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This is what Portland looks like under Mayor Wheeler’s watch

The city of Portland is on day 50-something of daily riots by ANTIFA/thugs/demorats. You may not be aware of this violence though as the mainstream media is not reporting the truth.

If you want to know what is happening there, follow Andy Ngo on Twitter. Here’s what is happening in the streets of Portland:

The feds have responded and have gone in to protect federal facilities and make arrests. Of course, this has upset the liberals. Can’t have law and order because TDS is a serious illness.

How badly infected are liberals with TDS? The Oregon Attorney General and ACLU is now suing because the feds are daring to protect their property and employees.

Mayor Ted Wheeler’s response?

Sucks to be living in Portland right now. Fox News reports that local businesses have reported $23 million in losses due to looting and rioting that have gripped its downtown area since the end of May.

Yet you guys knew that elections would have consequences. Enjoy your liberal utopia!


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