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What’s that concealed on Meghan Markle’s back?

On March 9, 2020, Meghan Markle and her henpecked husband, Prince Harry, made their last public appearance as British “royals” at the annual Commonwealth Service in Westminster Abbey.

For why that was their last “royal” appearance, see “Harry & Meghan Markle lose in duel with the Queen”.

For the occasion, Meghan wore a green cap and dress-with-cape.

Although the green dress by designer Emilia Wickstead cost a bundle, paid for by long-suffering UK taxpayers via Harry’s daddy Prince Charles’ Duchy of Cornwall funds, the dress was curiously ill-fitting, with lines and lumps, and revealing the outlines of Meghan’s strapless bra.


More curious still are the strange lumps on her back, brought to our attention by an observant tweeter, Lynne Bailey:

Most of the comments in response to Bailey’s tweet say it’s a recording device concealed under Markle’s dress, in order to tape what other royals said during the service.

Other comments are more hilarious:

Markle tucks in her pointy tail when she’s in church

Her inner alien trying desperately to escape


Her new ` fake ` pregnancy bump, has ridden up

A straight jacket?

Her witch’s haunch.

A baby alien bursting forth.

Butt pad migrated up

Devil wings.

What do you think Meghan was concealing on her back?

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