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To our readers: FOTM has the safest rating from McAfee

Some of readers have reported to this blog that they are experiencing two problems when they get on Fellowship of the Minds:

  • A pop-up warning saying that FOTM is a dangerous site.
  • Very slow uploading speed.

I don’t doubt that there is an effort to sabotage FOTM.

Our readers should know this:

Fellowship of the Minds is not a dangerous site. McAfee has examined FOTM and determined it to be safe. In fact, we have the best “threat assessment” rating that McAfee gives: A green-colored rating for “minimal risk”. Here’s a screenshot from McAfee (click to enlarge):

You can verify it for yourself by going here.

And so, if you get a pop-up “dangerous site” warning when you access FOTM, either ignore it or consider switching to a different browser.

To test this, I used three browsers — Firefox, Chrome, Opera — to access FOTM‘s front page, and the results are:

  • No pop-ups with all three browsers.
  • No slow speed with Firefox and Chrome.

Thank you for your patience and for being such loyal readers of FOTM.

God bless you!

Update (Jan. 13, 2018):

Google Chrome is censoring conservative sites by attaching “reviewed claims” to 6 of the top 20 conservative sites. By contrast, none of the top 20 liberal sites had “reviewed claims.” Instead, three of them — The New York Times, The Washington Post, and The New Yorker — had “awards” displayed where “reviewed claims” would have been. (Life News)