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OWS organizer says police sent rapists to Zucotti Park

Watch this OWS guy Harrison Schultz being interviewed by Sean Hannity. Unbelievable!
The 29-year-old punk defends the rapes last fall in the Occupy Wall Street tent city in Zucotti Park by blaming the NYPD. The police had sent rapists, drunks, and criminals to the park just to make OWS look bad!
When asked about Occupiers defecating on police cars and destroying property, Schultz just shrugs. Stuff happens!
Then he says Hannity doesn’t have a coherent thought, about capitalism or anything else, although Schultz admits he’s never watched Hannity.
When asked what’s his objection to capitalism, Schultz blames the high rate of youth unemployment and the national debt on capitalism, but makes no mention of government over-spending, entitlements, the bloated welfare state, 47% of Americans not paying income tax…. (See my post, “The Fall of America – in 12 graphs”)
What an idiot.
H/t beloved fellow Tina!

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Breitbart Warned the Left – Bring It On!


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Occutards Booted from Iowa Coffee Shop

Ya just gotta love it! 😀

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What Do Americans Mean by "Rich"?

A week ago on Dec. 6, 2011, in Osawatomie, Kansas, Obama fired the first shot in what Financial Times is calling a “class warfare election.”
In a speech that set out the guts of his 2012 campaign, Obama says the belief in capitalism, individualism, and small government, although is “in America’s very DNA,” not only “doesn’t work. It has never worked.”
Instead, Obama calls for a society where “everyone gets a fair shot, when everyone does their fair share, when everyone plays by the same rules” — whatever that means. Blaming the Great Recession on the “breathtaking greed” of the financial elites — the very same financial elites whom he has bailed out ($7.77 trillion to Wall Street!) and who are his cronies (e.g., Jon Corzine, ex-CEO of the now-bankrupt MF Global) — Obama calls on the rich to pay a higher share in taxes.
Words have different meaning to different people.
During the 2008 election season, in his now-famous encounter with Joe the Plumber, Obama had called Americans who make more than $250,000 a year “rich”. The Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement say they represent the 99% and call those who are in the top 1% of income distribution to be the super “rich.”
Oddly, some who are in that top 1% insist they are not “rich”. Actress Roseanne Barr, who has a net worth of $80 million and supports the OWS movement, says Americans who make more than $100 million should have their heads chopped off.
Now we have polling data from Gallup about what ordinary Americans consider as “rich.”
Catherine Rampell reports for the New York Times, Dec. 9, 2011, that Gallup has surveyed Americans to ask what they believe the cutoff for being “rich” should be. The median response was that a person would need to make at least $150,000 to be considered rich. “Median response” refers to the income figure — in this case, $150,000 — that cuts the poll sample into two halves.
Here’s a breakdown of the responses:

Answers to Gallup’s survey question on the threshold for being “rich” vary by demographics. Men, those younger than 50, college grads, those with kids, city-dwellers, and those with more than $50,000 in annual household income cited a higher figure for what they consider to be “rich”:

According to the Tax Policy Center’s calculations on income distribution, a household earning cash income of $150,000 would fall somewhere between the 89th and 90th percentiles, that is in the top 10-11%. In other words, the typical American believes anyone in about the top tenth of the income distribution counts as “rich.”
Obama and others, on the other hand, have set the cutoff around $250,000 when discussing “raising taxes on the rich.” Households earning cash income of $250,000 are somewhere between the 96th and 97th percentiles, that is in the top 3-4%.
So if you make $150,000 or more a year, watch out for that hand reaching into your pocket!

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Andrew Klavan on the Occutards

(h/t: boortz.com)

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Chris Christie Tears the Dear Ruler a New One

I got this in a couple of emails earlier today:

The money line is, “Well then, what the hell are we paying you for?”
I hate to tell the Governor of New Jersey, but that so-called “supercommittee” was never intended to succeed, it was created and put through that farcical dog-and-pony show to help Obama in his coming presidential campaign against congress. He clearly cannot run on his record.
The dems are hoping there are enough American Idol-watching dolts among us that think the republicans control the entire congress (even though they actually only control the House of Representatives) to buy into it.
The scary thing is, they are probably right.
Why do you think they took over education in the first place?

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Occupy D.C. Assaults Grandma and Handicapped Woman

Last Friday night, November 4, 2011, Occupy DC protesters tried to crash the Americans for Prosperity “Tribute to Ronald Reagan” dinner. The protestors circled the convention center, tried to enter every single entrance, and assaulted conservatives as they exited the dinner.
One of the dinner attendees was a wheelchair-bound woman who carried a small service dog.  When she was finally allowed to leave and go the two short blocks to her hotel, protestors grabbed her dog and tried to pull her from her chair.  Luckily, other conservatives came to her aid. The dog was safely returned, unharmed.
An elderly woman, 78 years old, was shoved and fell down the steps. She had taken an 11-hour bus trip from Detroit to attend the dinner. After the attack she was taken to the hospital with multiple injuries, including a bloody nose and a large knot on her head. After x-rays and a CAT scan, she was released the following morning with cuts and large bruises.
Pay attention beginning at the 0:30 mark:
UPDATE (Nov. 9):
The 78-year-old woman is Dolores Broderson. In this video, she confirms that she was pushed by the Occupy protesters. Another older man also says he was pushed down the concrete steps. Another man says there were at least 3 policemen nearby who did nothing. (h/t GatewayPundit)

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When Commies Attack

Speaking for myself, I hope the cops beat the crap out of the punks.
Additionally,  twenty of their malodorous comrades were arrested by Atlanta police officers for refusing to leave Woodruff Park by eleven pm.
I have to admit I am surprised Mayor Kasim Reed (think Obama, Jr.) is actually allowing the cops to arrest the parasite-infested trespassers.
Perhaps he is worried the private park’s owners are going to sue the city for damages.
(h/t: boortz.com)

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Seattle's ex-Top Cop Recalls WTO Riots – Nov 1999

After the disastrous WTO protest that shut down Seattle in 1999, progressive Chief of Police, Norm Stamper decided to retire and progressive Mayor Paul Schell lost re-election.  The following Seattle Weekly 9-page  article   is an excerpt from Norm Stamper’s book that recounts the events leading up to the disastrous protests that resulted in the Mayor declaring Martial Law.   Click the title to read the entire excerpt~LTG

Snookered in Seattle: The WTO Riots

Veteran cops told me they’d never seen so many people on the streets. There was sea of sea turtles and anti-WTO signs, choruses of chanting, and street theater performances, replete with colorfully costumed actors on stilts playing out the various points of opposition to globalization. That night, thousands of protesters filed into Key Arena where the Sonics and the Storm play their basketball. They heard speeches from local politicians, including the mayor (who at one point bleated, “Have fun but please don’t hurt my city”) and various protest leaders and organizers. There were songs by Laura Love and other politically active musicians. Day One ended peacefully.

Video includes 60 Minutes inteview with anarchists who look and sound like the OWS thugs who’ve been trashing our cities for the past 2 months.


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Daily Kos Has Gone Cuckoo

Even the most uninformed inattentive American knows that Occupy Wall Street is not the Tea Party movement.
Not — as in dissimilar, unlike, different, opposite.
Daily Kos is a liberal website, so we expect them to do the usual number on conservatives, slandering us with the “racist” label.
Yesterday, Oct. 29, 2011, true to form, a Daily Kos blogger named “iera” ranted on and on about “Teabaggers” being “racist” and “violent.”
There’s just this one thing: All the evidence that iera cites as proof of the teabaggers’ racism is actually about Occupy Wall Street!
Here’s iera’s delusional rant in its entirety, complete with the author’s spelling mistakes. Liberalism, indeed, is a mental illness.
H/t beloved fellow Anon.


by iera – Daily Kos – Oct. 29, 2011

For the last few years, the point has been expressed on this blog, as well as others, that the tebaggers [sic] are a violent, racist, and disgusting mob intent on transforming our society into something completely alien to our progressive democracy.  While we’ve all known this to be the case despite a lack of evidence, these last few weeks of vile teabagger demonstrations have provided all the evidence needed to put the question to rest and exxpose [sic] the baggers for what they truly are. Warning, this diary contains some offensive material.

And I’m not just talking about oblivious color-blind white privilege.  I’m talking about about a movement so racist the Nazi Party has given their endorsement.  Oh, I know, these groups try to be provocative and they also endorsed Obama in ’08.  But they also explain their support.  While the Nazis felt that Obama was a fool who would ruin African American’s [sic] chances at ever being elected to high office again, their support for the Teabaggers was explained as support of their pervasive, blatant anti-semetism [sic].
I could make a post a mile long with example after example, but you can click over to YouTube and watch the related videos yourself.  The point is that it is pervasive and undeniable. Whether the Nazi’s support is appreciated or not, it is the Teabagger‘s similar racist philosophy that enamours them.  All of our probems are because we still have Joooooooos walking around that Hitler didn’t kill.  Disgusting.  If this does’t destroy the Teabagger movement I don’t know what will.
As a side note, the Communist Party has also given their endorsement.  While Communists are certainly responsible for more deaths and misery than the Nazis could ever dream of, at least their intentions were good, so I’ll give them a pass.
The Teabagger violence has gotten out of control.  We’ve called them “political terrorists” for some time now, but I think it’s time to just refer to them as “terrorists”.  After all, some of their leaders are being investigated for terrorism.  They claim an area for themselves (typical Teabagger greed), refuse to pay for a permit, threaten to kill reporters, block traffic, attack the police, and conspire to kill police.  Does the first amendment nullify all other laws? WTF?  Rightfully, the NYPD plans to sue the Teabaggers as a whole for their injuries from now on.
Violence, violence, violence, violence, violence and I could go on but you get the point.  There are over 100 such unique (unrelated, I’m sure) incidents involving upwards of 1000 arrests.  We are being terrorized by the Teabaggers.
And of course, Teabagger violence isn’t limited to their opponents- they turn on each other.  Such people can’t help themselves, it’s their nature. We all know the Teabagger‘s natural inclination to violence toward women.  We’ve been seeing a disturbing trend of rape lately- here, here and here for starters. The Teabaggers have issued a cult-like decree that their rape victims should remain silent about their abuse. The truly disgusting thing is that this violence is so pervasive rapes can go on WITHIN THE GROUP OF TENTS WITH NOBODY TRYING TO STOP IT.  That is who the teabaggers are. If you’re a man and you don’t hate the Teabaggers right now, then you’re not much of a man at all.  Real men don’t tolerate violence toward women.  Real men don’t tolerate Teabaggers.
Another one of the unfortunate side-effects of Teabagger violence is the drain on our precious public resources, namely the police protecting the women from Teabaggers who aren’t demonstrating.  All told, the human cost of teabagger violence is incalculable.
It is my belief that the reason the Teabaggers are so unsanitary, covered in feces, vomit, and urine is because they are naturally anti-science.  They deny that human waste and garbage poses health threats.  They don’t accept modern waste management. Many of them were taught from the Christian Bible that people were created by god, and so their turds are actually divine.
And really, this just makes the case for better public education.  We need to invest more in the teachers who can correct the backwards Teabagger hygiene and give these kids a shot at a healthy life.  You can’t just poo anywhere in this country.  It’s not healthy and it’s not fair to others.  We have places to poo.  These children need to learn where or we have no chance as a nation.
More and more city governments are attempting to address the sanitation issue, but are finding they must deal with the violence issue first.
If you are ever near a group of Teabaggers head for the nearest shower and wash yourself immediately.  It is reccomended [sic] that you dispose of your clothing in a manner consistent with biohazard regulations.
I hope what I’ve provided here will be used as a reference.  The next time some Rethuglikkkan tells you “the tea party isn’t racist”, or “we’re just law-abiding people who love the constitution”, now you have the undeniable PROOF to show them what the Teabaggers truly are.  Not ony [sic] is their movement disgusting, but they are just a disgusting group of people no matter how they’re organized.
No longer can the media hide the truth from us.  Surely there will be many more examples of my points here in days to come. Eventually, the weight of the evidence will be too much and the Teabaggers will go the way of the KKK and the Nazis.
Now let’s get out there and expose them.

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