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Ignore her own carbon footprint: Diane Von Furstenberg unveils “ScrapWrap” dresses made of trash to save the environment

Birds of a feather…

From NY Post: Diane von Furstenberg is now designing rubbish — for a good cause.

The iconic fashion designer, who is famous for her universally flattering wrap dresses, debuted the “ScrapWrap” made from textile leftovers and other post-consumer waste materials at New York Fashion Week.

The eco-fab project wasn’t a one (wonder) woman job: DVF teamed up with 28-year-old Amanda Cerny, a former GUESS model, actress, Instagram sensation and UN environment ambassador, for the project to raise awareness about the environmental impact of the fashion industry.

“I met Amanda when she was coming to New York for Fashion Week and fell in love with her and her story,” von Furstenberg tells The Post.

The ScrapWrap debuted on Wednesday night at New York Fashion Week, causing a frenzy with onlookers when Cerny wore the upcycled dress outside the Marc Jacobs show.

Cerny said the project came together in a short time thanks to three students and alumni from Parsons School of Design ⁠— Lara Tang, Joshua Mudgett, CK Zhang⁠ — who were enlisted to help to demonstrate the next generation’s innovation when it comes to responsible design practices.

“As an activist and UN Ambassador, she wanted a zero-waste dress,” explains von Furstenberg. “Talented Parsons graduates went through scraps in our sample room and so it evolved into the ScrapWrap!”

The designer plans to launch an entire line of ScrapWraps in the near future.

See the unoriginal dresses and read the whole story here.

Don’t let this womyn’s desire to be a virtuous, environmentally-friendly designer (while making money) fool you. She doesn’t care one bit about the environment.

Diane on a private jet to save the environment

This past New Year she and her family traveled by private jet to Africa after spending Christmas in the Bahamas.

Diane and her family doing their part…

She has a penthouse in Manhattan which sits atop the six-story, 35,000-square-foot structure comprising her design studio and flagship store. The building has a “green” roof to prove she’s super serious about the environment.

Know what else Diane and her husband Barry Diller have?

“The couple also spends time on Eos, Diller’s 305-foot yacht; at her Paris apartment; or at his vast Beverly Hills estate.”

The Eos yacht

Their yacht is one of the biggest privately-owned yachts in the world.

Diane’s use of “scraps” in creating dresses will have exactly ZERO impact on the environment as any savings will be completely offset by the massive carbon footprint of her estates and mega yacht.

Yet no doubt selling ScrapWrap dresses will help her pay for the upkeep of her hypocritical indulgences.


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Singer “Ashanti” – who once collaborated with Michelle Obama – looks like a stripper during NY fashion week performance

Ashanti is a 38-year-old singer. She recently “performed” at a New York Fashion Week runway show. And boy, did she perform. See the video below (NSFW).

Would it surprise you to know that Ashanti is a big fan of former First Lady Michelle Obama?

Back in 2015 Ashanti released a song called, “Let’s Go.”

Sounds a lot similar to the “Let’s Move,” no?

The song release was a collaboration with First Lady Michelle Obama’s Partnership for a Healthier America (PHA) and its Drink Up effort, which encouraged everyone to drink more water more often.

Read more about that effort here.

Can you imagine being associated with a womyn who dresses/performs like this? What a class act…


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