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Blackout: Major progressive web sites omit report that Starbucks is giving raises as result of GOP tax cut

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Yesterday at 5:09 am Reuters reported that Starbucks was going to give raises to employees. From the story:
Starbucks Corp (SBUX.O) will use some of the savings from the new U.S. corporate tax cuts to give domestic employees pay raises, company stock and expanded benefits with a combined worth of more than $250 million, the company said on Wednesday.
With the announcement, the world’s biggest coffee chain joins companies like Walmart (WMT.N), Apple Inc APPL.O, Comcast Corp (CMCSA.O) and American Airlines Group Inc (AAL.O) in sharing their tax savings with employees.
Starbucks is known for giving its workers, which it calls “partners,” more generous pay and benefits than other mass-market restaurants and retailers.
“Investing in our partners has long been our strategy, and due to the recent changes in U.S. tax law, we are able to accelerate some significant partner investments,” Chief Executive Kevin Johnson said in a letter to employees.”
Read the rest of the story here.
Over 11 hours later, at 1:45 pm (Central Time), I went to several proggie web sites to search how they reported this great news. I searched the following sites to see if they had “Starbucks” or any story on their home page about this announcement:

At the time of my search, I didn’t find ANY article on this good news on the above web sites. Gee, I wonder why?
CBS news had the story, at the bottom of their home page under the “Money Watch” category. Fox News DID have the story, about a quarter of the way down on their home page.
Wonder if these progressive “news” web sites will get around to reporting this great news as a result of the GOP tax cut plan, which NOT ONE demorat voted for.
No wonder we call them #FakeNews.
PS: I checked all the web sites bulleted above at 9:30 pm last night and STILL NOTHING about the Starbucks announcement. Shocker, not.

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Pathetic: Newsweek accuses Ivanka Trump of plagiarizing herself

liberal media bias
The publication has now changed the word “plagiarizes” to “recycles.” Wretched hacks.
From Newsweek: Updated | The city of Hyderabad had been anticipating White House senior adviser Ivanka Trump’s speech at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit for months, banning the act of begging in the streets, rounding up the homeless and building a shopping center in preparation for the international envoy.
It may have seemed safe to assume the first daughter’s speechwriters were working overtime as well, preparing a robust keynote address that would showcase her appreciation of women entrepreneurs in India and their contributions to technology and the workplace.
While Trump did say a few lines crafted specifically for the event she was attending—”In this ‘City of Pearls,’ the greatest treasure is you!” she said, citing Hyderabad’s moniker to an applauding audience—it appeared the breadth of her talking points were recycled from a previous speech she gave during a foreign trip earlier this month.
Several lines the 36-year-old delivered Tuesday had been directly pulled from her poorly attended November 2 speech in Tokyo, where she attended the World Assembly for Women alongside Japanese President Shinzo Abe.
Those lines included Trump’s affinity for colorful, extravagant words in otherwise boilerplate statements:
“When women work, it creates a unique multiplier effect,” Trump said in Hyderabad, citing the same exact line from her Tokyo speech. Her words continued to mirror the speech she gave just a few weeks ago: “Women are more likely than men to hire other women, and to give them access to capital, mentorship and networks. Women are also more likely to reinvest their income back in their families and communities.”
The recycled speech drew criticism from international news outlets, with Quartz India writing the headline “Parts of Ivanka Trump’s Hyderabad speech sounded a lot like the one she gave in Tokyo.”
Of course, Trump is far from the first person to pull from their old speeches—government officials, especially those campaigning, routinely use their old talking points in updated talks with voters across the country. Even comedians reuse the same punch lines, however inauthentic it may be.
Still, Trump’s recycling of her old speech could be more significant than simply her not having anything else to say about women’s empowerment. The repetitive lines could show where the first daughter’s focus lies in the White House, and what accomplishments she hopes to align with her newfound political brand.
Read the rest of the diatribe here.

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Fake News: Newsweek didn't write or read fake 'Hillary won' cover story

Fake News Alert!!!

Do you remember Newsweek‘s November 8, 2016 “Special Commemorative Edition” — the one declaring Hillary Clinton as the winner of an election that hadn’t yet taken place? (See “The fix is in: Newsweek already has an issue in print declaring Hillary Clinton the winner”)
Believing in the media’s rigged election polls, Newsweek was so confident Hillary would be the winner that they had the “Madame President” issue already in print and sent to vendors before the election results. The National Enquirer reports:

Newsweek was left with a huge stash of magazines to burn — after their Special Edition ‘Madam President’ cover featuring Hillary was sent out to news vendors. An alternate cover celebrating ‘President Trump’ was also prepared, but the publishers had only printed copies of Hillary’s ‘winning’ issue.

According to Topix Media, 17 of the 125,000 “Madam President” issues had been sold before they were recalled by Newsweek.
The following is a quote pulled from the fawning “Madam President” cover story, in which Trump and his supporters are demonized as “deplorable,” fearful and hateful, who want to repeal the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution which gave women the right to vote:

“…as the tone of the election grew darker and more bizarre by the day, President-Elect Hillary Clinton ‘went high’ when her opponent went even lower. No stranger to trudging through the mire of misogyny in her career as first lady, senator, and secretary of state, President-Elect Clinton continued to push for an issues-based campaign even as a handful of Trump’s most deplorable supporters, seeing the wide margins Clinton held among female voters, called to repeal the 19th amendment. On election day, Americans across the country roundly rejected the kind of fear and hate-based conservatism peddled by Donald Trump and elected the first woman in U.S. history to the presidency. The culminating election of a career in politics spanning 3 decades and arguably more experience than any other incoming president, 2016’s was not an easy race to watch, comment on or be a part of–but when the dust cleared it revealed a priceless moment in American history. The highest glass ceiling in the Western World had [been shattered]…”

I don’t recall Trump or his supporters calling for the 19th Amendment to be repealed, do you?
Even more ridiculous is the fact that Newsweek‘s political editor, Matthew Cooper, admitted that no one at Newsweek had either written or read the “Madam President” story.
Appearing on FoxNews’ Tucker Carlson Show on Nov. 30, 2016, Cooper said, referring to the “Madame President” issue (1:07 mark):

“It’s embarrassing. Let me tell you how it happened, and what we’re doing to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Newsweek, like a lot of publications, puts out special commemorative issues . . . these are big parts of the magazine business. What we did for the election was the company that we subcontract to . . . produced two editions: One, ‘President Trump’, and ‘Madame President’. They both . . . the ‘Madame President’ one mistakenly went out, which was the first embarrassment, it should never have happened. But it can happen . . . not up to our editorial standards. . . . No one on our staff wrote it, we subcontracted it out . . . [no one] read it before it went out . . . . You see, we subcontract these commemorative issues out to a company. This is pretty common in the magazine business . . . . It’s sort of been done on a separate track, and we did not review it before it went out.

As you heard from the video, Newsweek is blaming its premature “Madame President” issue on its subcontractor, Topix Media:

From the Editors: 2 special edition covers for 2016 election outcomes were produced by a Newsweek licensee, Topix Media, and not by Newsweek pic.twitter.com/MwC4RytGbC

— Newsweek (@Newsweek) November 7, 2016

In other words, Newsweek‘s own editors and reporters don’t read the magazine. Kinda like Congress not reading a bill before they pass it, or as Nancy Pelosi put it in perfect Orwellian Newspeak: “We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what’s in it.”

The question then is:

If Newsweek’s own staff don’t write or read the magazine, why are you?

Finally, the question must be asked:

So who actually wrote the McCarthyist “Madame President” cover-story?

Take our poll! 😀

H/t ZeroHedge

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Bummer (not), Newsweek going out of print

Bird cage liner…

Newsweek set to end print publication

NY Post: Newsweek, which has published a print edition weekly for 80 years, will abandon the format and go all digital after its Dec. 31 issue. The digital edition, to be called Newsweek Global, will be available via subscription on tablet and online. An undetermined number of staffers will be jettisoned.

Tina Brown, editor in chief of Newsweek Daily Beast, broke the news in a memo posted on The Daily Beast Web site this morning. “We are transitioning Newsweek, not saying goodbye to it,” she said. “Regrettably, we anticipate staff reductions and the streamlining of our editorial and business operations both here in the US and internationally,” Brown added.

The Washington Post Co. — Newsweek’s previous owner — racked up losses of $40 million over the two years ending August 2010, prompting its sale (for a buck) that summer to 92-year old stereo equipment magnate Sidney Harman, who owned it solo for several months before merging its with Barry Diller’s Daily Beast in November.

Harman died from a quick-spreading form of leukemia several months after the merger and his family estate, headed by his widow, former Congresswoman Jane Harman, took over. Earlier this year, the family said it was not going to invest any more money in the joint venture with Diller’s InterActiveCorp.

Diller signaled his intent to move to a digital format during an IAC earnings call in late July. Brown immediately tried to spin the news that his comments did not mean the end of print magazine, but three months later, that is exactly what has been unveiled.

Who forgot to pick up this collector’s piece?

While many of the ad-tracking services were reporting ad-page gains for Newsweek recently, knowledgeable industry source noted that much of the increase was due to heavily discounted ad sections that selling for less than half of a regular ad page. Losses on the print side were still said to be in the millions of dollars.

While the size of the loss was not disclosed, Brown, in an interview with The Post, acknowledged “Our business has been increasingly affected by the challenging print environment, while Newsweek’s online and e-reader has built a rapidly growing audience through the Apple, Kindle, Zinio and Nook stores as well as on the Daily Beast.”

Brown did not disclose how many staff cuts will have to be made, but it is expected to be substantial. “We’re evaluating all of it right now,” Brown told The Post. She said that the cost to print and distribute the print edition was $43 million a year. Some industry sources believed Newsweek was still losing at least $10 million or more a year.

Baba Shetty, who joined only weeks ago as the new CEO of Newsweek Daily Beast, said the title currently has 40,000 tablet subscribers. “Now, with this announcement, and the push to Newsweek Global, we expect that to grow very rapidly,” Shetty said. Brown in predicting future growth of Newsweek’s digital edition, said “we’ll be at hundreds of thousands by the end of 2013.”

I may purchase one more issue of Newsweek – the one after the November 6th election – just to see how they spin’s Obama’s loss.


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Newsweek thinks you're dumb

Newsweek advertised the cover of their next issue on Twitter.  The title of their headline story?  “Why are Obama’s Critics so Dumb?”  Yep, you disagree with the direction Skippy is taking this country then you are dumb.
Can’t play the race card so now they just insult your intelligence.  Back in October 2010 this rag of a magazine and Skippy said us silly voters were “scared” because of the economy.  But Newsweek assured us that in two years “the economy will have recovered”. 
Take this with a grain of salt.  Because Newsweek is a dead, liberal magazine that couldn’t find the truth if it was stamped on their forehead.  No wonder they are in revenue free fall and sold in August 2010 for just a buck.
Maybe if the owner of this rag cared more about making a profit instead of insulting American voters they’d be used for something else besides bird-cage lining.

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Time for the Barf Bag

Here’s a reminder of the very unobjective journalist profession:
On Chris “I-feel-a-thrill-up-my-leg” Matthews’ show, Howard Fineman, senior Washington correspondent for Newsweek magazine, gushes that “of course” Obama “is much smarter than us” (0:28 mark):

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The Left, Obama, and the First Commandment

“I am the Lord thy God. Thou shalt not have any gods before me.”

In 2008, the Left were giddily infatuated with The Fraud and were not at all coy in portraying him as the Messiah — which is pretty funny because the Left don’t even believe in the divinity of Jesus Christ. They had help from Obama himself who famously proclaimed on January 7, 2008, in Lebanon, New Hampshire:

“… a light will shine through that window, a beam of light will come down upon you, you will experience an epiphany … and you will suddenly realize that you must go to the polls and vote for Obama.”

Remember these posters?

Now that the bloom has faded from the Obama stinky rose, we no longer see him being compared to Christ.
But the Left are still stuck in blasphemy mode. Look at what the November 22, 2010 issue of Newsweek — that sorry excuse of a “news” weekly that recently was sold for a $1 — put on its cover. It’s Obama as Shiva:

Shiva is the Hindu god of destruction, one of the Hindu Trinity.

Reportedly, Indian Americans are deeply offended by the Newsweek cover. Way to go, Newsweek!
Fellowship of the Minds has a better idea. For Newsweek‘s next cover, how about accuracy in reporting for a change? We suggest Obama as the Dajjal!
H/t beloved fellows May & PatriotAngel.

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