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Judge dismisses lawsuit of Ahmed, the Muslim ‘clock boy’

The tides really have turned, ever since The Deplorables rose up and voted Donald Trump into the White House.

It’s Christmas again. Here’s the latest good news.

Remember that insufferable “clock boy”? — Ahmed Mohamed, who achieved notoriety a year ago when, as a 14-year-old freshman at an Irving, Texas, high school, he was arrested, briefly detained by police, and suspended for three days after bringing to school a clock that looked like a briefcase bomb.

Ahmed claimed to have “invented” the easily assembled clock, and that he had brought it to school to show it to his shop teacher. But the truth was that he deliberately tried to provoke a confrontation: The first teacher to whom he showed the clock told him to put it in his locker and not show it around. So Ahmed continued to show the bomb-like clock around until he found a teacher who reacted with the apparently desired response.

News of the arrest rapidly went viral, resulting in allegations of Ahmed being the victim of racial profiling and Islamophobia. The Left defended and heaped praises on Ahmed for being some sort of boy genius for inventing the clock, which, of course, was a lie because he didn’t invent anything. All Ahmed did was to take the innards of a Radio Shack digital clock and installed it in a cigar box. Obama even invited Ahmed to the White House.

Although Ahmed and his family had since moved to Qatar, accepting a scholarship offered to Ahmed by the Qatar Foundation, Ahmed’s father still sued the city of Irving and the school district for $15 million for inflicting “psychological trauma” and “permanently scarring” Ahmed’s (non-existent) “reputation in the global community”.

See “The truth about Ahmed, the Muslim ‘clock boy’” and “Muslim ‘clock boy’ wants $15M for ‘permanently scarring’ his reputation“.

Thankfully, a district court judge sees Ahmed for the fraudster he is and threw out the lawsuit.


Debra Heine reports for PJMedia that after a nearly three-hour hearing on January 9, 2017, District Court Judge Maricela Moore dismissed a defamation lawsuit against the mayor of Irving, Fox News and others, filed by Ahmed’s father, Mohamed Elhassan Mohamed, on his own behalf and on behalf of his 15-year-old son, Ahmed.

During the lengthy hearing, Judge Moore pressed Mohamed’s lawyer, Fort Worth attorney Susan Hutchison, to provide any facts that would suggest that the defendants had said anything false or defamatory about Mohamed or his son during television broadcasts. After spending a painfully embarrassing 15 minutes flipping through reams of paper, Mohamed’s lawyer was unable to provide any such evidence.

The next day after the hearing, the court published Judge Moore’s ruling dismissing the lawsuit “with prejudice,” which means the judge has made a final determination on the merits of the case, and the plaintiff is therefore forbidden from filing another lawsuit based on the same grounds.

The motion to dismiss had been filed by lawyers from the American Freedom Law Center (AFLC) and local counsel Pete Rowe on behalf of the Center for Security Policy (“CSP”) and Jim Hanson, two of the defendants in the defamation case, which also named as defendants the local Fox affiliate, Glenn Beck, and Beck’s production company.

AFLC co-founder and senior counsel David Yerushalmi explained to Judge Moore that the purpose of the lawsuit was to intimidate into silence those who might comment publicly on the connection between jihad, terrorism, sharia, and Islam.

Upon leaving the courtroom after the hearing, Yerushalmi made a statement that “This lawsuit filed by Clock Boy’s father is yet another example of Islamist lawfare, which is a component of the Muslim Brotherhood’s civilization jihad.” Yerushalmi explained that the purpose of such lawsuits, formally labelled Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation (SLAPP), is to intimidate into silence those who might comment publicly on the connection between jihad, terrorism, sharia, and Islam. Yerushalmi added:

“The Islamists employ the progressive mainstream media to label any public criticism of a sharia-centric, jihad-driven Islam as ‘Islamophobic,’ and they add fear and financial ruin to the equation by utilizing the legal system to file SLAPP actions.”

Now that the lawsuit has been dismissed, AFLC is petitioning the court for lawyer fees and sanctions against Clock Boy’s dad.


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The truth about Ahmed, the Muslim “clock boy”

Please see the latest outrage from Ahmed: “Muslim ‘clock boy’ wants $15M for ‘permanently scarring’ his reputation

On September 14, 2015, 14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed was arrested at MacArthur High School in Irving, Texas for bringing an alleged hoax bomb to school. News of the arrest rapidly went viral, resulting in allegations of racial profiling and Islamophobia.

As recounted by Wikipedia, Mohamed had reconstructed an electronic clock in a pencil box and brought it to school to show his teachers. His English teacher thought the clock resembled a bomb, confiscated it and reported the boy to the school’s principal. Local law enforcement was called and Mohamed was questioned by police for an hour and a half. After being taken into custody, handcuffed, and transported to a juvenile detention facility, he was fingerprinted and his photograph was taken. He was then released to his parents. The case was not pursued further by juvenile justice authorities, but Mohamed was suspended from school for three days.

After Obama, other politicians, activists, technology company executives, and media personalities remarked on the incident, Mohamed was invited to the White House and a number of high-profile events related to encouraging youth interest in science and technology. After the incident, the family decided to move to Qatar, accepting a scholarship offered to Mohamed by the Qatar Foundation.

Ahmed Mohamed clock boy

Here is the truth about Ahmed, the Muslim clock boy, from an article, “Clock and Bull Story,” by author William Kilpatrick in Crisis Magazine, Oct. 26, 2015. Kilpatrick demonstrates that the national media, once again, can’t be bothered with finding out and reporting the truth.

You’ve no doubt heard about the “clock boy”—the 14-year-old Muslim student who brought a self-made clock to school to show to his teachers and was then detained by police on the suspicion that the clock might be a bomb.

The media pounced on the story as a classic case of Islamophobia, the president complimented Ahmed Mohamed on his “cool clock” and invited him to the White House, and just about everyone agreed that the young bespectacled clock maker was a boy genius. Offers of scholarship money poured in from giant social media companies, and the Cambridge Public Library, which might have been expected to show more prudence (it stands next to Cambridge Rindge and Latin—the school attended by the Boston Marathon bombers), hosted a “Stand with Ahmed and Build Your Own Clock Day.”

And then the clock narrative began to unwind. It turns out that Ahmed didn’t make the clock, but had merely taken out the innards of a Radio Shack digital clock and installed it in a cigar box. What’s more, it appears that the boy was not as innocent as portrayed. The first teacher he showed it to told him to put it in his locker and not show it around. Nevertheless, Ahmed continued to show it around until he found a teacher who reacted with the apparently desired response.

When the Irving, Texas police showed up, they found the boy to be uncooperative, and, seeing that a few months previously, two jihadists had attempted to machine-gun an art exhibition in nearby Garland, they thought it prudent to detain Ahmed until they were sure of the situation.

The case that the teen was deliberately trying to provoke a confrontation was strengthened as more was learned about his family. His older sister, Eyman, was once suspended from her school for threatening to blow it up. His uncle runs a trucking company called Twin Towers Transportation. And his father, Mohamed Elhassan Mohamed, is a publicity hungry activist who calls himself a sheik, wears flowing white robes, and is a 9/11 Truther. The elder Mohamed routinely returns to Sudan to run as a presidential candidate, and he once debated Pastor Terry Jones of Koran-burning fame.

In one of his posts (in Arabic), Ahmed’s father rails against Islamophobia and says that “Muslims … must exploit every opportunity to reveal the truth of Islam.” He has certainly done that. With the help of his lawyers, publicists from CAIR (the Council on American-Islamic Relations), and considerable assist from the media, Mr. Mohamed has parlayed the incident into a whirlwind global publicity campaign. In recent months this has included an appearance for his son on the Dr. Oz show, a photo-op with the Queen of Jordan at the UN, and a world tour for the family. The tour took the family to Mecca and to meetings with various world leaders, including the genocidal president of Sudan, Omar al-Bashir. To top it all off, the media’s favorite all-American family then decided to relocate to Qatar in response to an offer from the Qatar Foundation for Ahmed to study at its Young Innovators Program.

“Muslims … must exploit every opportunity to reveal the truth of Islam”? In retrospect, it looks like Mr. Mohamed not only “exploits” opportunities, but also does his best to create them. The whole incident seems to be a pre-planned family plot intended to reinforce the Islamophobia narrative and gain some publicity for the family in the bargain.

Instead of a classic case of Islamophobia, the clock boy affair might better be seen as a classic case of stealth jihad. It’s reminiscent of the “flying imams” incident several years back in which a group of six imams praying loudly in Arabic and otherwise behaving in unusual ways scared the daylights out of fellow passengers on a flight to Phoenix. After being ejected from the plane prior to take off, the imams turned around and sued not only the airline and the police, but also passengers who had reported their suspicious behavior to the flight crew. Eventually U.S. Airways and the imams settled out of court for an undisclosed amount. Fearful that the incident would have a chilling effect on airport security, Congress passed a law to give immunity to citizens who report suspicious behavior.

Will the Ahmed affair have a similar chilling effect? Will teachers be more likely to look the other way when Muslim students act suspiciously? We are continually reminded that if we see something we should say something. But what if the penalty for seeing and saying is to be held up for ridicule by everyone from the press to the president? By instantly granting celebrity status to the Muslim community’s young Tom Edison, the social elites were implying that the teachers and police back in Irving were just paranoid rednecks. In fact, Ahmed himself said something to that effect. In an interview with Al-Jazeera, he stated that he was detained “because I’m a Muslim.” “There is a lot of stereotypes [sic] for people who are foreigners and [when] they have Muslim names … no, this would not have happened to any of my classmates.”

As a reward for his battle against Islamophobia, CAIR presented Ahmed with the American Muslim of the Year Award at its 21st annual “Champions for Justice” banquet. By sheer coincidence, the ubiquitous CAIR was the group that provided legal counsel for the flying imams in their successful action against U.S. Airways. CAIR, which bills itself as a civil rights group, is considered by some to be the premier stealth jihad organization in the U.S. It has close ties with the Muslim Brotherhood, and in a 2008 court decision it was designated as an unindicted co-conspirator in a large-scale terrorist funding operation. And, although CAIR is considered by the U.S. government to be a model of moderation, the government of the United Arab Emirates includes it on its list of worldwide terrorist organizations.

But, to employ the obvious pun, who cares about all that when CAIR features photogenic “Champions of Justice” at its annual banquet and when the media treats it as though it were a branch of the Red Cross? The most disturbing aspect of the clock boy affair is not its apparently duplicitous nature, but the willingness of establishment institutions to sign up for the campaign against Islamophobia.

It’s to be expected that CAIR will put a happy face on all things Islamic. As the Geico commercial says, “that’s what they do.” But why the social and political elites continued to lend a hand even after the clock story had unwound is harder to fathom. What they are celebrating is a process by which Americans are made to feel ashamed for raising security concerns. […]

9/11 woke up America, but since then many Americans have fallen into a semi-comatose state, knocked slap-happy by repeated politically correct blows to the head. Thanks in part to the PR work of groups like CAIR and their boosters in media and government, a sizable number of citizens have gone back to sleep. The digital clock that Ahmed Mohamed brought to school was fully intact except for its casing. The clock-and-bull story manufactured by the social elites is also carefully put together—except for one detail. Someone removed the alarm.