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Father of Orlando shooter at Hillary rally: The real scandal

The blogosphere is all abuzz today because the father of Orlando gay-club shooter Omar Mateen was spotted in the audience at a Hillary rally in Kissimmee, FL, a suburb of Orlando.

Imagine that — [GASP] — the father of a Muslim terrorist was at Hillary Clinton’s rally!

Seddique Mateen at Hillary rally

As reported by local NBC affiliate WPTV:

WPTV happened to notice the man, who has a mustache and was wearing a red hat, behind Clinton. It was Seddique Mateen, the father of Orlando mass shooter Omar Mateen….

[J]ust hours later, we ran into him by chance at a rest stop on the way back to West Palm Beach.  He wanted to do an interview and show us a sign he made for Clinton.

“Hillary Clinton is good for United States versus Donald Trump, who has no solutions,” he said.

The blogosphere is aghast by the scandal that Seddique Mateen — who has ties with the Taliban, had run for president of Afghanistan, and produces anti-American YouTube videos — is a Hillary supporter.

But the real scandal isn’t that Mateen the elder was at a Hillary rally. The real scandal is that no one is asking whether Omar Mateen had actually shot those 49 club patrons dead and wounded another 53 in those early morning hours on June 12, 2016.

As I had reported in my July 11 post, “Orlando shooting: How we know it’s all a lie,” according to a report issued by FBI-Tampa Division on June 20, titled Investigative Update Regarding Pulse Nightclub Shooting, between 2:02 a.m. (when Omar Mateen exchanged fire with the off-duty police officer at the front door of Pulse nightclub) and 5:02 a.m. (when police breached and entered Pulse), NO SHOTS WERE FIRED INSIDE.

That means that no one was killed or wounded inside Pulse until after 5:02 a.m. when police had broken in.

Here’s a screenshot I took of the FBI report on June 28:

FBI Orlando shooting report1

So how, when, and by whom were the 102 people inside Pulse killed or wounded? When was Mateen shot dead by police? Was he killed soon after law enforcement had breached the club’s walls at 5:02 a.m.? If so, then Mateen could not have shot 102 people.

Even more amazing is what Daily Mail reported on June 13, 2016, that Orlando Police Chief John Mina admitted that “some of the victims may have been hit by officers’ gun fire”.

Why is this stunning admission not widely reported?

Why aren’t the families of the 49 who were killed, as well as the 53 who were wounded, demanding to know who exactly had shot their loved ones?

And then, of course, there’s the video footage of club patrons carrying the supposed wounded TOWARD, instead of away from, Pulse nightclub, which makes no sense whatsoever unless the whole charade had been staged for the media. For more on this, see “Orlando shooting: How we know it’s all a lie“.

Chris Hansen carrying wounded toward PulseDunkin' Donuts & Pulse on S. Orange Ave., Orlando, FL

Coincidentally, autopsy reports on Orlando were released yesterday. As reported by Daily Mail:

  • Altogether, a total of 260 shots had been fired, including about 200 shots that hit the 49 victims who died.
  • Omar Mateen had been hit in his head, neck, chest, abdomen, right calf and right foot.

H/t FOTM‘s Glenn47 and cs.


Hillary Clinton uses Sandy Hook false flag to push for gun control

As predicted, in her acceptance speech last night at the Democratic National Convention, gun control is Hillary Clinton’s solution for the violence in our streets.

And as predicted, she made use of the 2012 Sandy Hook shooting massacre that took the lives of 20 little children, to manipulate Americans who feel instead of think.

Hitler children gun control

In her acceptance speech, Hillary said, referring to Donald Trump’s endorsement by the National Rifle Association (NRA), “And if we’re serious about keeping our country safe, we also can’t afford to have a President who’s in the pocket of the gun lobby.”

To tug at the heartstrings of gullible Americans, Hillary said:

“For decades, people have said this issue was too hard to solve and the politics were too hot to touch. But I ask you: how can we just stand by and do nothing? You heard, you saw, family members of people killed by gun violence.

By “family members of people killed by gun violence,” Hillary was referring to Erica Lafferty Smegielski, who was one of the speakers at the Democratic National Convention on Wednesday, July 27.

Erica Smegielski & Hillary Clinton (Getty Image)

Erica Smegielski & Hillary Clinton (Getty Image)

Smegielski is the daughter of slain Sandy Hook Elementary School principal Dawn Hochsprung who, we are told, was the first to be killed by Adam Lanza. Curiously, the dead Hochsprung managed to give an interview about the massacre to Newtown’s local newspaper, Newtown Bee. More curious still is the fact that the cache date of the Bee article featuring Hochsprung’s interview was December 13, a day before the massacre. See:

As recounted by Ricky Campbell for Heavy, July 27, 2016:

Erica Smegielski, the daughter of slain Sandy Hook Elementary School principal Dawn Hochsprung, is joining the likes of former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Connecticut Democratic Sen. Chris Murphy Wednesday at the 2016 Democratic National Convention to tell her story, along with encouraging voters to support nominee Hillary Clinton and her stance on expanding gun control nationwide.

Smegielski, dedicated to closing gun law loopholes, has appeared in a Clinton ad called “My Mom,” where she says “no more families should have to go through what we have. Hillary Clinton is the only candidate that has what it takes to take on the gun lobby.

According to Heavy, Hillary “has put in a lot of effort this campaign to publicly talk with Sandy Hook families and discuss expanding gun control.”

In that “effort,” Hillary is aided by her willing accomplices in the media, notably CNN who, 3 days before the Democratic National Convention began, in the space of just one hour, obligingly flooded YouTube with one hundred Sandy Hook videos.

This is the same CNN whose live footage on the day of the Sandy Hook massacre inexplicably shows police and first responders running into an entirely different school than the supposed crime scene, Sandy Hook Elementary School. (See “CNN deception: Live aerial footage of police running into Sandy Hook was of another school“)

Back to Hillary’s acceptance speech last night.

Speaking out of both sides of her mouths, Hillary said:

I’m not here to repeal the 2nd Amendment. I’m not here to take away your guns. I just don’t want you to be shot by someone who shouldn’t have a gun in the first place.

We should be working with responsible gun owners to pass common-sense reforms and keep guns out of the hands of criminals, terrorists and all others who would do us harm.”

But the fact is we already have policies in place which are designed to “keep guns out of the hands of criminals”. It’s called background checks. So what other “common-sense reforms” that would “keep guns out of the hands of criminals” is Hillary proposing — reforms that she claims would not “repeal the 2nd Amendment” by further eroding the gun rights of law-abiding Americans?

Her campaign website affords a better idea of what those “common-sense reforms” means. It promises that “As president, Hillary will” do the following:

  • “Expand background checks to more gun sales—including by closing the gun show and internet sales loopholes—and strengthen the background check system by getting rid of the so-called “Charleston Loophole.”
  • Take on the gun lobby by removing the industry’s sweeping legal protection for illegal and irresponsible actions (which makes it almost impossible for people to hold them accountable), and revoking licenses from dealers who break the law.
  • Keep guns out of the hands of domestic abusers, other violent criminals, and the severely mentally ill by supporting laws that stop domestic abusers from buying and owning guns, making it a federal crime for someone to intentionally buy a gun for a person prohibited from owning one, and closing the loopholes that allow people suffering from severe mental illness to purchase and own guns. She will also support work to keep military-style weapons off our streets.”

Note that none of Hillary’s proposed gun reforms listed above would have prevented the Sandy Hook or the recent Orlando gay-club massacre because:

  1. The alleged lone shooter Adam Lanza’s guns were his mother’s, and Nancy Lanza obtained the guns legally by satisfying all background checks.
  2. The alleged lone shooter of Orlando, Omar Mateen, also obtained his guns legally. In fact, Mateen was an employee of G4S, a huge security firm with a multimillion dollar contract with the Department of Homeland Security to, ironically, identify suspected terrorists.
  3. Neither Lanza nor Mateen was a “domestic abuser,” had a criminal record (violent or not), or “severely mentally ill”.

So why then would Hillary use Sandy Hook to advocate for her proposed gun reforms that would not have prevented the massacre in the first place?

It doesn’t make sense. And, to quote Judge Judy, “If it doesn’t make sense, it isn’t true.”

Please don’t fall for Hillary’s ruse.

The Alternative Media have conducted diligent and exhaustive research on Sandy Hook, showing it was an elaborate false-flag to promote gun control. For exercising their First Amendment right of free speech, the researchers have endured online harassment, abuse, and death threats. Some paid an especially heavy price: film-maker William Shanley was arrested and imprisoned; tenured professor, Dr. James Tracy, was fired by Florida Atlantic University. (See “Sandy Hook: The hounding of Prof. James Tracy”)

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Orlando shooting: How we know it’s all a lie

In the early morning hours of June 12, 2016, a lone gunman named Omar Mateen killed 49 and wounded another 53 inside Pulse night club, a self-described gay dance club in Orlando, Florida, making it the worst mass shooting in the history of the United States.

That’s the official narrative told to us by government and media. To quote an official summary of the shooting released by the Orlando Police Department “throughout the day on Sunday, June 12” which is still on the department’s website [bold and colored emphasis supplied]:

On June 12, 2016, just after 2 a.m., an Orlando Police Officer working extra duty at the Pulse Nightclub, located at 1912 S. Orange Ave., responded to shots fired. Our officer engaged in a gun battle with that suspect and the suspect went deeper into the club where more shots were fired.  The incident then turned into a hostage situation.

The suspect – later identified as 29-year-old Omar Mir Seddique Mateen of Fort Pierce, Florida – continued shooting inside the club.

At 5 a.m., the decision was made to breach the club and rescue the hostages, OPD Chief John Mina said. Officers were able to rescue 30 hostages and lead them to safety. Our SWAT Officers exchanged gunfire with the suspect, killing him. The gunman, an American citizen living in Florida, legally purchased the firearms within the last week [….]

A total of 50 people [including the suspect] were killed in the shooting; an additional 53 were injured.

The above narrative is what the American people were told by the media, that:

  • There was one shooter, Omar Mateen.
  • After exchanging shots with an off-duty police officer (who was working as a security guard for Pulse) outside the club, Mateen went inside Pulse, where he shot and wounded 102 people.
  • Three hours later, the police breached the club and exchanged fire with and killing Mateen.

But what the media didn’t and continue not to inform the public is that the above version of the shooting is simply not true because the FBI-Tampa has a report that says something quite different.

Before we turn to the FBI report, let’s define the words “hoax” and “false flag”:

  • A “hoax,” according to the Oxford Dictionaries, is “A humorous or malicious deception” — in other words, a lie.
  • A “false flag,” according to author Lance deHaven-Smith in his 2013 book, Conspiracy Theory in America (via Wikipedia), is a covert operation by government (or a civilian organization) that is designed to deceive in that the public is led to believe that some individual or group is responsible, instead of the entity(ies) that actually planned and executed the operation. The purpose of the false flag is to manipulate and rally public opinion in support of the hidden agenda, such as gun control. In other words, a false flag is a specific kind of hoax.

For the U.S. media, however, the preferred term is “conspiracy theory,” which the media wield to ridicule anyone who so much as suggests an event may be a hoax or a false flag, never mind the fact that there are real conspiracies and false flags. Some notable examples of U.S. government conspiracies are the Nixon Administration’s Watergate conspiracy, the CIA’s MK-ULTRA mind-control project of the 1950s to ’70s, the Tuskegee syphilis study (1932-1972), and the stunning Operation Northwoods of the Kennedy Administration. By the way, number 5 of satanist Saul Alinsky‘s 13 Rules for Radicals is precisely mockery:

5. Ricidule is man’s most potent weapon.

Reviewing and reflecting on the Orlando shooting, I’ve come to the conclusion that there are two main reasons why the official Orlando shooting narrative is a lie.

#1: The FBI Report

On June 20, 2016, the FBI Tampa Division issued a report on the Orlando shooting, “Investigative Update Regarding Pulse Nightclub Shooting,” with a timeline of the shooting, based on Orlando Police Department (OPD) radio communication. The report says:

Based on OPD radio communications, there were no reports of shots being fired inside Pulse between the initial exchange of gunfire between responding officers and shooter, and the time of the final breach. 

Below is a screenshot I took of the above paragraph. (I cropped out the timeline, highlighted the paragraph with a red bracket, and painted the red arrow pointing to the time and date when I took the screenshot.)

FBI Orlando shooting report1

In other words, according to the FBI, between 2:02 a.m. (when Mateen exchanged fire with the off-duty police officer at the front door of the nighclub) and 5:02 a.m. when police breached and entered Pulse, NO SHOTS WERE FIRED INSIDE. That, in turn, means that no one was killed or wounded inside Pulse until after 5:02 a.m.

Needless to say, the FBI report contradicts the Orlando PD’s official statement that “the suspect went deeper into the club where more shots were fired.”

Curiously, the Orlando Police Department (OPD) gave a link to the FBI report, but neither acknowledges that the report contradicts the OPD’s version of events, nor retracts its official statement on the shooting.

So how and when were the 102 people inside Pulse killed or wounded? Who actually shot them?

Note that neither the OPD nor the FBI say when Mateen was killed. Why is that? Was he killed soon after law enforcement had breached the club’s walls at 5:02 a.m.? If so, then Mateen could not have shot 102 people.

Amazingly, as reported by the Daily Mail on June 13, 2016, Orlando Police Chief John Mina admitted that “some of the victims may have been hit by officers’ gun fire”.

Why is this stunning admission not widely reported? And shouldn’t the families of the 49 who were killed, as well as the 53 who were wounded in Pulse that morning, demand to know who exactly had shot them?

#2: The crisis actors

A rule-of-thumb about any narrative is that when there is clear evidence of fakery, the truthfulness of the entire narrative becomes suspect.

It is now a month after the Orlando shooting, and the Alternative Media have unearthed many oddities and anomalies, including eyewitness accounts of multiple suspects, Mateen and several club patrons having had professional acting experience, and pre-dated tweets and news reports.

Among the anomalies is one particular oddity that is a “smoking gun” of Orlando fakery — a CNN news video showing survivors of the shooting massacre carrying wounded victims toward, instead of away from the crime scene of Pulse nightclub, which makes no sense whatsoever, unless the entire spectacle had been staged for the news media. One of those carrying the wounded is a man in a hat and an American-flag t-shirt named Christopher Hansen, who gave harrowing accounts of how he had survived the massacre to many media outlets.

Here’s a video clip showing two civilians carrying a wounded man (wearing a blue cap and red shoes) toward Pulse.

Orlando crisis actors carrying woundedAs soon as the trio had passed in front of the camera, the two carriers immediately dropped the “wounded” man. One of the carriers, dressed all in black, even did a little dance.

Below are nighttime and daytime (Google Map) views of Dunkin’ Donuts and Pulse nightclub on So. Orange Ave., which show the crisis actors indeed were carrying the “wounded” toward Pulse:

Chris Hansen carrying wounded toward PulseDunkin' Donuts & Pulse on S. Orange Ave., Orlando, FL

Given #1 (FBI report) and #2 (crisis actors), there is no reason for us to believe the official narrative of the Orlando gay-club shooting.

All of which would explain the “duping delight” (glee at getting away with a great deception) of the laughing policeman with grey hair and moustache standing behind the speaker in the first video below, followed by a video of the members of the Orange County Sheriff’s Office doing their #KeepDancingOrlando gig (h/t Barry Soetoro Esq.).

Who knew the worst shooting in U.S. history could be such fun?

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FBI contradicts media reports on Orlando shooting: Mateen not gay; police shot victims

The media tell us that:

  1. Orlando gay-club shooter Omar Mateen was gay — his ex-wife said he was; Mateen frequented Pulse gay club, used gay dating apps, and had male “lovers”.
  2. Mateen was the lone gunman who had killed 49 and wounded 53 by the time police finally broke into Pulse nightclub after 3 hours of negotiations.

The only problem is this: Both purported truths are contradicted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

#1: Mateen was not gay

Molly Hennessy-Fiske reports for the Los Angeles Times, June 23, 2016, that the FBI has found no evidence so far to support claims by those who say Mateen had gay lovers or communicated on gay dating apps, several law enforcement officials said.

FBI investigators also do not find the testimony of “Miguel” credible. “Miguel” was the man wearing a disguise to conceal his identity who told Univision that he had sex with Mateen after meeting him on the gay dating app, Grindr. “Miguel” also said Mateen had sex with other men too, including a threesome with a Puerto Rican who allegedly told Mateen, after having had unprotected sex with him, that he was HIV positive.

In seeking to verify the reports of Mateen’s homosexuality, federal agents have culled the alleged shooter’s electronic devices, including a laptop computer and cellphone, as well as electronic communications of those who had claimed Mateen was gay. But the FBI found no photographs, no text messages, no smartphone apps, no gay pornography and no cell-tower location data to suggest that Mateen — who was twice married to women and had a young son — conducted a secret gay life.

Nor has the FBI uncovered any direct links between Mateen and members of Islamic State, although it is possible that Mateen might have had communications on cellphones or other electronic equipment that have not been recovered by investigators.

Cord Cedeno, 23, a Pulse regular who insisted he had seenMateen at Pulse months before the shooting and messaged with him on Grindr for a short time, Cedeno said he has no reason to doubt accounts from other Pulse regulars who also said they had seen Mateen visit the club in the past. Cedeno said, “I can go take a lie detector test. I know for a fact Omar messaged me,” and accuses the FBI of “obviously . . . trying to cover up their information.”

#2: Mateen didn’t shoot anyone before police entered

We were told that at 2:02 a.m. on Sunday, June 12, 2016 outside Pulse gay dance club, Omar Mateen first exchanged gunfire with the club’s security officer and two “nearby” police officers, then entered the club where he shot or wounded 102 people before police, after 3 hours, finally broke into the club and killed Mateen in a shootout.

But if we go by the FBI’s report, either Mateen did not shoot anyone inside the club, or no club patron was killed or wounded.

According to the FBI Tampa Division’s report on the Orlando shooting, “Investigative Update Regarding Pulse Nightclub Shooting,” June 20, 2016, the following is the timeline of the shooting, based on Orlando Police Department (OPD) radio communication (times are approximate):

  • 2:02 a.m.: OPD call transmitted multiple shots fired at Pulse nightclub.
  • 2:04 a.m.: Additional OPD officers arrived on scene.
  • 2:08 a.m.: Officers from various law enforcement agencies made entrance to Pulse and engaged the shooter.
  • 2:18 a.m.: OPD SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics) initiated a full call-out.
  • 2:35 a.m.: Shooter contacted a 911 operator from inside Pulse. The call lasted approximately 50 seconds [….]
  • 2:48 a.m.: First crisis negotiation call occurred lasting approximately nine minutes.
  • 3:03 a.m.: Second crisis negotiation call occurred lasting approximately 16 minutes.
  • 3:24 a.m.: Third crisis negotiation call occurred lasting approximately three minutes. […]
  • 4:21 a.m.: OPD pulled an air conditioning unit out of a Pulse dressing room window for victims to evacuate. […]
  • 4:29 a.m.: As victims were being rescued, they told OPD the shooter said he was going to put four vests with bombs on victims within 15 minutes. (An immediate search of the shooter’s vehicle on scene and inside Pulse ultimately revealed no vest or improvised explosive device.)
  • 5:02 a.m.: OPD SWAT and OCSO Hazardous Device Team began to breach wall with explosive charge and armored vehicle to make entry.
  • 5:14 a.m.: OPD radio communication stated that shots were fired.
  • 5:15 a.m.: OPD radio communication stated that OPD engaged the suspect and the suspect was reported down.

The FBI report then says:

Based on OPD radio communications, there were no reports of shots being fired inside Pulse between the initial exchange of gunfire between responding officers and shooter, and the time of the final breach. During this time, the shooter communicated with an OPD 911 operator and an OPD crisis negotiator, and OPD radio communications reported that victims were being rescued.

Below is a screenshot I took of the above paragraph. (I cropped out the timeline, highlighted the paragraph with a red bracket, and painted the red arrow pointing to the time and date when I took the screenshot.)

FBI Orlando shooting report1

In other words, according to the FBI, between 2:02 a.m. (when Mateen exchanged fire with Pulse security and police officers at the front door of the nighclub, before he entered the clu) and 5:02 a.m. when police breached the club’s walls and entered Pulse, NO SHOTS WERE FIRED INSIDE Pulse nightclub.

It now makes sense that the police had waited 3 hours before breaching the club. If Mateen indeed had shot people inside the club, it was unconscionable for the police to wait that long before entering — wounded victims would have bled to death. According to the FBI report, however, Mateen hadn’t shot anyone but was keeping some of the club patrons hostage in a bathroom, which led to police negotiating with him for 3 hours.

Here’s Judge Andrew Napolitano pointing out that according to the FBI report, no one died at Pulse until 5:13 a.m. that morning:

So who actually shot the victims? Here’s a clue, as reported by the Daily Mail on June 13, 2016:

He [Omar Mateen] first had a shootout with the off-duty officer at the club’s entrance.

Then two other officers arrived and the firing continued. […]

But authorities chose to hold off on letting the tactical units enter Pulse nightclub, where more than 100 people were shot.

[Orlando] Police Chief John Mina has also admitted that some of the victims may have been hit by officers’ gun fire. 

John MinaAll of which means either of two things actually happened:

  1. Omar Mateen didn’t intentionally kill or wound anyone. Rather, 49 people were killed and 53 wounded in the exchange of fire between the police and Mateen, some of whom by the police; or
  2. No one at Pulse, except Mateen, was killed or wounded.

And then, there’s a third possibility, which is that no one died, not even Mateen. Has anyone seen his death certificate, his body, his funeral?

In the event the FBI scrubs the report, here it is archived.

H/t FOTM‘s maziel, Kelleigh, cs, and Ken Russell.

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National security expert: cell phone recordings of Orlando shooter talking with co-conspirator

Several eyewitnesses of the Orlando gay-club shooting have said there were other suspects in addition to alleged lone gunman Omar Mateen (See “Orlando gay-club shooting: The pieces that don’t fit”):

  • Two eyewitnesses separately made mention of a man who was blocking an exit by keeping the door closed. Later, professional actor Luis Burbano admitted he was that man, and that he was holding the door closed to prevent the armed gunman from fleeing the club, which makes no sense whatsoever.
  • One eyewitness said he heard two guns shooting at once.
  • Another eyewitness told an ABC reporter after he’d been discharged from a local hospital that he had overheard a phone conversation made by the shooter, in which the shooter said he was the “fourth shooter” and that there were “three others,” including “snipers” and a “female suicide bomber”. (Source: Intellihub)

This eyewitness’ testimony lends credence to an account of James Wesley Howell allegedly telling the Santa Monica police that the CIA had recruited five people for attacks on gay communities in Florida and California. Howell and “Dan” were supposed to attack a Gay Pride event in Los Angeles; “Omar” and “Brandy,” a woman, were supposed to launch an attack in Florida. Howell did not know who the fifth co-conspirator was. When Howell heard the news that Omar Mateen had been killed by police after the shooting massacre in Pulse gay dance club, Howell feared for his own life and sought protection from the police. He allegedly said, “Omar was not supposed to be killed. They [CIA] lied to us – Omar and Brandy were supposed to get away.” (See “Orlando false-flag: Man claims to be part of CIA plot targeting gays”)

Now, a well-known national security expert has weighed in, saying the same.

Pulse gay nightclub, Orlando

Pulse gay nightclub, Orlando

Dr. Sebastian Gorka is a national security expert and author of the 2016 book Defeating Jihad: The Winnable War. From Wikipedia:

Dr. Sebastian L.v. Gorka . . . is the Major General Matthew C. Horner Distinguished Chair of Military Theory at the Marine Corps University and the Chairman of Threat Knowledge Group. He is a founding member of the Council for Emerging National Security Affairs and served as the Associate Dean for Congressional Affairs and Relations to the Special Operations Community at the National Defense University. Gorka is also currently affiliated with USSOCOM’s Joint Special Operations University and the Institute of World Politics, is a regular instructor for the John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School in Fort Bragg, as well as the FBI’s Counterterrorism Division. He has testified before Congress on the threat of ISIS and Global Jihadism, and briefed the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, the CIA, the Defense Intelligence Agency, the National Intelligence Council, the National Counterterrorism Center and the Commandant of the Marine Corps. […] Since 2014 Gorka has acted as editor for National Security Affairs for the Breitbart News Network.

In other words, Gorka is a serious person, not a flake.

On June 22, 2016, Gorka tweeted that there are reports that police recovered cell phones from The Pulse of  Omar Mateen talking on his phone to some person, i.e., a co-conspirator, about tactics.

Here’s Gorka’s tweet:

Sebastian Gorka tweetH/t FOTM‘s Hadenoughalready

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Orlando Shooting: The curious Pulse gay nightclub

In the early morning hours on Sunday, June 12, 2016, a lone gunman named Omar Mateen, after exchanging fire at the door with an armed security guard and two “nearby” police officers, entered Pulse, a self-described “gay dance club” in Orlando, Florida. There, Mateen shot dead 49 and wounded 53 of the club’s estimated 320 patrons inside.

That leaves 218 people alive and unwounded who, including some of the wounded, we are told, sought shelter in the club’s two bathrooms.

Mateen retreated to one of the bathrooms, taking an indeterminate number of hostages with him. While county sheriff and city police officers waited outside for three hours, Mateen managed to send text messages, as well as a 911 call in which he declared his allegiance to ISIS/Islamic State. Eventually, SWAT teams blew holes in the exterior walls of the club’s bathrooms, exchanged shots with Mateen, killing him.

It turns out Mateen himself was “gay,” according to his ex-wife, his use of a gay hookup app, and Pulse staff who said he was a regular club habitué. The latest news is that, according to a self-identified 2-month male “lover” of Mateen, the shooting spree was motivated by revenge against Latino men who might have infected Mateen with HIV/AIDS.

There are more and more anomalies that the Alternative Media have unearthed about this worst mass shooting in U.S. history, including professional actors (here and here), a laughing policeman, and a “victim” being carried toward, not away from the crime scene (see “Orlando gay-club shooting: The pieces that don’t fit”). This post is about the curious Pulse nightclub itself.

In the videos below, Harold Saive, a Vietnam War veteran and a 30-year hospital administrator, and YouTuber “Changing Reason”, make astute observations and ask some good questions about Pulse.

First, some information about Pulse:

  • Location: In Orlando’s downtown south, at 1912 S. Orange Ave, Orlando, FL 32806.
  • Founded in 2004 by Barbara Poma and Ron Legler. (Wikipedia)
  • Originally painted white, sometime along the way, the nightclub was painted all black, making the building something of an eyesore next to newer buildings like Radio Shack and Wendy’s.

Pulse in 2006 & 2016

  • Pulse consists of three rooms, described by Orlando Weekly as “three glitzy, throbbing rooms of club boys, twinks and twinks at heart. Every night has something different in store, but Pulse is known to have some pretty impressive drag shows, and the bar’s dancers are usually gorgeous.” (“Twink” is gay slang for young men in their late teens to early twenties.) Here are 2 views of the interior:

Pulse nightclub interior

Below are some oddities about Pulse:

1. A “shell game” of registration

  • Pulse was registered with State of Florida in 2003 not as Pulse, but as 1912 Orange Avenue LLC.
  • The registration had expired in 2013.
  • The owners are Barbara and Rosario Poma.
  • But the principal place of business of the entity called “1912 Orange Avenue LLC” is 5728 Major Blvd., Suite 550, Orlando, FL, which is miles away from Pulse night club at 1912 Orange Ave., Orlando.
  • The mailing address of the business entity called “1912 Orange Avenue LLC” is in Raleigh, North Carolina — an office suite at 3110 Edwards Mill Rd., which is also the same address as Pulse’s manager, Rosario Poma.

2. Size & Parking

The city of Orlando is in Florida’s Orange County. The Orange County property appraiser has Pulse’s gross indoor area as 4,853 sq. ft., which, with 320 patrons inside, comes to 16.17 sq. ft. per person. How can a building the size of a residential home accomodate 320 people, with only 11 parking spaces?

Pulse nightclub

Here’s USA Today‘s diagram of Pulse’s interior floor-plan:

Pulse interior floor-planPulse floor planNote that the women’s bathroom had two stalls, the men’s had only one stall and several urinals.

The parking spaces question is partly answered by a review on Yelp — Pulse had valet parking. The reviewer said:

“The worst thing about this club is the parking. There really is no parking and the valet looks like they will not take good care of your car. I washed [sic] the valet parker car [sic] basically in the street because they ran out of space.”

That being said, to think that Pulse’s parking valet(s) could find space on the street for 320 patrons stretches credulity.

3. Was Pulse actually in operation on June 12, 2016?

I went on Pulse’s Yelp page. Excluding comments/reviews left by people on June 12, expressing their sympathy and condolences, the most recent review was published to Yelp on March 13, 2016, written by Dakota W. from Greensboro, NC:

“Yet another nice club that doesn’t accept cards for cover. ANNOYING. The drinks are great but priced high. This is one of the most fun clubs I’ve been too.”

YouTuber Harold Saive notes that the replacement value of Pulse, built in 1957, is less than $500,000, and wryly asks if (like the Sandy Hook Elementary School) the shooting massacre will also lead to Pulse being torn down and replaced with a swanky new building. (See “Sandy Hook hoax: 6 signs that school was closed before massacre” and “Was Sandy Hook Elementary School already abandoned before the massacre?”)

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Orlando false-flag: Man claims to be part of CIA plot targeting gays

A potential “smoking-gun” for the Orlando gay-club shooting massacre has emerged, according to Brenda Corpian reporting for Get Off The BS. Corpian’s post was then reproduced by a number of sites, including G. Edward Griffin’s State of the Nation blog and HenryMakow.com.

Corpian’s claim is 4th-hand hearsay — that an unnamed former Los Angeles County prosecutor who works for Get Off the BS was told by two unnamed Santa Monica police officers that a 20-year-old man named James Wesley Howell, who was arrested by Santa Monica police on Sunday, June 12 (the same day as the Orlando gay-club shooting), with explosives and 3 assault rifles, said he was part of a CIA false-flag plan to launch attacks against gays on the east and west coasts.

Note that Howell is identified with his middle name, making his name James Wesley Howell, reminiscent of other 3-name political assassins in history — John Wilkes Booth (President Lincoln assassin), Lee Harvey Oswald (JFK assassin), James Earl Ray (Dr. Martin Luther King assassin), and Arthur Herman Bremer (attempted assassin of Gov. George Wallace).

Howell was part of the plan in California to attack a Los Angeles Gay Pride event; Omar Mateen, the Orlando gay-club shooter, was part of the plan in Florida.

James Wesley Howell, 20Did you get that? —

  1. Get Off The BS reporter Brenda Corpian heard from
  2. a former L.A. County prosecutor, who heard from
  3. two Santa Monica police officers, who heard from
  4. James Wesley Howell, who said that . . . .

This much we can verify, which is that the Los Angeles Times reported on June 12, 2016, 6:15 p.m., that early that day, at about 5 a.m. in the 1700 block of 11th Street, Santa Monica, police received a call about a suspected prowler who was knocking on a resident’s door and window. Patrol officers responded and encountered Howell, who was sitting in a car registered in Indiana, containing three assault rifles, high-capacity ammunition and a 5-gallon bucket containing “chemicals capable of forming an improvised explosive device”. The L.A. Times account continues:

Authorities on Sunday were trying to determine the intentions of an Indiana man with a cache of weapons, ammunition and explosive-making materials in his car and apparent plans to attend the L.A. Pride festival in West Hollywood.

Santa Monica Police Chief Jacqueline Seabrooks initially said on Twitter that the 20-year-old man told one of her officers after he was arrested that he wanted “to harm Gay Pride event.”

But Lt. Saul Rodriguez said later the tweet was a misstatement. He said the suspect told investigators that he was going to the Pride festival but said he did not make additional statements about his intentions. […]

Federal and local law enforcement decided against canceling the annual parade, which went forward Sunday morning under tightened security. Investigators are now trying to piece together what happened but said they don’t believe there is any connection between the incident and the massacre at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Fla., that killed at least 50 people overnight.

Here’s the unverified and unverifiable fourth-hand version, according to Brenda Corpian of Get Off The BS:

Sources within the Santa Monica police department claim that James Wesley Howell, an Indiana man who was caught with explosives and weapons on Sunday Morning, told the Santa Monica police that as many as five people were involved in planned attacks on gay communities in both Florida and California. […]

According to two department sources, Howell called the Santa Monica police on Sunday morning claiming that he needed protection from the CIA. Howell further elaborated to the dispatcher stating that he “had been set up by the CIA – they are going to kill me.”

According to Howell, he was supposed to “hook up” late Saturday night with his contact in LA — a man named Dan — who was supposed to have more weapons and explosives. But Dan never showed up. Howell went to Dan’s apartment, but Dan had cleared out; Howell tried calling Dan but he never answered. Howell said:

Everything has gone south. Dan was gone when I got here. They killed the leader of the Florida attack [Omar Mateen] this morning. They are going to kill me. I need protection.”

Howell only knew the first names of three of the other four people involved in the plot: Dan and two contacts in Florida, Omar and Brandy. Referring to Omar Mateen, Howell said,

“Omar was not supposed to be killed. They [CIA] lied to us – Omar and Brandy were supposed to get away.”

When Howell was questioned about how he and his co-conspirators knew each other, he said:

“We were all familiar with each other through an online fundamental Islamic knowledge seminary course[1] – we were recruited through the course and trained together at a camp in Virginia – we were taught how to shoot and make bombs – everyone knew their part – something went wrong….”

Before the Santa Monica officers could further question Howell, agents working for the Los Angeles office of the FBI quickly swept in, took over the case, and put a gag order on the Santa Monica detectives.

Here’s what I think:

1. The Get Off the BS account about Howell is 4th-person hearsay and unverifiable.

2. If the account is true — which no one can verify — that would mean Omar Mateen actually killed people at Pulse. Why? Howell was found by police with assault rifles, ammunition and explosives, which meant the plan was that he would kill and injure people at the L.A. Gay Pride event. That means Omar Mateen, Howell’s East coast counterpart and co-conspirator, also was supposed to actually kill people in Orlando. It was only when Howell heard in the news that Mateen was killed that Howell, fearing for his own life, sought protection from police. Howell wasn’t surprised by or concerned about Pulse nightclub patrons being killed. That means the alleged plan was for Howell, Mateen and the other conspirators to kill people, but not that the conspirators themselves would be killed.

3. If people actually died in the Orlando attack, how do we account for the crisis actors and the staged carrying of “victim” TOWARD, not away from, the Pulse crime scene? Noone would be a crisis actor for a real shooting in which the actors could be killed or injured.

To conclude, for the reasons above (1-3), I don’t buy this Get Off the BS account.

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