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BLM protestors take over Trader Joe’s in Seattle due to “lack of access to grocery stores”

Morning March Seattle organized a takeover of a Trader Joe’s in Seattle last week. Morning March’s Twitter bio states the following: “ABOLISH Police (with an emoji of a pig) |💰Invest into Black Communities |⚖️ Free All Protestors |🚫No New Youth Jail | 🚮Durkan Must Be Recalled”

They organized a protest of a Seattle Trader Joe’s to protest “lack of access to grocery stores” and scream about “how capitalism exploits the working class.”

The Post Millennial has all the details on the event and others that Morning March Seattle has organized (including blocking Seattle freeways).

In summary: BLM continues to throw temper tantrums and harass law-abiding citizens. They sure are are winning over hearts and minds!

Remember demorats, you OWN this movement.


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