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What’s Frederick’s of Hollywood Doing in Muslim MidEast?

This is one of those WTF stories.

Islam gives new meaning to the word “puritanical” when it comes to women. Allah has stated in the Quran that women must guard their modesty: “Say to the believing women that they should lower their gaze and guard their modesty ; that they should not display their beauty and ornaments except what must ordinarily appear thereof. ” [Quran: 24.31]

That is why there is a strict dress code for Muslim women, in order that they “not attract attention” to themselves and so “be protected from the lustful gaze of men”:

  1. Clothing must cover the entire body.
  2. The material must not be so thin that one can see through it.
  3. The clothing must hang loose so that the shape of the body is not apparent.
  4. The female clothing must not resemble the man’s clothing.
  5. The design of the clothing must not resemble the clothing of the non-believing women.
  6. The design must not consist of bold designs which attract attention.
  7. Clothing should not be worn for the sole purpose of gaining reputation or increasing one’s status in society.

Abaya with a shayla headscarf

Abaya with khimar headscarf


In many Muslim countries, the women must conceal themselves from head to toe, covering themselves with a long-sleeved full-length tunic (abaya), and:

  • A long head-scarf (hijab or shayla), showing their face; or
  • A full khimar, revealing only the woman’s eyes; or
  • In the most extreme cases, a niqab that entombs the woman’s entire head, with “eye meshes and a nose string” so that the woman can see and breathe.


So what is Frederick’s of Hollywood — the store known for sexy lingerie that make women look like whores (motto: “We’re no angels!”) — doing in the Middle East?

“Frederick’s of Hollywood Group Inc. (NYSE Amex: FOH) (“Company”) announced today that it has entered into an exclusive multi-year licensing agreement with Abu Dhabi-based Emirates Associated Business Group (EABG) to build and operate Frederick’s of Hollywood retail stores in the Middle East.

The agreement provides for EABG to open at least 10 Frederick’s of Hollywood retail stores in six Middle Eastern countries over the next three years, with additional store openings based on a mutually agreed upon expansion plan. In addition, a flagship store in Abu Dhabi is scheduled to open in April 2011.”

Hypocrisy abounds….