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Weiner’s Package is Worth $1.3 M

No wonder politicians, once elected, almost never leave office of their own volition. Instead, they cling to their office and are removed only by a sex scandal or the grim reaper. Being an elected politician is that sweet a deal.

NY Democrat Congressman Anthony Weiner is the flasher and liar who had so little to do in his job that he had the time to take and send pics of his erect penis and testicles, and of himself — hand over crotch — in various stages of undress in the Congressional gym. Yesterday, Weiner finally said he will resign from the House of Representatives.

But you needn’t feel sorry for the exhibitionist.

According to an analysis by the National Taxpayers Union, Mr. Flasher will still make out like a bandit. Weiner’s pension and other benefits can total more than $1 million during his lifetime.

John Stanton of Roll Call delivers the bad news, June 16, 2011:

According to an analysis of his available benefits by the National Taxpayers Union, the New York Democrat’s pension and a savings plan lawmakers have access to similar to a 401(k) could be worth $1.12 million to $1.28 million.

At 46, Weiner will not be eligible for his pension for another decade, at which point he could begin drawing a reduced rate of $32,357 a year, according to NTU. If he waits until age 62 to begin drawing his pension, he will receive his full benefits, or $46,224, according to NTU’s calculations.

Sorry to ruin your Friday.  🙁


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