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Ever Wondered Why Chimps Throw Poop?

Me neither, but somebody in the federal government must have really had a knot in their boxers wanting to know, as last year they spent $592,000 of our money in an effort to find out why.
Via moneymorning.com:
Why Chimps Throw Poop… And 17 Other Examples of Government Waste
February 22, 2012
By David Zeiler, Associate Editor, Money Morning
Never mind the $15 trillion national debt; the government blew $592,000 on a study last year to figure out why chimpanzees throw poop.
That’s just one example of government waste described in a recent book by Sen. Tom Coburn, R-OK. His “Wastebook 2011” features 100 examples of needless or ill-advised government spending.
It adds up to $6.9 billion that America can’t afford. And while such waste is just a fraction of the federal government’s $3.8 trillion budget, a country that needs to borrow 36 cents of every dollar it spends should not be throwing money away on non-essential research.
Like why chimps throw poop.
Here are 17 other things the government wasted tax dollars on last year:
17 Ways Government Wastes Your Money
1. Exporting Elmo: The U.S. Agency for International Development provided $10 million to a Pakistani arts organization to adapt “Sesame Street” for Pakistani toddlers. The money will also help pay for the creation of 130 episodes of the show.
2. Dragon Robots for Preschoolers: The National Science Foundation spent $131,000 on robot dragons designed to mimic human responses to help teach preschoolers language skills. Apparently interaction with real humans was deemed inadequate.
3. Virtual Mummies: Thanks to a $25,000 federal grant, visitors to the Milwaukee Public Museum will now be able to experience a “3-D high-definition, full-color true holographic or holographic-like exhibit of a virtual mummy unwrapping.”
4. Dead Man’s Party: Those who complain federal employment benefits are already too generous won’t be pleased to learn that many government workers keep receiving payments long after they’ve died. The Inspector General for the U.S. Office of Personnel Management says “the amount of post-death improper payments is consistently $100-$150 million annually, totaling over $601 million in the last five years.”
5. Cowboy Poetry: It’s hard to recall John Wayne reciting verse in any of the many Westerns he made, but cowboy poetry is a big enough phenomenon to have its own annual celebration. And this year taxpayers helped pay for it courtesy of a $50,000 contribution from the U.S. government.
6. Promiscuous Quail: The National Institute of Health gave the University of Kentucky $176,000 to determine if Japanese quail are more likely to have sex when high on cocaine. The study is scheduled to last through 2015.
7. Happiness is … Social Media: Another National Science Foundation grant for $198,000 paid for a University of California-Riverside study of “motivations, expectations and goal pursuit in social media.” Among the questions the study seeks to answer: “Do unhappy people spend more time on Twitter or Facebook?”
16. Chinese Puzzle: The Chinese economy is second only to that of the United States. And China holds billions of dollars in U.S. debt. So the U.S. government sent $17.8 million in aid to China last year to improve the Asian giant’s social services and clean up its environment. That makes sense, right?
You will find the rest of the list here.
And we wonder why we are spinning in the bottom of the financial toilet bowl as a nation, as you can be sure the eighteen things listed here are not even scratching the surface.

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Rasmussen Poll has Obama losing to Romney & Santorum

If the elections were held today, Obama would lose to either Mitt Romney or Rick Santorum!
That’s what the Rasmussen Reports’ daily Presidential Tracking Poll found today, March 10, 2012.
In a hypothetical 2012 matchup, it’s:

  • Romney at 48% vs. Obama at 43%
  • Santorum at 46% vs. Obama at 45%

Romney’s 5-point lead over Obama is Romney’s largest lead since December 2011. This is the second time since polling began in 2011 that Santorum has had a slight lead over Obama.
Other findings of today’s Rasmussen poll:

  • Barack Obama is now “strongly disapproved” by 44% of America’s voters, and “strongly approved” by only 25% of voters. Overall, 44% of voters say they at least somewhat approve of Obama’s job performance, whereas 54% say they at least somewhat disapprove.
  • Regardless of who they want to win, 80% of Republican Primary Voters nationwide believe Romney will be the party’s nominee.

Dare we hope?….

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Why the Dear Ruler Must Be Defeated

Via  blog.american.com:
10 disasters America will face if Obama gets a second term
By Marc Thiessen
March 5, 2012, 3:02 pm
In today’s Washington Post, I argue that while electing a transformational conservative president may not be in the cards this November, stopping a transformational liberal president still is. The damage of a second Obama term could be potentially irrevocable. I asked a number of conservative thinkers what they feared most from a second term, and compiled this list of the top ten disasters that would befall America if Obama were re-elected this fall:
1. Obamacare will not be repealed.
2. The unprecedented levels of spending in Obama’s first four years will become the new floor, as America sets new records for fiscal profligacy and debt.
3. Job creators will face massive tax increases, and more Americans will come off the tax rolls—resulting in fewer citizens with a stake in keeping taxes low and more with a stake in protecting benefits.
4. Government dependency, already at record levels, will continue to grow.
5. Four lost years in dealing with the entitlement crisis will become eight—digging us into a hole from which we may not be able to emerge.
6. Obama, unworried about the impact of gas and electricity prices on his reelection, will finally wage the regulatory war on fossil fuels the Left demands.
7. He will unleash the Environmental Protection Agency to impose crushing new burdens on U.S. business.
8. His administration’s assault on religious freedom will go on and expand to new areas.
9. The Defense Department will be gutted, with cuts so deep that America will no longer be a superpower.
10. Obama could have the opportunity to appoint more liberal Supreme Court justices, ending the Roberts court in all but name for a generation.
This is, of course, not a complete list—not by a long shot. I’d be interested what readers and my fellow AEI scholars think: What’s missing from this litany of impending disasters?
I have a few to add:
11. You can kiss the 2nd Amendment good-bye.
12.  Janet “Reno II” Napolitano, known affectionately as Big Sis, will step up the Obamanista regime’s intimidation of conservative blogs, and conservative media in general.
13.  The inner dictator that is bubbling just under the surface of Barack Hussein Obama is going to come busting out in ways you are not going to believe, as he now knows he can get away with just about anything, and he will not have to worry about running for reelection in 2016.
14. At some point during Obama’s second term (probably before the first year has passed), we are going to reach the proverbial “tipping point, ” after which this nation, as founded, will no-longer be salvageable via the ballot box.
-And to be bluntly honest, I am not exactly sure it is now, as there is a little voice deep down inside of me that keeps whispering that our last chance came and went in November of 2008.
I hope that little voice is wrong.
(h/t: boortz.com)

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Bill Whittle Video: The Vote Pump

(h/t: boortz.com)

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Obama's Black Thumb Strikes Again (Updated)


(See update at bottom) 
Yet another “green” enterprise that got big Obama bucks has gone Tango Uniform.
Via cnsnews.com:
Electric-Car Firm That Received Biden Visit and $118M in Stimulus Funds Files for Bankruptcy
By Fred Lucas
(CNSNews.com) – Ener1–a company that manufactures batteries for electric cars, and that received $118.5 million in federal stimulus money, and that Vice President Joe Biden visited last year the day after President Obama’s State of the Union Address—announced today that it has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.
In last year’s State of the Union Address, delivered Jan. 25, 2011, President Obama set a national goal of having a million electric vehicles on the road in the United States by 2015—a goal that would be achieved, Obama said, by taking money out of the oil industry and “investing” it in new technology.
“With more research and incentives, we can break our dependence on oil with biofuels and become the first country to have a million electric vehicles on the road by 2015,” said Obama.
“We need to get behind this innovation,” he said. “And to help pay for it, I’m asking Congress to eliminate the billions in taxpayer dollars we currently give to oil companies. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but they’re doing just fine on their own. So instead of subsidizing yesterday’s energy, let’s invest in tomorrow’s.”
The next day, Biden visited the Ener1 plant in Greenfield, Ind.—which the White House said at the time had received a $118.5 million grant from the Department of Energy and was the type of investment the president was talking about in his State of the Union.
Brian Levine, deputy domestic policy adviser to Biden, wrote an article about Biden’s visit to Ener1 on the White House webpage for the White House Middle Class Task Force, which Biden leads. The article was headlined “Our Plan to Put One Million Advanced Technology Vehicles on America’s Roads.”
“Last night, President Obama set a goal of making the United States the first country in the world to put one million advanced technology vehicles on the road,” Levine wrote. “This goal is part of the President’s plan to rebuild our economy by investing in innovation to create the jobs and industries of the future.
“Today, Vice President Biden visited Ener1, Inc., a manufacturer of advanced batteries for electric vehicles, in Greenfield, Indiana to announce our plan to reach this one million vehicle goal by 2015,” wrote Levine. “The facility that the Vice President visited would not exist if not for a $118.5 million grant from the Department of Energy, which was part of a $2.4 billion Recovery Act investment in electric vehicles. Ener1 added 120 jobs across the company in 2010 and the future looks bright. They expect to expand the manufacturing and assembly operation in Greenfield from 80 workers today to over a thousand by the start of 2013.”
At the Ener1 plant, Biden made a gaffe, mistakenly referring to Ener1—as Enron1.
“Well, ladies and gentlemen, here at Ener1, we’re going to harness electricity and bring it to the world like Edison did more than a century ago,” said Biden. “We’re going to reshape the way Americans drive, the way Americans consume, the way Americans power their lives. And in turn, we’re going to reshape America itself. We may not make battery power so cheap that only the rich can afford to drive their cars on imported oil, but—but–with Enron1 (sic) leading the way, we’re certainly going to come pretty close.”
Ener1 produces advanced lithium-ion battery systems for electric vehicles.
On Thursday, the company put out a statement announcing that it was filing for Chanter 11 bankruptcy protection in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in the Southern District of New York.
You will find the rest of the article here.

I realize $118.5 million is chump change in the overall scheme of things, but I am curious as to just how much of it found its way into the Dear Ruler’s reelection slush fund.
Update: Electric cars aren’t just a tough sell here in America, but apparently prospective car buyers the world over are shunning them.
(h/t: boortz.com)

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The Welfare Nation is Upon Us

“America is going to Hell in a handbasket.”
That statement, or some variation thereof, has been around long before any of us were born. Like most of you, I have heard it repeatedly uttered by my older relatives as well as my parents ever since I can remember. Now my friends and neighbors are saying it, too, and with increasing frequency – well, at least those who are actually paying attention, anyway.
Of course, asserting that something is going somewhere implies that eventually it is going to reach its destination.  In the case of our beloved America, I believe we have now reached the very edge of the smoldering abyss itself.
Via americanthinker.com (emphasis and highlights are mine):
January 24, 2012
Takers Taking Over
By Jeffrey Folks
In case anyone hasn’t noticed it yet, Europe is in crisis. Faced with violent protests and general strikes, European politicians seem unwilling to take the necessary steps of structural reform that would save their economies. With rigid labor laws, bloated government workforces, declining birthrates, and universal welfare schemes, Eurozone economies have experienced subpar performance for decades and are now sliding into recession once again. The model of the European-style welfare state simply does not work.
Unfortunately, when the percentage of those receiving government aid exceeds 50%, it is difficult to cut benefits. The threat of cutbacks in Greece has brought chaos to that country. The sight of thousands of left-wing thugs, marching in close ranks and armed with large batons and Molotov cocktails, is now a common one in central Athens. These blackshirted youths form a paramilitary force of a sort that has appeared in other European nations as well, adding a dangerous element of uncertainty to the future.
Government’s response to civil unrest has been to appease the protesters. Greek officials have dragged their feet finalizing proposals for “voluntary” write-downs of 50% on their sovereign debt since those write-downs come with stringent conditions of structural reform. From all appearances, it looks like the Greeks are angling for debt forgiveness with no substantive change in the Greek welfare state. In other words, they are asking investors to continue subsidizing their enormous deficit spending.
If all this sounds a lot like what’s happening in the U.S., it is. Like the socialists who govern Greece, Obama’s left-wing administration depends on the support of left-wing activists, unionized government workers, radicalized students, and welfare recipients. All of these groups have been pressing for more government spending, and Obama has not disappointed them.
In just three years, discretionary spending has increased by 24% (not counting an additional trillion dollars of stimulus spending plus two rounds of quantitative easing by the Federal Reserve), all of it funded with deficit spending. Obama’s 2012 budget, which was rejected by every member of the Senate, called for continued spending at 2011 levels, even as his own budget supercommittee struggled to come up with $1.5 trillion in cuts.
It is clear that Obama’s priority is not fiscal responsibility. In fact, the single-minded focus of this administration has been the expansion of government benefit programs designed to foster dependency. From the beginning, Obama’s political strategy has centered on the restoration of “welfare as we know it.” The clients of welfare are always reliable supporters of the Democratic Party.
If Democrats can expand the percentage of the population dependent on benefits above 50% of the population, they will have achieved a permanent grasp on power. If anyone doubts this, let him look to the European welfare states. In none of these countries have social welfare programs been eliminated once they’ve gained their footing.
America stands at a crossroads in 2012, for this is the year when the American people will decide irrevocably whether they wish to see their country transformed into a European-style welfare state.
Ominously, the percentage of takers, those who collect benefits and pay no federal income tax, now sits at 49%. Anything beyond that and the country is lost forever.
You will find the entire article here.
I hate to say it, but I believe 51% is the proverbial “tipping point,” and we as a nation are now staring it squarely in the face.
I have to disagree in one area with Mr. Folks, and that is I do not believe we are headed for Western European socialism, but more toward a split somewhere between Venezuela and Zimbabwe.
I am praying enough of the American sheeple will awaken from their slumber between now and November (assuming we have that long), and run Barack Hussein Obama off into the weeds, flip the Senate as well as add enough true conservatives to effect a change in the currently useless House leadership.
And even if all that happens, the battle so save the America we all grew up in will only be just beginning – as merely halting the slide is not going to be enough this time.
Not even close.

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Solyndra Seeks Bonuses for Employees

Via washingtontimes.com:
Bankrupt Solyndra seeking to pay bonuses
Court’s OK sought for ‘incentive plan’
By Jim McElhatton – The Washington Times
Now seems an unlikely time for handing out bonuses at bankrupt Solyndra LLC, but that’s the plan of company attorneys intending to dole out up to a half-million dollars to persuade key employees to stay put.
Nearly two dozen Solyndra employees could receive bonuses ranging from $10,000 to $50,000 each under a proposal filed by Solyndra’s attorneys in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Delaware.
The attorneys say the extra money will add motivation at a time when workers at the solar company have little job security and more responsibilities because so many of their colleagues have been fired.
The names of the bonus-eligible employees are not disclosed in the court filings that outline the bonus proposal. None of the employees is among the so-called corporate “insiders” — top officers or members of the board of directors, records show.
The proposed bonus recipients include nine equipment engineers, six general business and finance employees and up to two information technology workers.
The biggest bonus, for $50,000, would go to a Solyndra employee whose job title is listed as a senior director with a base salary of $206,499 per year. Two senior managers stand to receive bonuses of $30,000 and $32,500.
Bankruptcy attorneys said the so-called “key employee incentive plan” aims to keep important personnel from leaving the company.
You can read the rest here.
Hopefully the presiding judge in this case will tell the lawyers to go pound sand.
Given the amount of taxpayer money that was thrown down this rat hole of a company by the Dear Looter, I would like to see the remaining employees terminated immediately, the assets of this failed company sold, and the proceeds from same put back into the U.S. Treasury.
To me, this entire Solyndra affair reeks of nothing less that a giant money-laundering scam, and the T.A.R.P. fiasco, along with all the other bailout nonsense, appears even worse.
I am now convinced that we, along with George W. Bush and many in congress, were completely had by Paulson, Bernanke, and everybody else involved.
The stench of corruption that is now swirling around this rogue administration is reaching unbearable levels. Unfortunately, I do not see anything meaningful being done about any of it as long as the thoroughly corrupt Eric Holder remains as AG, and the Senate is controlled by democrats.
Perhaps down the road, once Holder and his boss have been ousted, an AG that is truly interested in enforcing the law will give this scandal the attention it deserves.
I will not be holding my breath.

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The Dear Ruler Wants Mo Money!

Of course, we of the sheeple pursuasion are supposed to completely ignore the fact that this Kenyan Muslim commie fraud is on a pace to add $5 trillion to our accumulated national debt by the end of his first (and hopefully only) term.
Via thehill.com:
Obama to ask for increase to debt ceiling in a ‘matter of days’
By Amie Parnes – 01/10/12 04:27 PM ET
The Obama administration will be asking Congress to raise the debt limit in the coming days, White House press secretary Jay Carney said on Tuesday.
“I’m confident it will be executed in a matter of days, not weeks,” he told reporters.
The notification by the administration — which had been scheduled for last month — was delayed because Congress has been holding only pro forma sessions.
The White House will be asking Congress to raise the U.S. borrowing limit by $1.2 trillion. The move would mark the third and final increase from the debt-ceiling deal reached last year by Congress.
The United States reached the $15.194 trillion debt limit on Jan. 4, according to Treasury statements.
Since that time, Treasury has employed the “extraordinary measure” of tapping into its Exchange Stabilization Fund in order to avoid exceeding the limit.
I wonder how long it will take Bonehead & Co. to cave like a $5 tent?
I am guessing all of about five minutes – if even that long.
(h/t: boortz.com)

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State of the Union 2012 – in toons

At the beginning of every year, the President of the United States gives a State of the Union address to the nation.
This year’s will of course be delivered by Skippy. It is scheduled to begin at 9 p.m. EST on January 24, 2012, before multiple teleprompters in the chamber of the House of Representatives.
He will, as usual, speak with forked tongue. We have word from U.S. Secret Service agents that Obama speaks one thing to people’s faces and do the exact opposite behind their backs. Fast forward this video to the 2:15 mark:
This is what the real State of the American disUnion is:

Salary of retired US Presidents ………….$180,000 FOR LIFE
Salary of House/Senate …………………..$174,000 FOR LIFE
Salary of Speaker of the House …………$223,500 FOR LIFE
Salary of Majority/Minority Leaders ……. $193,400 FOR LIFE
Average Salary of a soldier deployed in Afghanistan……..$38,000
I think we found where the cuts should be made!

H/t my dear friend Bill O.

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Here We Go Again

Just how do I get off this crazy thing, anyway?

Is it just me, or does it seem that every time you turn around we are in yet another financial crises, and if the congress does not act immediately by spending billions we do not have, in three day’s time the Earth is going to promptly reverse its rotation, and all life on this planet will cease to exist?
Well, that is how Sen. Harry Reid always makes it sound, anyway.
Via the Washington Times:

Calling for a weekend to “cool off,” Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid set up a Monday vote on replenishing the almost-empty federal disaster relief accounts as all sides race to beat a deadline to keep money flowing to disaster-stricken states and to keep the federal government at large running.
“Cool off a little bit. Work this through. There’s a compromise here,” Mr. Reid said Friday, minutes after the Senate blocked back a bill drafted by House Republicans that would have replenished the disaster fund accounts through Nov. 18.
Without an agreement, the government could shut down in a week, and the Federal Emergency Management Agency could run out of money even before then.
The House, on the strength of Republican votes, passed a bill early Friday morning that directs an additional $3.65 billion to FEMA, with some of the spending offset by cuts to a clean-energy program popular with Democrats and the Obama administration.

You can read the rest here.
Harry Reid has rejected the House bill in favor of his own, which eliminates the cuts inserted by the republicans and will therefore add to the swelling budget deficit and thus the growing national debt.
This is exactly the sort of thing this country can no-longer afford to do.

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