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Football player has brilliant idea to better their community: Criminalize hate speech

Not a US Civics expert: Myles Garrett

Meet Myles Garrett, a NFL football player for the Cleveland Browns. He attended Texas A&M where he was a two-time All American. I don’t know what he majored in at college as his Wikipedia page only speaks to his football stats and not his college education or degrees he received. I can guarantee you he didn’t major in US Civics.

The Browns recently had a meeting “to discuss ways they can better their community.”

Garretts’ brilliant idea? From Fox News:

“I’ve brought forth the idea of a petition for criminalizing hate speech,” Garrett said during a Zoom meeting. “I don’t believe it should be said, in forms … whether it’s on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, or openly in the streets and marched and paraded. It shouldn’t be like that.”

Garrett was asked why he believes it will affect long-term change, and his response was that “It’s different this time. … It can’t be ignored.”

Read the whole Fox News story here.

I suggest Garrett use the power to access information at his fingertips and perhaps Google “US Constitution and hate speech,” “Bill of Rights and hate speech,” or the easiest, “First Amendment.”

He just might learn a thing or two.


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