated a fair value for reparations of $1.4 trillion to $4.7 trillion and wrote that reparations should ”restore the black community to the economic position it would have had if it had not been subjected to slavery and discrimination.”

Eric J. Miller, a professor at Loyola Law School, said the case for reparations involves a reckoning with the country’s history.  “Part of our history is our grandparents participating in these acts of terrible violence [against black people],” he told HuffPost. “But people don’t want to acknowledge the horror of what they engaged in.”

“The cognitive dissonance of learning that your property is got and preserved on the back of the misery of others is not an incredibly nice thing to live with. So people would rather discount it,” Miller said.

Cameron Whitten, the 27-year-old activist who organized the event, said that attendees felt seen and valued by the Portland event — but noted there are much larger goals.

“We’re creating a platform to make sure our leadership is being seen and honored,” Whitten told Blavity. “This isn’t just, ‘We’re here to socialize.’ We’re here to do the work. In a place like Portland, where our community is so fractured … our first step is to bring us back together, and then from there organize and mobilize to create policies to create justice in our communities.

There was enough interest in the idea, which was funded by about 100 people who were mostly white, to hold other happy hours, which will be called “Reparations Power Hour” to accommodate those who don’t drink.

Whitten anticipated some of the criticism he’s faced, telling the New York Times the event is not meant to diminish the seriousness of reparations.

In 2014, the writer Ta-Nehisi Coates made the case for reparations in the Atlantic. H.R. 40, which was introduced in Congress in January 2017, would study various reparations proposals.


Amazon’s Alexa recorded and shared a conversation without consent

amazon alexa

Alexa: Always on and always recording…

Another reason why there will never be an “Alexa” in my home.

From Seattle Times: An Amazon device powered by the Alexa voice software recorded a couple’s private conversation in their home and sent it to someone in their contact list without their knowledge, KIRO television reported.

A Portland woman told the TV station that two weeks ago, one of her husband’s employees called to say he had received audio files containing recordings of a conversation inside their house.

“I felt invaded,” said the woman, Danielle, who didn’t want KIRO to use her last name. She said every room in her house had been wired with Amazon devices to control things like the heating, lights and security system.

“A total privacy invasion,” she went on. “Immediately I said, ‘I’m never plugging that device in again, because I can’t trust it.’”

An Amazon spokeswoman didn’t immediately comment on the KIRO report.

In a statement to the TV station, KIRO reported, Amazon called the event “an extremely rare occurrence,” without elaborating on what had caused the files to be sent. It added, “We are taking steps to avoid this from happening in the future” and said Amazon takes privacy very seriously.

Alexa, the voice-activated software that resides primarily in Amazon’s Echo speakers, is an increasingly popular tool people use to play music, and to toggle wirelessly controlled home appliances. That popularity is predicated, in part, on customers trusting Amazon — and rival smart-device makers like Google and Apple — enough to invite a powerful array of corporate-controlled microphones into their home.

Earlier this year, some Alexa users were unnerved by what seemed to be spontaneous laughter from the devices. The company suggested people triggered the laughter by accidentally requesting it, and subsequently changed the prompt to make such unintended requests less likely.

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Another anti-gun initiative: Oregon AG submits draft ballot title for petition that would ban assault weapons

ellen rosenblum

Oregon AG Ellen Rosenblum: Working hard against the Second Amendment

Oregon working double-time to make sure there are several initiatives on the November ballot to ban “assault weapons.”

From KATU: Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum filed a draft ballot title earlier this month for an initiative petition that would ban assault weapons and large capacity magazines.

The draft ballot title (Initiative Petition 2018-43), which was filed April 24, would ban those weapons and magazines except for military/law enforcement purposes. Rosenblum aims to have the initiative placed on the November ballot.

“Assault weapons include certain semiautomatic rifles or pistols with a detachable magazine; pistol or rifles with a fixed magazine holding more than 10 rounds of ammunition; certain semiautomatic shotguns. Large capacity magazine is ammunition feeding device with capacity of more than 10 rounds,” the ballot says.

If passed, the law would take effect Jan. 1, 2019. Residents who already own those weapons could keep them, pending a criminal background check. The public has until May 8 to comment on the draft.

The draft ballot is posted on the Office of the Secretary of State web site, located here.

Here’s the full (vague) petition summary:

“Measure criminalizes possession or transfer of “assault weapons” (defined)/”large capacity magazines” (defined) except for military/law enforcement purposes, or persons authorized by State Police after criminal background check. Otherwise possession or transfer is a Class B felony. Within 120 days, persons lawfully owning such weapons or magazines must remove from Oregon, lawfully sell, surrender to law enforcement, render inoperable, or register items with State Police. Applies to inherited items. Bars moving covered items into Oregon. Assault weapons include certain semiautomatic rifles or pistols with a detachable magazine; pistol or rifles with a fixed magazine holding more than 10 rounds of ammunition; certain semiautomatic shotguns. Large capacity magazine is ammunition feeding device with capacity of more than ten rounds. Effective January 1, 2019. Other provisions.”

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Sanctuary Oregon: Illegal alien who was previously deported accused of nail gun rampage

illegal alien clackamas county sheriffs office photo

Previously deported illegal alien Ascencio-Molina has sanctuary protection in Oregon/Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office photo

From Fox News: An illegal immigrant alien who was previously deported was arrested in Oregon on Saturday after he went on a rampage and almost killed his co-worker with a nail gun, officials said.

Jesus Ascencio-Molina, 24, a native of Mexico, was arrested on Saturday, April 14, after he assaulted Andres C. Marcelo, 24, of Wood Village, Ore., a fellow construction worker, the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office said. Deputies were called to the scene of a home in Happy Valley after responding to reports of an assault.

Marcelo was injured after Ascencio-Molina allegedly shot at him with a nail gun. Ascencio-Molina fled on foot and was arrested the next day. Marcelo was injured but listed in stable condition, the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office said.

Carissa Cutrell, an Immigration and Customs Enforcement spokeswoman, told the Daily Caller the sheriff’s office would most likely not notify ICE if and when Ascencio-Molina is released from jail.

“Even though we lodged a detainer, due to Clackamas County’s policy of non-cooperation, it is unlikely that ICE will be notified in the event Ascencio-Molina is released from custody before his criminal case is resolved,” Cuttrell said.

Ascencio-Molina was deported in 2012 after he was charged in Multnomah County, Ore., the Daily Caller reported.

“Ascencio-Molina was previously detained by ICE on immigration violations in 2012 after ICE officer encountered him at the Multnomah County Detention Center after his arrest on local criminal charges,” Cuttrell said. “An immigration judge subsequently granted Ascencio-Molina voluntary departure to Mexico, and ICE returned him to his home country in 2013.”

It was not immediately known when Asencio-Molina returned to the U.S. ICE issued a formal detention request Monday to the Clackamas County Jail.

Ascencio-Molina was charged with assault and attempted murder and is currently at the Clackamas County Jail. His bail was set at $250,000. 

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Oregon governor tells Trump she’ll refuse order to deploy National Guard to protect our border


You cannot win anything with proggies who love illegal aliens. They defy immigration laws and make up their own rules.

Gov. Brown has vowed to keep Oregon a sanctuary state.

From Newsweek: Governor Kate Brown said she will refuse any order from President Donald Trump to send Oregon’s guard troops down south to the US-Mexico border. 

Trump wants National Guard troops sent to the Mexican border as his effort to build an impenetrable wall stalls because his administration is struggling to secure enough funds from Congress or other sources. He originally said Mexico would pay for the wall, but it has refused.

In a presidential memorandum authorizing the request of deployment of Guards to the border, Trump says U.S. security is “imperiled by a drastic surge of illegal activity”, in particular drug trafficking by gangs and unlawful immigration.

He said it is a “crisis” of “lawlessness” at the southern border.

“If @realDonaldTrump asks me to deploy Oregon Guard troops to the Mexico border, I’ll say no,” tweeted Democratic Gov Brown. “As Commander of Oregon’s Guard, I’m deeply troubled by Trump’s plan to militarize our border.”

She added: “There’s been no outreach by the President or federal officials, and I have no intention of allowing Oregon’s guard troops to be used to distract from his troubles in Washington.”

The National Guard is a reserve force of the U.S. Army. Each state has its own unit of guard troops, which falls under the authority of the governor.

Other governors welcomed President Trump’s decision, including in Texas, which shares a border with Mexico.

“My top priority as governor is ensuring the safety and security of Texans, and securing our southern border has always been essential to that mission,” Texas Governor Gregg Abbott, a Republican, said.

“In my time as governor, Texas has maintained a continuous presence of National Guard members along the border, and we’ve added hundreds of permanent Department of Public Safety troopers to the region.

“Today’s action by the Trump Administration reinforces Texas’ longstanding commitment to secure our southern border and uphold the Rule of Law, and I welcome that support.”

The governor also pointed to previous decisions by the Obama and Bush administrations, in 2010 and 2006 respectively, to use National Guard troops to secure the southern border.

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