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A Marine Faces the Rules

Marine Lindsay Starr. Photo via KDKA.

Rules are rules.  Then again, rules are made to be broken, right?  I normally don’t agree with “breaking the rules”. Yet when it comes to our U.S. Military, I will always make an exception. Always.  They sacrifice their lives for us.

A young 17-year-old Lindsay Starr, who recently graduated from Marine boot camp, decided she wanted to wear her Marine dress blues to her high school graduation ceremony. She was told no by the North Allegheny High School.

“When you wear this uniform, you wear it with pride”, Lindsay told CBS Pittsburgh.  “I’m just trying to show pride in what I belong to now. I belong to the United States Marine Corps as a 17-year-old,” she said. “Like, c’mon, now.”

Privately, teachers and students believe Starr should be able to wear her Marine dress blues. That doesn’t matter much. Administrators say policy is policy – wear the school colors – the cap and gown for the graduation ceremony – or don’t walk at all.

The school released a statement: “We have had these requests before. We just don’t do it. The required dress is cap and gown.”

Many commenters have said she is out of line. She should obey an “order” and “follow the rules”. Should she follow the required dress code?  When this young woman has decided to put her life on the line for our freedoms, shouldn’t she be able to wear that uniform with pride?


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