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Rapper Lizzo learning to love her insecurities: “I am fat, I am beautiful”

Girl, you are not fat. You are obese.

This womyn is 5’10” and weighs 250 pounds. Her BMI is 35.9 indicating her weight is in the obese category for adults of her height.

Trying to disguise her obesity as an “insecurity” or as a need for “inclusivity” does not change the realities of the physical effects of obesity.

As I said in a post last month, please pick a side. Obesity and health care costs continue to rise yet this body image is promoted as if there was no way to prevent it. All in the name of “inclusivity.”

From Yahoo: She’s famed for her upbeat anthems, but, in a new interview with CBS Sunday Morning, Lizzo admits that body-shaming remarks have taken a toll. The “Juice” singer and self-professed “band geek” — whose real name is Melissa Jefferson — tells the morning show’s Tracy Smith that receiving negative feedback is like getting a “mosquito bite.” At first it’s a minor annoyance, but over time it’s eating you alive.

“Somebody’s like, ‘Well, you know, you’re a big girl so you can never have short hair, you always have to have big hair because you’re a big girl,’” she says. “And they say that lovingly, but I’m like, that’s a little mosquito bite. You don’t even know it’s there, but soon you look up and you’re covered in mosquito bites and you’re like, ‘Oh my God, I have all of these things [scratching arms] but they were so normalized to me because they were so innocent.’

“[People] meant well but I had to peel back a lot of layers,” she adds.

While countless fans credit her and her music for making them feel empowered, the star says her own journey to self-confidence took real work.

“It’s not something you really change,” she says. “It’s something that you address and work on. I had to address every layer of insecurity. Because I can’t just be like, ‘Alright, my arm’s not jiggly and lumpy anymore’ — that’s delusional. You have to be like, ‘That’s not ugly to me anymore, and it’s not wrong to me, it’s beautiful to me.

And I think that is why I’m able to call myself fat, and people are like, ‘No!’ Even my friends. And I’m like, ‘B***h, you know I’m fat.’ I’m like, ‘Don’t say no. I am fat, I am beautiful.’

I think it’s because I learned to actually look all my insecurities in the face, call them by their name and fall in love with them.”

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