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Miracle baby believed dead cries out just hours before cremation

miracle baby

A tiny baby recently pronounced dead in China woke up crying after spending 15 hours in a minus12 degrees Celsius morgue and just before he was going to be cremated.

The Daily Mail reports that staff at the Pan’an Funeral Home in Jinhua, Zhejiang Province, immediately took the month-old boy to the hospital after realizing he was still alive on February 5, reports the People’s Daily Online. The baby, who is called An An, is currently under intensive care at the Pan’an People’s Hospital.

According to reports, the baby was born prematurely in a local hospital in Jinhua on January 8, weighing 49 ounces.  After spending 23 days in an incubator at the Pan’an People’s Hospital, his family decided to take him home for Chinese Near Year. There, his condition deteriorated.

The boy’s father named Mr. Lu told reporters his son suddenly went pale two days afterwards, so he rushed his son to hospital for emergency treatment on February 4. On the same day, the doctors determined the boy had a cardiac arrest and pronounced him dead at the hospital.

After the hospital issued a death certificate, his father wrapped the ‘dead’ baby in two layers of clothing and put him in a plastic bag before taking him to the morgue on February 4. The father showed reporters a receipt issued by the funeral home, which confirmed the boy had been sent to the morgue and that the price of the funeral would be 1,000 Yuan.

At 9am on February 5, after about 15 hours, staff at the funeral home said they heard him crying as they prepared for his cremation.

A worker at the funeral home told a local TV station: ‘As soon as I pulled him out of the morgue, I thought I heard noises. When I pushed him to the crematory, the noises became louder.  ‘I opened the container and saw him moving, so I told the father the baby was still alive.’ The baby was quickly rushed back to hospital.

Doctors at the Pan’an People’s Hospital in east China said this was their first encounter of such an incident. They could not explain what had happened, referring to it as a ‘miracle.’ Doctor Chen, head of pediatrics, said: ‘I have been a pediatrician for over 20 years. I’ve never seen anything like this.’

The baby boy is now under intensive care.

Baby Jesus



Amidst a devastated landscape, Mary stands


On November 7, 2013, Typhoon Haiyan — a Category 5 Super Typhoon and the strongest tropical cyclone to make a landfall on record with winds of 195 mph — hit the islands of the Philippines.

Typhoon Haiyan wrought catastrophic destruction in central Philippines, where cities and towns are largely destroyed. According to UN officials, about 11 million people have been affected and many are left homeless.

It is estimated that at least 10,000 people may have died in the city of Tacloban alone. If the death toll is confirmed, this would be the deadliest natural disaster on record in the Philippines.

U.S. Marine Brig. Gen. Paul Kennedy said after taking a helicopter flight over Tacloban, “I don’t believe there is a single structure that is not destroyed or severely damaged in some way — every single building, every single house.”

Below are the before and after DigitalGlobal images of Tacloban:

Tacloban beforeTacloban after

Amidst the total destruction of the city of Tacloban, one sacred statue stands.

The picture below (click to enlarge) shows a statue of Mary, the mother of our Lord Jesus the Christ.

Kneeling before Mary is a statue of St. Bernadette (1844-1879), to whom Our Lady had appeared 18 times in a grotto in Lourdes, France.

Mary stands in Philippines1

That grotto became the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes, a major place of pilgrimage — by an estimated 200 million people since 1860 — and of miraculous healings. The Holy See has officially recognized 69 healings at Lourdes to be miraculous. Those miracles are determined by the Church in accordance with rigorous criteria that exclude physical or psychological explanations, leaving only the healing power of the grotto’s spring water as the sole explanation.

On October 29, 2012, Hurricane Sandy struck America’s entire eastern seaboard, with particularly severe damage in New Jersey and New York. Damage in the United States amounted to $65 billion.

A spit of land in Queens, NY, called Breezy Point was destroyed first by flood, then by fire. More than 100 homes burned to the ground because the flood kept firefighters from reaching it.


One of the homes burned to the ground was that of the McNulty family, on the corner of Oceanside and Gotham, a few blocks from the Atlantic Ocean. Flooding and fire had left behind nothing but the house’s charred foundation.

The one part of the home to survive intact was a statue of the Virgin Mary that Mary McNulty had placed in her garden years ago.

Mary stands in Breezy PointBreezy Point Madonna


Angel Lights

“Miracles are a retelling in small letters of the very same story which is written across the whole world in letters too large for some of us to see.” — C. S. Lewis

AngelWingsReacting to a post I did last Thursday, “A Prayer to our Guardian Angel,” Scott M., an FOTM reader-commenter, sent us these extraordinary pictures he’d taken.

At the time when Scott took these pictures, he didn’t see anything out of the ordinary. It was only when he looked at the photos that he saw them — an angel, orbs of light, a golden candlestick, and a tiny cross over his son’s heart.

It didn’t matter what camera he used. The pictures all came out suffused with the extraordinary and the unexplainable.

Here are some of the pictures, with Scott’s commentary. To protect the privacy of Scott’s son, Max, I’ve superimposed a picture of a dove over the boy’s face. (Click the pics to enlarge.)

1, Angel in the Window:

???????????????????????????????Scott writes: “This pic was taken in an old abandoned 1800′s church in North Florida. We were all alone, we just got through saying the Lord’s Prayer. Max looked at me and said, ‘You know, Dad, Jesus made an awesome sacrifice for us.’ Right then I snapped the picture. Later when I down loaded it I saw something in the window. Around the church outside there was nothing even close to the windows. I cropped it out and blew it up…and it blew me away. If you look close you can see her hands folded over her heart. You can even see her little fingers. At the bottom of the picture you can see where she manifested herself up from, like a traveling tube. She is smiling and her wings are spread. Just amazing.”

2. Orbs of Light:

cross on Max“This picture of my son, Max, was taken inside our church. The window behind Max is the spot where the angel was seen. Notice the angel orbs of light around Max (indicated by the yellow arrows). There was also a tiny little orb of light on Max’s chest.”

???????????????????????????????“I was led to crop it out and blow it up. As you can see, there is a perfect cross inside the orb right over his heart.”

3. Cross Over Max’s Heart:


4. The Golden Candlestick:

max golden candle stick (2)See that golden candlestick on the left? In actuality, there was no golden candlestick when Scott took this pic. Here’s his commentary: “The second is a golden candle stick to the left of my son. This is amazing. I believe it to be a sign of God’s inner sanctuary ( The secret place of the most high, our hearts in His heart). As in the Holy of Holies within His temple. I was also led to Zachariah 4 and 5. Another amazing thing is I took the picture with a flash and yet the golden candlestick threw a shadow. How is that possible?”

Scott writes: “God has so showered me and my family with His loving grace and mercy. We have come back from utter desolation through our complete surrender to His love and will. I tell Him every day, ‘Lord, I love you … and I appreciate you very much.’ We have now, with much hard work and His guidance, turned generations of sickness and walking-away into repentance and spiritual closeness in our secret place of the Most High — His hands. Thank you Lord.”

Fellowship of the Minds thanks Scott and Max for sharing these extraordinary pictures with us.

God bless and keep you!

“Miracles are what happens when you get out of the way of yourself.” ― Brad Szollose


Baby pronounced dead ‘comes back to life’ in Brazilian chapel


NY Post: A Brazilian girl pronounced dead at birth “came back to life” three hours later as she lay on a hospital chapel’s altar, it’s been claimed. The lifeless body of tiny Yasmin Gomes was just minutes away from being  taken to the morgue when she kicked out one of her legs and opened her eyes. Friends and family are dubbing her apparent “resurrection” at the Lincoln  Graca hospital in Londrina as a “miracle.”

Jornal de Noticias reports that Yasmin was born to mom Jenifer da Silva  Gomes, 22, and dad Cleverson Carlos Gomes, 26, on Tuesday morning. But she stopped breathing almost immediately. Doctors tried to revive her  several times to no avail. They declared her dead at 11 a.m. and issued a death certificate.

Nurse Ana Claudia Oliveira, who assisted with the birth, asked for the  baby’s body to be laid in the hospital chapel instead of being sent to the morgue so that she could dress her properly. “I just couldn’t face the thought of her being sent down to the morgue,” she  told Globo G1.

But three hours later, at 2 p.m., Yasmin’s grandmother Elza Silva arrived  with mortician Rosilis Ferro to pick up the body. It was then that the newborn kicked out a leg and opened her eyes. “At first I couldn’t believe it; we couldn’t accept that it could happen,”  said Silva.

“Then we saw she was breathing. We hugged each other and started to shout,  ‘She’s alive. She’s alive.’ It was a miracle.” Yasmin was taken to the intensive care unit at nearby Sagrada Familia  children’s hospital and is reported to be in a stable condition.

Dr. Aurelio Filipak, who fought for more than an hour to save Yasmin’s life  after she was born, said he was completely perplexed by the incident. “In 20 years of medicine, I have never witnessed anything like this,” he  revealed.

What an incredible story – of miracles and the power of God!


The Inspiring History of the National Day of Prayer

In June 1775, the Continental Congress found itself in the middle of a disaster. Their worst fears about the deteriorating relationship with Britain had come true.

British troops had decided to open the can of worms by confronting a rebel ammunition stash in Concord, Massachusetts. Rebels took a stand, quite literally, in the middle of the road to stop them. A gunfight ensued.

Paul Revere had known the can would open that night, so he rode through the woods of the northern colonies with the news.

The British got their job done in Concord, but at too great a price: as they turned to march back to the safety of their home in Boston, some 15,000 minutemen showed up, vowing to make them rue the day.

The return to Boston was the longest 20 miles of their life. By dawn they stood safely in the city, but the rebels did not go away. A siege was laid around the city limits. British troops were told to either starve or take a boat and leave.

King George was not amused. While a ragtag group of amateur rebels held the impromptu siege together, the empire staged a plan to strike back.

What should Congress do? They were not particularly impressed by the siege on Boston, knowing it was like trying to scare a grizzly bear by poking him with a stick. But they also understood the reasons why it happened, the desperation, the anger, the need for the pressure to come out somewhere.

If Congress condoned the siege and sent supplies to the minutemen, any pretense of them being above the fray was gone. But if they did nothing, 15,000 guys would surely be destroyed by Britain’s looming revenge.

Congress searched for advice on how to handle a coming disaster to an entire people. They remembered the story of Purim in the Old Testament, how the nation of Israel, living under Persia’s control, faced a similar threat of massacre. Queen Esther called for a three-day event where every Israeli house joined in fasting and prayer. God responded with a miracle.

image courtesy Gener8Xion Entertainment

June 12, 1775, Congress released a statement calling for every home in the colonies, from Massachusetts to the Carolinas, to join as one people and fast before God.

And God showed up with a miracle.

Congress decided to support the rebels and get this game over with. They chose George Washington as the best guy to go to Boston and make something happen. Washington found a way to force the British to leave Boston in March 1776.

Four months later, the British army returned in a show of force like something right out of Star Wars. Washington was forced to confront them in New York. This time, he lost. And then he lost again. And then he lost some more.

By August 29 he had lost all of New York and faced certain defeat with his back to the East River. He needed an escape. He planned an overnight crossing of the river and on to temporary safety in New Jersey. Crossing a river in the middle of the night? Armies just didn’t do those things back then.

But they went for it. Crossing was slow and tedious in the dark. Morning came too soon. Washington began to panic that dawn would bring light over his men, sitting in the middle of the river like fish in a barrel.

And then out of nowhere, help came. A thick, dense fog crept over the water, so bad that you couldn’t see five feet in front of you. British troops knew, just knew, that the Americans were somewhere in the river, but they couldn’t see a thing. By the time the fog lifted, Washington was gone.

Four months later, on Christmas Day in 1776, Washington plotted another midnight run across a river. This time he crossed the Delaware and surprised some valuable Hessians in New Jersey.

Against all odds, those prayers began to work. Washington was doing the impossible.

President Abraham Lincoln revived this tradition in 1863 when he called for a national fast to guide America through the Civil War.

In 1952, President Harry Truman established a national day of prayer to occur every year.

And then in 1983, Ronald Reagan found himself leading a nation that struggled to keep an economy and feared an evil empire. National Day of Prayer was set as the first Thursday in May.

Today, I encourage you to consider that the best thing you can do for your family is to pray. Having a stockpile of food is a good idea. Investing in physical assets is a good idea. Supporting our troops is a good idea.

But if you want a miracle to keep your family safe – if you want a Red-Sea-splitting, Spanish-armada-stalling, fog-over-New-York, battle-of-Midway-changing, moon-landing, Olympic-hockey-winning, Berlin-wall-destroying kind of response… you need to pray and fast.

Even if you can only pray for 10 minutes. Even if you can only “fast” by swearing off your favorite thing for 24 hours. Do something to show God you are reaching out to Him.

And He will show up.


Another Miracle in Japan

After the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan, another miracle story has emerged. After an infant was found and a baby porpoise rescued, we now have the story of a dog that survived for three weeks. God does work in mysterious ways. Amen!

h/t @GenuineDavid