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Update!!! Grouchy!!! Update!!!

Grouchy is Kicken Butt!!!!!!
Just rec’d e-mail from Rose Ann.
Hi Steve,
What a difference a couple of days make.  Grouchy is on the mend and I spoke with 2 of his doctors today.  They took him off IV’s and put him on a regular diet and said if could tolerate that, they would release him tomorrow into my capable hands.  LOL
I have to be honest with you Steve.  We almost lost him because of his cardiologistNeedless to say that cardiologist is no longer going to get near him. (
Hey Give me the word, I’ll have a chat with him. ) We have a new one who worked very hard over the weekend to keep him here with us a while longer and he told me that the one up in Denver almost killed him with the drugs he prescribed. So Grouchy fought hard to stay and I will be happy when I get him here.
Thank you for remembering him in your prayers.
Rose Ann

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