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What every womyn needs for Christmas: Vagina-themed jewelry

Imagine the feminazi OUTRAGE if a man wore a penis necklace because he was “feeling proud of his anatomy.”

american feminism

From Cosmopolitan: With moments from the rise of the vagina dress to the Supreme Court invalidating the draconian anti-abortion regulations in Texas, 2016 has been a big year for vaginas. If you’re feeling proud and/or protective of your anatomy right about now, celebrate it with unexpectedly gorgeous vagina-adjacent jewelry for members of your coven squad, which are perfect gifts for the winter solstice celebrations holidays.

Here’s some of the jewelry pieces they highlight. See all of them here.

Tampon earrings! Cost: $190

Tampon earrings! Cost: $190 (Sure to be a hit with Melissa Harris-Perry)

Boobie charm necklace! Cost: $115

Boobie charm necklace! Cost: $115

Uterus necklace! Cost: $40

Uterus necklace! Cost: $40

Vagina charm necklaces! Cost: Starts at $115

Vagina charm necklaces! Cost: Starts at $150

"Clitoring" bracelet! Cost: $140

“Clitoring” bracelet! Cost: $140



MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry walks off her show because she feels ‘worthless’ after being sidelined

Somebody call her a wahmbulance.


MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry has walked off her show, citing frustrations with the network’s treatment and a loss of control over the program’s content. Harris-Perry, whose show airs on both Saturdays and Sundays from 10am to noon, is refusing to host this weekend after being sidelined for two weeks, the Daily Mail reports.

In a letter to her colleagues published on Medium, she wrote that she was deemed ‘worthless’ by the network, and fought back by saying: ‘I will not be used as a tool for their purposes. I am not a token, mammy, or little brown bobble head.

In a later interview with the New York Times, Ms. Harris-Perry clarified her comments and took the focus off her race. She said: ‘I don’t think anyone is doing something mean to me because I’m a black person.’ Harris-Perry wrote that her show was ‘effectively and utterly silenced’ during the presidential election, and that she refused to return this weekend as MSNBC had requested.

She said: ‘Now, MSNBC would like me to appear for four inconsequential hours to read news that they deem relevant without returning to our team any of the editorial control and authority that makes MHP Show distinctive.’

"Meaningful" work, apparently...

“Meaningful” work, apparently…

The political commentator, author, and professor at Wake Forest University also shared that she had been staying in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina, but failed to receive any communication from executives about contributing to MSNBC’s coverage along the campaign trail. She wrote: ‘While MSNBC may believe that I am worthless, I know better. I will not sell short myself or this show.  I am not hungry for empty airtime. I care only about substantive, meaningful and autonomous work. When we can do that, I will return- not a moment earlier.’

An NBC News spokesman issued a statement that read: ‘In this exciting and unpredictable presidential primary season, many of our daytime programs have been temporarily upended by breaking political coverage, including M.H.P. This reaction is really surprising, confusing and disappointing.’

The Melissa Harris-Perry Show, which aired in 2012, is known for its inclusion of underrepresented commentators in addressing issues like social justice and diversity. Harris-Perry said if MSNBC wanted to cancel the show, she would prefer that they do it outright rather than fading it out.  It is unclear whether the show is being canceled, but it has been noted that Harris-Perry has removed the show from her Twitter bio.

It was also reported in April that the 42-year-old and her husband, James Perry, owed about $70,000 after the IRS filed a tax lien. Harris Perry told the Winston-Salem Journal that she and her husband had paid more than $21,000 of the debt back, and that ‘personal crises’ had slowed them down. She wrote: ‘We were aware that we would continue to need to work to pay off the 2013 debt.’


Four MSNBC Hosts Owe Tax Debts



THR: Touré Neblett, co-host of MSNBC’s The Cycle, is the latest network host to be under scrutiny for owing thousands in taxes. 

According to public records reviewed by National Review, Neblett’s debt currently stands at over $59,000. A state tax warrant of $46,862.68 was issued to the host and his wife in September 2013, followed by an additional warrant for $12,849.87 six months later. Neblett formerly served as a contributor for The Dylan Ratigan Show before it was canceled by the network in 2012.

He joins three other MSNBC hosts who have also reportedly been issued tax warrants or liens, including Joy Ann-Reid, Melissa Harris-Perry and Al Sharpton.

National Review reports that the state of New York filed a tax warrant against Reid, who has been a contributor for the network since 2011, and her husband for the amount of $4,948.15 last month. Reid hosted The Reid Report for a full year — from February 2014 until its early cancelation in February 2015.

tampon earrrings

Just last week, the Winston-Salem Journal also reported that Harris-Perry, who has hosted the political commentary program Melissa Harris-Perry on MSNBC since 2012, and husband James Perry owed $70,000 in delinquent taxes ($21,721 of which was paid off on Tax Day, Harris-Perry told the newspaper).

Sharpton’s financial run-ins with the IRS surfaced back in November 2014, as reported by The New York Times. The Times estimated that Sharpton, host of political talk show PoliticsNation since 2011, and his combined businesses owed around $4.5 million in state and federal tax liens.

An MSNBC spokesperson declined to comment on the reports.



Did you know your kids don’t belong to you?

First it was Hillary Clinton who lectured to us about how “it takes a village to raise a child.”

Now, MSNBC host and professor of political science at Tulane University Melissa Harris-Perry goes one step further. Not only does it take a village to raise a child, your child belongs to the village and not to you!

Now read what you just heard her say, and let the words sink in:

We have to break through our kind of private idea that kids belong to their parents or kids belong to their families and recognize that kids belong to whole communities.  Once it’s everyone’s responsibility, and not just the household’s, then we start making better investments.

Don’t be fooled by her use of the warm-and-fuzzy word “community.” What she really means is “the state.”

Think about it: If your kids don’t belong to you but to “the community,” who will make the decisions (“better investments”) concerning your kids’ food, clothing, schooling, religion, entertainment, and socialization?

Will “the community” do that? How? Through voting in a communal meeting?

That would be cumbersome, time-consuming, unwieldy, and impractical.

So, in practice, it would be some governing body of “the community” that’ll make all those decisions concerning your kids.

The state!

In short, Melissa Harris-Perry is a COMMUNIST. What she is proposing is COMMUNISM.

That sure worked out well in Maoist China’s Great Commune Movement of the late 1950s, and in the 3-year nightmare called the Khmer Rouge’s Kampuchea….

By the way, this is the same sulphurous Melissa Harris-Perry who, on July 4, 2012, said: “The land on which [the Founders] formed the Union was stolen. The hands with which they built this nation were enslaved. The women who birthed the citizens of the nation are second class. This is the imperfect fabric of our nation. . . It’s ours, all of it. The imperialism, the genocide, the slavery.”


Vote for the Worst Media Bias of 2012!

What’s the Worst Media Bias of 2012?

Here are the candidates (from NewsMax):

1. In March 2012, two Newsweek/Daily Beast staffers were discussing former Vice President Dick Cheney’s heart transplant in March. Senior writer Ramin Setoodeh (who’s gay) said, “I would never give my heart to Dick Cheney. It would freeze over.” Assignment editor Allison Yarrow chimed in: “He may be one of the most evil people in the world.”

ramin setoodehRamin Setoodeh (l); Allison Yarrow (r)

2. In July 2012, while reporting on the Aurora, Colo., theater massacre, ABC’s Brian Ross proclaimed that James Holmes of Aurora had joined the tea party a year earlier, only to admit later that the tea party member was a different James Holmes.

Brian RossBrian Ross

3. On July 4, 2012, MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry said: “The land on which [the Founders] formed the Union was stolen. The hands with which they built this nation were enslaved. The women who birthed the citizens of the nation are second class. This is the imperfect fabric of our nation. . . It’s ours, all of it. The imperialism, the genocide, the slavery.”

harris-perryMelissa Harris-Perry

4. In September 2012, CNN’s Piers Morgan fawned over Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad who has called for Israel to be wiped off the map. Morgan asked Ahmadinejad, “How many times in your life have you been properly in love?” Ahmadinejad responded, “I’m in love with all humanity. I love all human beings.” To which Morgan gushed: “That might be the best answer I’ve ever heard to that question.”

Piers Morgan in Burger King Flame Fragrance AdvertPiers Morgan in an advertisement for Burger King’s new scent for men called “Flame” which smells like grilled meat. (This is not a joke)

Sound off on which of the above four is your choice for the Worst Media Bias of 2012!