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Missing dog showed up at owner’s funeral 490 miles away

In Rancho Escondido, near Guadalajara, Mexico, lived Doña Rosalba and her canine companion, Bayron Max, together with some farm animals.

After being diagnosed with cancer, Rosalba had to leave her home to go live with her relatives in Montemorelos, a city near Monterrey in Northern Mexico.

The driving distance between Guadalajara and Monterrey is 490 miles.

But Rosalba periodically would return home to feed her dog, who waited patiently for his mistress.

Then Rosalba became so ill that she could no longer make the trip. Her relatives went to Rancho Escondido to look for Max, only to find the dog had disappeared.

In her last requests to her family before she died, Rosalba asked them to look after Max because when she was racked with pain from the cancer, the dog would comfort her by folding his legs around and embracing her.

Fifteen days after Max had disappeared, Doña Rosalba died.

On the morning of her burial, her body was displayed in the chapel of the funeral home.

A family member recounted what happened: “It was surprising and very moving for everyone to see the puppy arrive, looking bedraggled. Max reached the room where his owner’s coffin was, sobbing and barking.”

Bayron Max stayed for the hours-long funeral, refusing all food. All the people at the funeral were moved by the dog’s dedication, love and fidelity.

Source: Punto X Punto, Sept. 6, 2016.

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