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Seattle Mayor fails to handle Seattle May Day

Despite prior knowledge of anarchists’ planned activities in downtown Seattle on May Day, it took a full morning of violence and damage for Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn to issue an emergency order to protect citizens and businesses.

Cowardly criminals hide their faces with masks

Komo News: Some May Day protestors ran rampant in Downtown Seattle Tuesday afternoon, smashing windows at businesses and cars as they marched through city streets and causing Seattle’s City Hall to go into lockdown.
The chaos and property damage prompted Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn to grant emergency police powers to deal with any potential new riots that could crop up during the rest of the afternoon.
“Using the emergency powers of the mayor’s office, I’m issuing an order for the limited purpose of giving police the authority to confiscate items that can be used as well. McGinn said dozens of black-clad protesters were using items that looked like flagpoles as weapons. He said his order would enable police to take those items away from people before they are used to cause damage. McGinn said his action would help protect public safety as protests continued into Tuesday evening.
“My direction to the police is that I expect them to respond to lawbreaking swiftly and aggressively,” McGinn said. “The First Amendment uses of 5-foot-long, 3-inch rod sticks is outweighed today by our desire to preserve public safety and confiscate weapons.” McGinn said.
Citing student safety, Seattle Schools officials say their buses will be running up to 90 minutes late due to the May Day protest.
All five downtown Wells Fargo Bank branches, including one at Fourth Avenue and Seneca Street where windows were broken, have been closed for the rest of the day, said Lara Underhill, a Wells Fargo spokeswoman.
Why did this damage to private property even have to occur?  Mayor McGinn had full knowledge of the intention of individuals to use the public demonstrations as an opportunity to commit  violence and damage property.
If I were an individual or business owner I’d be sending my property damage bill directly to the Mayor’s office.

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Occupy your neighborhood!

Course don't do it like this / Photo Alan Berner - Seattle Times

Seattle Occupiers have days until they are kicked off the Seattle Central Community College campus.  So what is next on their agenda?  “Occupy your Neighborhood“!  From their website (comments after their points are mine):
You don’t need to use tents. Find your own images, symbols, ideas, actions. Tents in public places are important symbols of collective outrage at being treated as surplus people; but the movement is larger than all our tent cities. There are many ways to express that outrage, that loss of hope, and the urgent need to build new hope and new ways of occupying the planet together.  For example:

  • Start a regular vigil at Chase bank or another local target. (Fill out a job application while you are there.)
  • Have a weekly conversation about the issues, and invite your network of acquaintances. (I do that on a daily basis.)
  • Talk about the ways you personally have been affected by the economic crisis. (Why don’t you focus on the ways to make it better?)
  • Meet in a coffee shop. Meet in a home. Meet in a studio or workplace. (It’s called having a life. Try meeting at a workplace every day.)
  • Advertise a public meeting at a community center. (Advertise what?)
  • Show movies and discuss them. Start a book group. (I suggest they start with Atlas Shrugged.)
  • Put a banner on your house or studio or meeting place. (A “Merry Christmas” banner is appropriate now.)
  • Put a sign on your bumper or your window or your sleeve. (Copy my bumper sticker: “My dog has created more shovel-ready jobs than Obama”.)
  • Sit or stand in silence. (They should practice what they preach.)

Let us help. There’s no central committee or leadership, but there are lots of us who have been doing this for a while and are eager to help you reach out and find how many people around you share your concerns. Can we come join a conversation in a coffee shop or living room or community center? Can we help you think of things to do?
No but I can think of some things for you guys to do, namely get off public property as instructed by the court and get a job!

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Occupy Seattle: "Occupy Everything"

Tired of paying rent?  Stressed about making mortgage payments (and paying property taxes)?  Occupy Seattle has the solution…

Photo courtesy of 97.3 KIRO FM

Occupy Seattle employs new squatting tactic
KIRO FM: Occupy Wall Street demonstrators in Seattle, Portland and Oakland have taken up a new tactic in their protests against wealth inequality: Squatting in vacant properties.
In Seattle, protesters have taken over a formerly boarded up duplex across the street from Garfield High School. They have painted the bare wood sidings with green, black and red paint, and they have strung up a banner that says “Occupy Everything – No Banks No Landlords.”
The red and black anarchist flag also decorates the front. “Too many homeless. Too many unoccupied buildings. That doesn’t make sense,” is the official stance of the duplex occupiers, said Ariel, a demonstrator who declined to give her full name.  Another protester named Cameron says it keeps people off the streets.  “There are people out on the streets, and there are buildings empty, and it makes no sense. Personally, I find it disgusting.”
Squatting marks a move away from the public demonstrations that have marked protests in cities around the country.  “Who knows, maybe squatting will be the next pressure point,” said 42-year-old Arlo Stone, who has squatted in Portland and Seattle.
In Seattle, the duplex occupants declined to allow press inside, saying they want to remain “under the radar,” even after the official Occupy Seattle website posted about their actions.  There are between eight and 15 people staying at the house on any given day, Ariel said. She said volunteers are fixing electric wiring and installing insulation among other work.  The group took over the building more than 10 days ago.
The duplex these Occupy Seattle protesters have taken over was owned by a couple who held several properties in the region, including a multimillion waterfront home on Mercer Island that has also been foreclosed. One of them died in 2009. It wasn’t immediately clear if the owner had a listed phone number.
Ariel said the main reason they chose this house was because it was vacant for several years.  Seattle police are aware of the people squatting, but haven’t received any phone calls about it, spokesman Mark Jamieson said.
I find it disgusting that these people believe they have the right to occupy PRIVATE property owned by another individual.  Property owners pay the mortgage and property tax on their OWN property for their own reasons, and I doubt it is so strangers can illegally invade the property.
You want to help get people off the street?  Get a job and donate money to your local charities.  Go volunteer at a local homeless shelter.  Or work to set up your own charitable organization that can productively address the homeless issue.
Time for these leaches to be rounded up and removed.

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Occupy protester's miscarriage claim questioned

Is she telling the truth? Photo Alan Brenner/Seattle Times

Seattle Times: A Seattle teenager’s claim that abuse by Seattle police caused her to miscarry has become a viral Internet sensation of the Occupy Wall Street movement, but no evidence has emerged to support her allegation.
Jennifer M. Fox, 19, has accused police of kicking her and hitting her in the stomach with a bicycle during a Nov. 15 Occupy Seattle protest, even after she yelled: “I’m pregnant,” then dousing her with pepper spray.
Fox has declined to provide medical records supporting her claim that she had a miscarriage five days after being hit, and her family has cast doubt on the claim.
But Seattle police have launched an internal investigation because of the “seriousness of her allegations,” spokesman Mark Jamieson said.  “Their goal is to find any — any — info that supports her claims,” he said. “You have to take her word.”
In an interview Tuesday at the Occupy Seattle encampment on Capitol Hill, Fox said she had three ultrasound pictures of her fetus in her tent, but declined to show them to reporters.
She also said she did not plan to pick up medical records at Harborview Medical Center that could document the miscarriage until after a planned memorial service Saturday, and she declined to sign a waiver allowing reporters to obtain the documents independently. She said the baby was a girl, to be named Miracle.  “I have some stuff to do today,” said Fox, who described herself as a homeless former foster child. “I have to get some stuff done.”
Fox’s former foster mother, Lark Stebbins, said Fox called her from Harborview after one recent protest but did not mention she was pregnant.  Stebbins said Fox, whom she parented for 10 years, has a pattern of exaggeration. “My daughter is a compulsive liar,” Stebbins said. “She’s a wannabe drama queen.”  Stebbins’ older daughter echoed the statements in a separate interview. I seriously doubt, that if she is claiming she had a miscarriage, that she was even pregnant,” said Nicole Botes, who has known Fox for a decade. “I’d like to see actual medical reports.”
She said she learned the sex of her fetus about 10 weeks into her pregnancy via an ultrasound test, although gender typically is not detected via ultrasound until the 16th week of pregnancy, according to a medical journal. Fox said the baby’s father is in jail.
In September, Fox told police she was three months pregnant when officers confronted her and five others on a criminal-trespass complaint at a Seattle City Light facility, according to a police report obtained by KIRO-FM. The report described Fox as crying and clutching her stomach at the scene before being transported to Harborview.  When confronted by a KIRO reporter on Tuesday, Fox said police must have misheard her saying she was one month pregnant.
In an interview with The Seattle Times, Fox said Harborview medical staff, whom she could not name, described the fetus as healthy during treatment after the Nov. 15 protest.  Fox said she began cramping late Saturday and was taken by ambulance to Harborview on Sunday, when medical staff said no fetal heartbeat was detected.  “They said [pepper spray] caused a little bit of damage for the heart, but the kick and bike caused damage to the body,” Fox said.
I heard this girl interviewed by Brandi Kruse at KIRO.  She sounds like she was spinning her story.  She was three months pregnant in September with twins and one miscarried during that incident with the police.  Now another incident with police and she’s miscarried again?  Sounds fishy to me.

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The All Purpose JakPak – Attention Occupiers Everywhere!

Seattle entrepreneur, Jim Rose, gifted Occupy Seattle with 25 of his unique, stylish and sustainable all-in-one JakPaks (all-in-one waterproof pants-jacket-sleeping bag-mosquito proof tent that retails for $250.00) for hearty souls  in the streets during the October storms that are the norm in Seattle for this time of year.  (suitable for occupiers, homeless, hiker/campers and winter sports fans).  ~LTG
Full Story here

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Occupy Seattle – Fashion Statement of the 99%?


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