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Hypocritical left call for boycott of Tucker Carlson, ignore racist/homophobic comments by lefty pundits

Of course proggies are calling for a boycott of Fox News’ Tucker Carlson but they said absolutely NOTHING about Don Lemon’s blatantly racist comments or MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski homophobic slurs to attack Mike Pompeo.

So typical of their double standards.

From MSN: At least 18 advertisers have now dropped “Tucker Carlson Tonight” after the Fox News host said in a show last Thursday that immigrants to the United States made the country “poorer” and “dirtier.”

As of Wednesday morning, Takeda Pharmaceutical Company, CareerBuilder, TD Ameritrade, Just For Men, United Explorer credit card, ScotteVest, Voya Financial, Zenni Optical, Pacific Life, Indeed, Bowflex, SmileDirectClub, NerdWallet, Minted, Ancestry.com, IHOP, Jaguar and SodaStream had all told TheWrap or stated publicly that they plan to suspend advertising on the program.

“SodaStream has asked Fox to remove us from the time slot,” the company said in a tweet Wednesday.
A spokesman for Takeda Pharmaceutical Company told TheWrap in a statement: “We have pulled our advertising off of Tucker Carlson’s show.”

On Monday, Carlson addressed the growing boycott campaign against his sponsors over his on-air remarks about immigration, telling viewers that he would not be intimidated.

“You’ve seen it a million times, it happens all the time,” he said. “The enforcers scream ‘racist’ on Twitter, until everyone gets intimidated and changes the subject to the Russia investigation or some other distraction. It’s a tactic, a well worn one. And it won’t work with the show, we’re not intimidated. We plan to say what’s true until the last day.

The pressure, however, has only grown with each defection, as liberal pressure groups like Media Matters for America and Sleeping Giants have kept up the pressure on Twitter. Activists like Jordan Uhl and Judd Legum posted real-time updates to their massive followings of companies whose ads appeared on Monday night’s show.

“We cannot and will not allow voices like Tucker Carlson to be censored by agenda-driven intimidation efforts from the likes of Moveon.org, Media Matters and Sleeping Giants,” a spokesperson for Fox News told TheWrap in a statement Tuesday afternoon. “Attempts were made last month to bully and terrorize Tucker and his family at their home. He is now once again being threatened via Twitter by far left activist groups with deeply political motives.

The statement continued: “While we do not advocate boycotts, these same groups never target other broadcasters and operate under a grossly hypocritical double standard given their intolerance to all opposing points of view.”
The flap began when Carlson remarked on Thursday night that immigrants have made the United States “poorer and dirtier and more divided.”

“As a company, we strongly disagree with Mr. Carlson’s statements. Our customer base and our workforce reflect the diversity of our great nation, something we take great pride in. We will not be advertising on Mr. Carlson’s show in the coming week as we reevaluate our relationship with his program.”

The boycott metastasized from there.

“We are actively working with our media buyers to confirm that SmileDirectClub is no longer running our ads around any political opinion shows,” the company told TheWrap on Monday.

Employment giant Indeed said Monday it has stopped advertising on Carlson’s show and has “no plans to advertise on this program in the future.”

Indeed responded in messages to several Twitter users that the company hadn’t run ads on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” for “over a month now.”

Read the whole story here.

FYI proggies: How’d that call for boycott (driven by Media Hogg) of Laura Ingraham’s show work out?


Better than Drudge Report. Check out Whatfinger News, the Internet’s conservative frontpage founded by ex-military!

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New breed of crisis actors: Fake political protesters

Americans didn’t know about a curious species of fakery called Crisis Actors until the Dec. 14, 2012 Sandy Hook false-flag shooting massacre. (See “Remarkable resemblance of Sandy Hook victims and professional crisis actors“)
Located in Denver, Colorado, a business that calls itself VisionBox Crisis Actors provides professionals (“trained players and actors”) who impersonate real-life people in simulations of mass casualty events, such as government drills, shootings and bombings, to help “schools and first responders create realistic drills, full-scale exercises, high-fidelity simulations, and interactive 3D films.” As an Oct. 31, 2012 feature story on the Crisis Actors website which I found on January 1, 2013, once boasted:

A new group of actors is now available nationwide for active shooter drills and mall shooting full-scale exercises, announced Visionbox, Denver’s leading professional actors studio.
Visionbox Crisis Actors are trained in criminal and victim behavior, and bring intense realism to simulated mass casualty incidents in public places.
The actors’ stage acting experience, ranging from Shakespeare to contemporary American theater, enables them to “stay in character” throughout an exercise, and improvise scenes of extreme stress while strictly following official exercise scenarios. […]
Visionbox Crisis Actors can also play the role of citizens calling 911 or mall management, or posting comments on social media websites.

For more, see my post “Professional crisis actors simulate mass casualty events“.
Curiously, since the phenomenon of crisis actors was uncovered after the Sandy Hook false-flag, crisis actors seem to have gone underground. VisionBox revised its website, removing any mention of crisis actors. But this video that was uploaded to YouTube on Dec. 23, 2012, says the same things about VisionBox which I had reported:
Professor James Tracy also recently discovered that Crisisactors.org, the website established to represent the collaboration between the Visionbox professional actors studio and FEMA’s Emergency Management Institute, went dormant after August 2014. (See “Where Have All the Crisis Actors Gone?“)
To add to the insanity, there are even amputee crisis actors, such as those from a business called Amputees in Action, which provides “trained professional amputee actors” who promise to “remain in character” “for the film and screen industries and for emergency and military services training simulations” with “special effects (SFX) make-up, moulage and prosthetic artists use cutting edge technology to enhance and extend the appearance and function of limb-loss scenarios.” (For more, see my post ““)
BaumanAlleged victim of the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings, Jeff Bauman, is an example of an amputee crisis actor. See the reasons why in “Hollywood producer Nathan Folks says Boston Bombing’s a false flag”.
Now add fake political protests and protesters to the things that crisis actors do.
Jamie Taete reports for Vice, Aug. 6, 2013, that Crowds on Demand is a company that will organize a crowd for you, on demand. The crowd can be fake fans for some celebrity or aspiring celebrity, or fake protesters for a cause.
Since the company’s fake fan events are “super secret,” Taete attended instead “a fake protest” called “Purge Day USA” (to purge mental health problems) which the company organized in Los Angeles “in coordination with a charity” to “raise awareness about mental health issues”. Here’s a photo of the fake protesters:
fake protesters of Crowds in Demand in Los Angeles
Crowds on Demand’s founder and CEO Adam Swart said that there were about 20 protesters at the fake protest and all of them were “provided by me”. The fake protesters were paid $15 an hour. Swart charges “a couple thousand dollars” to organize a fake protest with about 20 actors, but he gives discounts to charities.
To critics who say Crowds on Demand is unethical, Swart, who is only 24 years old , openly and brazenly admits: “Is it misleading? Yes. That’s the idea.”
Adam Swart
A more recent example of fake protesters is an ad on Craig’s List soliciting actors to impersonate protesters at Trump rallies.
As reported by ZeroHedge on March 30, 2016, the ad was placed by “I’m feelin’ the Bern” Bernie Sanders supporters who promise to provide shuttle buses, parking, and protest signs, as well as $15/hour to the actors. Here’s a screenshot of the Craig’s List ad:
Bernie ad for paid anti-Trump protesters
The above ad has since been removed by its author, but the Daily Caller points out the ad is part of a recurring pattern of anti-Trump Craigslist ads soliciting and paying people to protest at Trump rallies. But Daily Caller claims that the fake protesters are hired not by Sanders, but by Hillary Clinton’s people, and paid for by the usual suspects George Soros, MoveOn.org, and Progressive Auto Insurance‘s Jonathan Lewis:

The Establishment on both the left and the right, who want to disenfranchise the millions of Republican voters who support Donald Trump, have blamed the staged riots near Trump rallies on Trump or on Bernie Sanders. That’s like blaming the Russians for the Reichstag Fire. Bernie has little to do with these manufactured protests. This is a Clinton operation, a faux protest.
False flag operations have long been common in politics, but these riots are poisonous to the electorate, intentionally designed to turn violent and stifle free speech.
This free speech-busting goon squad operation is directed by supporters of Hillary Clinton. It is paid for mostly by George Soros and MoveOn.org and pushed by David Brock at Media Matters for America. It’s also funded by reclusive billionaire Jonathan Lewis, who was identified by the Miami New Times as a “mystery man.” He inherited roughly a billion dollars from his father Peter Lewis (founder of Progressive Insurance Company).
A march and demonstration against Trump at Trump Tower essentially fizzled Saturday when only 500 “protesters” of the promised 5000 showed up. Infiltrating the crowd, I learned most were from MoveOn or the Occupy movement. Soap was definitely in short supply in this crowd. Several admitted answering a Craig’s list ad paying $16.00 an hour for protesters.
Hillary understands that Trump would lose the votes of certain establishment Republicans if he were the nominee. On the other hand, it doesn’t matter, because of his crossover outreach. In Michigan, Democrats and independents who have lost their jobs because of disastrous globalist trade deals like NAFTA are lining up to vote for Donald.

See also “The Lucifer Alliance: Secret group of powerful leftwing moneybags“.
anti-Trump protests
And so, when you see an anti-Trump protest or another mass shooting, don’t believe your eyes. The “protesters” and “victims” — including amputees! — you see may just be acting.

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Leftist radio talker wants to behead Tea Partiers

A delegate to the Democratic National Convention, Julia Rodriguez, openly threatened to kill Mitt Romney.
A week before the Nov. 6 presidential election, MoveOn.org and Michael Moore produced a video of senior citizens in Rosebud Nursing Home, in which a 97-year-old woman vowed: “We’ll burn this motherfucker down” if Romney’s elected.
That video was followed by a murderous “Get Out the Vote” ad released by a Democrat activist website, RepublicanZombieDefense.com, in which Obama supporters use garden shears, chainsaws, machine guns, and grenades to maim, behead, and explode Romney supporters who are portrayed as brain-dead zombies.
Even after they “won” the 2012 presidential election, Demonrats are still seething with murderous rage.
The latest threat of violence from the Left is from Mike Malloy, the host of what he calls a “Progressive” radio show that airs 9-mid ET, Mon-Fri.

On his show of November 26, 2012, Malloy threatened to behead Tea Partiers. This is what he said:
“These Teabag bastards. I just wish they’d all go away, or in Passover, I just wish there was an angel of the lord that would pass over and, instead of killing the first born in all the households of Egypt, just wipe off all the teabaggers. You know, the terrible swift sword. Just shwoosht, shwoosht, shwoosht, lob their heads off!”
H/t Brian Malloney, The Radio Equalizer and the Patriot Action Network

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97-y-o woman: “We’ll burn this motherfucker down” if Romney’s elected

The Left are masters at deception and propaganda.

America’s national debt is now over $16 TRILLION. But whenever there’s talk of trimming the morbidly obese Big Government, the Left immediately troop out little kiddies and old people to tug at our heart strings.

Don’t fall for it!

But this election is different.

The Left no longer bother to keep their masks on. They no longer troop out cute little kiddies and sweet old people. Instead, the kiddies are now “Children of the Corn” creepy, and the old people are demonic.

Yesterday, our LTG posted the creepy “Children of the Corn” video produced by the creepy Jeff Goodby:

Jeff Goodby

And here’s the Rosebud Nursing Home demonic old people video, produced by the morbidly obese Michael Moore for the so-Left-they’re-commies MoveOn.org:


These are not your sweet little ol’ grannies and grandpas. Just listen to what 97-year-old Marie says:

“I was born in 1915, during World War I. My first vote was in 1940 for Franklin D. Roosevelt and I have not missed an election since. And I want the Republican Party to know, if your voters suppression throughout this beautiful country enables Romney to oust Barack Obama, we will burn this motherfucker down.”


You heard it.

Evil Marie issued this threat to America: If Gov. Mitt Romney wins the presidency,

“We will burn this motherfucker down.”

Still wondering if this political election isn’t a spiritual war?

“Finally, draw your strength from the Lord and from his mighty power. Put on the armor of God so that you may be able to stand firm against the tactics of the devil. For our struggle is not with flesh and blood but with the principalities, with the powers, with the world rulers of this present darkness, with the evil spirits in the heavens. Therefore, put on the armor of God, that you may be able to resist on the evil day and, having done everything, to hold your ground. So stand fast with your loins girded in truth, clothed with righteousness as a breastplate, and your feet shod in readiness for the gospel of peace. In all circumstances, hold faith as a shield, to quench all the flaming arrows of the evil one.” Ephesians (6:10-16)


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Obamabots can’t spell

In June 1992, GOP vice presidential candidate and then-U.S. senator Dan Quayle flubbed the spelling of “potato” at a New Jersey elementary school (he said it’s spelt “potatoe”). For that, he was called stupid by the MSM — a canard that stuck to Quayle for the entire four years of his vice presidency (19889-1993) and after.

If it were not for WND and conservative bloggers, we’d never know about two recent whoppers made by Obamabots which dwarf Quayle’s mistake.

At a campaign rally on August 24, 2012, Mitt Romney made a quip about not needing to show his birth certificate. The Obama campaign responded by accusing Romney of having joined “the birthers”.

A day later, as reported by WND, at a Romney-Ryan rally in Powell, Ohio,  MoveOn.org tried to make political points by flying an airplane over the  rally, pulling a banner. Alas, the government-school educated Obamabots at MoveOn.org failed to do a spell-check before take-off.

This is what the banner said:

It’s THAN, not THEN, idiots!

The blundered banner comes in the same week the POS and three Obamabots, acting as human letters, YMCA-style, misspelled “Ohio” as “Oiho”.

Back to Dan Quayle: According to the New York Times and Quayle’s memoirs, he was relying on cards provided by the Munoz Rivera Elementary School, which included the misspelling. Quayle said he was uncomfortable with the version he gave, but did so because he decided to trust the school’s incorrect written materials.

But that doesn’t matter to the media. Mark my words: they’ll trot out the potato-potatoe incident when they write Dan Quayle’s obituary.


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61% in FoxNews Poll Agree With "Occupy Wall Street"

The waking-up news this morning is that the Occupy Wall Street movement, now entering its 4th week, has spread to cities across the United States and across the world.
The usual (left-wing) suspects of unions (SEIU, teachers, writers) and multibillionaire George Soros’ MoveOn.org are participating in it. [Go here for the list of some of the participants.]
Multimillionaire hypocrite Nancy Pelosi called the TEA Party “neo-Nazi” “racists” and an “astroturf” (fake) movement. But she approves of the Occupy movement, telling ABCNews yesterday, “I support the message to the establishment, whether it’s Wall Street or the political establishment approve of it.”
Commie actor Danny Glover called for more “warriors” to join Occupy L.A.:
But if we go by the results of an unscientific FoxNews poll, a majority of Americans say they share the views of the Occupy movement.
The poll asks you to choose among 4 responses:

  • Maybe. I am not even sure what they want.
  • No. They have no idea how jobs are created or how a free enterprise system works.
  • Yes. These folks are right about corporate greed and what’s happening to the little guy.
  • Other (post a comment).

When I voted at 3:30am, west coast time, Monday, Oct. 10, 2011, these were the results:

Of a total of 132,136 votes:

  • Maybe 2.77%
  • No 35.46%
  • Yes 60.95%
  • Other 0.82%

Don’t let the Occupy movement speak for you. CLICK HERE to vote in the poll!

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Ah, ain't this cute?

Commie Van Jones and the intellects at moveon.org have put together a video that outlines their “Contract for the American Dream”. Course, to make you feel all “super cute” about the content, they have adorable little children telling you what needs to be done.  Among them:

  • We need more green jobs in America!
  • Invest in public education (more like indoctrination)!
  • Medicare for all! And let’s expand Medicare so it’s available for all Americans just like every other advanced country!
  • No. 6 is a gem – Secure social security. Let’s pay for it by removing the cap on the social security tax.
  • No. 7: Return to fairer tax rates. If the rich don’t pay their taxes, we’ll have to. So end the Bush tax cut for the rich and add new tax brackets for people making more than $1M.

Do you really think these kids grasp what they are saying from this script?  God help us if we invest in more public education, they’ll actually grow up believing this “contract” is what’s best for our country.

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MoveOn.org Copycats TEA PARTY

Thanks to my friend, Kelleigh, for this email alert from Tennessee conservative, JB Williams.  He passed along this little item as a heads-up that the Ultra-left is fundraising to support their astroturf.  In my opinion, they’re trying to re-energize their base for Obama’s 2012 campaign.      ~LTG

Continue reading

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Leftist Unions Launch Recall Drive Against Wisconsin Senators

Demonrats and their public employee unions have launched a multi-million dollar drive to recall 18 Wisconsin state senators who had voted to rein in those government unions. Here’s the recall TV ad:
Please help those senators fight against this malicious drive. Americans who live outside of Wisconsin can help by donating, all the more because in-state donations are being suppressed.
Salena Zito writes at RCP:

Wisconsin has what can only be described as a screwy recall law; get  enough signatures on a petition and you can trigger new elections. Democrats hope to use this law to undo the GOP’s statehouse majority.
Recall elections could begin as early as June for 16 targeted  Wisconsin state senators — eight Republicans who voted in favor of the law that ends most collective bargaining powers for public-employee  unions, and eight Democrats who ran and hid in Illinois in what turned  out to be a failed attempt to keep GOP lawmakers from voting on the  measure….
While Wisconsin’s story fell off the front page, the left — fueled by unions, the Democratic Governors Association and [George Soros’] MoveOn.org — has begun a multimillion-dollar TV campaign to support the audacious recall effort…. Unions and the left are far outspending pro-business interests and the right on recall ads.
Democrats…see more at stake than a single state Senate majority…. They know this is the first battle of 2012….
If Walker and other governors cannot tame public pensions and union contracts, you will see tax hikes enacted under freshmen GOP governors across the country in the next few years. It is simple math.

You can donate here. It’s important that Wisconsin Republicans get out of state donations, because instate donations have been suppressed due to union threats.
H/t NiceDeb

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