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More evidence that Sandy Hook parent Laura Phelps may be actress Jennifer Sexton

Laura and Nick Phelps are parents of two children who are among the students who survived the Dec. 14, 2012 massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.

Or so they claim.

In the video below, beginning at the 1:34 mark, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer is interviewing the Phelps about slain Sandy Hook school principal Dawn Hochsprung.

But as shown in my post of Jan. 11, “Remarkable resemblance of Sandy Hook victims and professional crisis actors,” Laura and Nick Phelps look remarkably like Jennifer Greenberg and Richard Sexton. Jennifer Greenberg Sexton is a professional actress whose photo is on Stars Color, a website with pictures of actors, actresses, and movie directors.

Now there is more evidence pointing to Laura Phelps and Jennifer Greenberg Sexton being the same person.

Citizen journalists have discovered a video of Laura Phelps performing in a play called “Expressing Motherhood,” in Los Angeles in August 2009:

You can verify the video for yourself by going to the website of Expressing Motherhood, click on the “Videos” page, then click item no 6: Laura Phelps, Los Angeles, August 2009, which will bring you to a Vimeo video of Phelps.

Here’s a screenshot I just took of the Expressing Motherhood site, showing the link to Phelps’ video, as well as the time and date when I took the screenshot (9:18 AM – 1/23/2013), in case the site scrubs the link:

Laura Phelps video site