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Widely used U.S. textbook biased against Christianity; favors Islam

World HistoryA group of outraged Floridian parents contacted Todd Starnes of Fox News Radio when they found out what’s in a school textbook of their  teenage children.

The textbook, World History, is published by Prentice Hall, which is owned by the company Pearson Education, and is used in 9th grades, not just in Florida, but in public school districts across the United States.
World History not only slights Christianity, although Western civilization is a Judeo-Christian civilization, the textbook clearly favors Islam both in the quantity of pages given to Islam, as well as its characterization of Islam and its founder.
In an interview on Fox News, which you can see here, Starnes enumerates just what’s wrong with the textbook:

  • There is a 36-page chapter devoted to Islam, but there is no chapter on Christianity or Judaism.
  • In that 36-page chapter on Islam, in reference to Mohammed spreading Islam with the sword, no mention is made of the tens of thousands of people who were massacred. Instead, the book says “people happily accepted Islam as their way of life.”
  • Prentice Hall reportedly hired a Muslim cleric to write the chapter on Islam. On Amazon.com, a reviewer of the textbook, brian sanborn, identified the cleric to be Shabbir Mansouri, who wants sharia law for America.
  • The book says Jesus “proclaimed” himself to be the Messiah, but states as fact that Mohammed was a prophet.
  • Christian battles are called “massacres,” whereas Muslim battles are called “takeovers.”
  • When someone contacted Pearson Education about the textbook, their spokeswoman Susan Aspey insisted that the textbook is not biased against Christianity and in favor of Islam. On the contrary, “a review of the book shows there is balanced attention to the beliefs of Islam, Judaism, and Christianity.”

So if you’re a parent of a 15-year-old in 9th grade, demand to know why your kid is assigned a textbook on world history that (1) slights Christianity, although it was Christians who founded the United States of America on the foundation of the Western Judeo-Christian civilization; but (2) instead favors Islam, although Islam is a minor religion in the United States today.
H/t Young Patriots and FOTM’s WildBillAlaska

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Skippy Knows More About Ramadan than Christmas

This video makes it clear that he’s more in tune with the Koran than the Bible.

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What time is it boys and girls. It's screw PC time Yea!!!

A Muslim dies and finds himself before the Pearly Gates..
He is very excited, as all his life he has longed to meet the Prophet Mohammed.
Having arrived at the Gates of Heaven, he meets a man with a beard.
“Are you Mohammed?” he asks.
“No, my son. I am Peter. Mohammed is higher up.” And he points to a ladder that
rises into the clouds.
Delighted that Mohammed should be higher than Peter,
he climbs the ladder in great strides, climbs through the clouds coming to a room where he meets another bearded man
He asks again, “Are you Mohammed?”
“No, I am Moses. Mohammed is higher still.”
Exhausted, but with a heart full of joy he continues to climb the ladder and, yet again, he discovers an even larger room where he meets another man with a beard.
Full of hope, he asks again, “Are you Mohammed?”
“No, I am Jesus… You will find Mohammed higher up.”
Mohammed higher than Jesus!
The poor man can hardly contain his delight and climbs and climbs, ever higher.
Once again he reaches a larger room where he meets a man with a beard and repeats his question:
“Are you Mohammed?” he gasps as he is, by now, totally out of breath from all his climbing.
“No my son…..I am God.. But you look exhausted. Would you like a coffee?”
“Yes, please, my Lord.”
God looks behind him, claps his hands and calls out:
“Hey Mohammed, two coffees !!!!”
Police in London have found a bomb outside a mosque..
They’ve told the public not to panic as they’ve managed to push it inside.
I was reading in the paper today about this dwarf that got pick pocketed.
How could anyone stoop so low.
I was walking down the road when I saw an Afghan bloke standing on a fifth floor balcony shaking a carpet.
I shouted up to him, “what’s up Abdul, won’t it start?
~Steve~   H/T  Miss May

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Allah Akbar – 666? Shoebat Explains



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