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Seattle socialist council member Kshama Sawant wants to give city employees May Day off

sawant always screaming

Socialist Sawant…always screaming about something.

Of course, it’s a “right.”
Update: The day off was granted. From MyNorthwest.com:
Seattle Councilmember Kshama Sawant urged her peers to give city employees the option to take May Day off. They obliged Monday afternoon by unanimously voting to make it official.
From MyNorthwest.com: Seattle councilmember Kshama Sawant is urging her peers to give city employees the option to take May Day off.
On Monday afternoon, Sawant will introduce a resolution proclaiming that city workers have the “right to take the day off on May 1, 2017, without retaliation.” The resolution also asks that city departments inform non-emergency workers that they have the right to request the day off to attend the “celebrations.”
“I urge councilmembers to approve this May Day resolution, which explicitly recognizes the right of city workers to take the day off and provides protection to city workers who may otherwise worry about retaliation,” a statement from Sawant says. “May Day has historically been an important day of action for worker and immigrant rights. It’s especially significant this year, with immigrants, working people, labor unions, women, and the LGBTQ community under attack from Donald Trump. If Seattle is truly a Sanctuary City that supports immigrants and working people, then it should lead the way by enabling City employees to stand in solidarity with immigrants and all workers on May 1.
“Further, I call on everyone who opposes Trump’s bigoted, anti-worker agenda to participate in peaceful May Day activities, particularly the official May 1 Action Coalition march. Join our growing Resist Trump Coalition to actively organize and build the fightback against the billionaire class.”
Prior to a vote on the resolution, Sawant is calling for a rally at City Hall around 1:30 p.m. The resolution will be voted on during the 2 p.m. city council meeting.
Every year on May 1, a workers’ rights march is held in Seattle as part of International Workers’ Day. The march, attended by thousands, is typically peaceful. Other marches, unrelated to the workers’ march during the day, typically occur in the evening and into the night. Those have become known for antagonism, violence, and damage.
According to the Seattle Times, Sawant’s resolution notes that a state law gives public employees in Washington state the right to request two unpaid holidays per year for a reason of faith or conscience or an organized religious activity.
The law says an employee must be allowed to take off the days he or she wants unless the employee’s absence would impose an undue hardship on the employer, or the employee is necessary to maintain public safety.

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Reclaim Halloween as the holy All Hallows' Eve!

holy pumpkinsHoly pumpkins for Halloween!

Today, October 31, is Halloween.
But do you actually know what that word means?

  • The word “hallow” comes from the Old English word “hālig.
  • To hallow is “to make holy or sacred, to sanctify or consecrate, to venerate.”
  • The word “e’en” means “evening.”
  • And so Halloween means Holy Evening! How cool is that?

Halloween is actually a holy day — All Hallows’ Eve, which is the Eve before All Saints Day on November 1 and All Souls Day on November 2. On this All Hallows’ Eve, we prepare ourselves for the celebration of the two holy days to come.
Insofar as what Satan has chosen to do with this important Eve, that is his business. (See “We have met the Halloween monsters, and they are us“)
We can give import and publicity to what the father of lies has done to this day, or we can give import to this Eve in preparation for All Saints Day.  I choose to do the latter.
Satan has a history of turning holy days into an abomination, which is his goal, to insult holiness and turn truth upside down.  For example, May 1st has been celebrated as Communist’s Day.  However, in our faith, it is Mary’s day, as is the  month of May.  The Holy Mass Satan celebrates as a black mass, desecrating Our Lord Jesus.  I like what Taylor Marshall, a Catholic writer and/or apologist, has said about Halloween in response to the premise that it is evil, to-wit:
“There are some Christians who have written off Halloween as some sort of diabolical black mass.  To be clear, it is the vigil of a Christian holy day:  All Hallows’ Eve or All Saints Eve.  Has it been corrupted by our culture and the consumer market?  You bet.  However, Christmas has also been derailed by the culture.  Does that mean that we’re going to hand over Christmas?  No way!  Same goes for Halloween.  The Church does not surrender what rightfully belongs to her – she wins it back.”  
There is nothing new in what Satan tries to do; we can fall into his trap and emphasize what he has done, or we can observe Halloween as All Hallows’ Eve — a holy day.
Tomorrow, I will discuss All Saints Day. Click here!
~Joan (with revisions by Eowyn)

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Help Seattle Police find these May Day criminals!

KIRO News:  The Seattle Police Department on Wednesday released photos of five people wanted in connection with the vandalism and violence that broke out during planned May 1 protests.

Police said they combed through hours of video to, as the department stated on its blog, “put faces to some of the crimes committed.”
Photos of the five — multiple photos in some cases — are available in the slideshow on KIRO’s website.

  • “Suspect 1” is wanted for smashing windows at Niketown.
  • “Suspect 2” is wanted for smashing windows at Niketown with a skateboard.
  • “Suspect 3” is wanted for assault after police said he threw something at officers.
  • “Suspect 4” threw a bottle at police and struck an officer in the head, police said.
  • “Suspect 5” is wanted for a hit-and-run attack in which he ran out of a crows and stomped on an officer’s knee, police said.

The department is still reviewing video and photos from May 1 to possibly identify other suspects.
Anyone who recognizes the people in the photographs, or has photos or video of the violence, is asked to call 206-233-2666 or email MayDay2012@Seattle.gov.

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Seattle Mayor fails to handle Seattle May Day

Despite prior knowledge of anarchists’ planned activities in downtown Seattle on May Day, it took a full morning of violence and damage for Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn to issue an emergency order to protect citizens and businesses.

Cowardly criminals hide their faces with masks

Komo News: Some May Day protestors ran rampant in Downtown Seattle Tuesday afternoon, smashing windows at businesses and cars as they marched through city streets and causing Seattle’s City Hall to go into lockdown.
The chaos and property damage prompted Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn to grant emergency police powers to deal with any potential new riots that could crop up during the rest of the afternoon.
“Using the emergency powers of the mayor’s office, I’m issuing an order for the limited purpose of giving police the authority to confiscate items that can be used as well. McGinn said dozens of black-clad protesters were using items that looked like flagpoles as weapons. He said his order would enable police to take those items away from people before they are used to cause damage. McGinn said his action would help protect public safety as protests continued into Tuesday evening.
“My direction to the police is that I expect them to respond to lawbreaking swiftly and aggressively,” McGinn said. “The First Amendment uses of 5-foot-long, 3-inch rod sticks is outweighed today by our desire to preserve public safety and confiscate weapons.” McGinn said.
Citing student safety, Seattle Schools officials say their buses will be running up to 90 minutes late due to the May Day protest.
All five downtown Wells Fargo Bank branches, including one at Fourth Avenue and Seneca Street where windows were broken, have been closed for the rest of the day, said Lara Underhill, a Wells Fargo spokeswoman.
Why did this damage to private property even have to occur?  Mayor McGinn had full knowledge of the intention of individuals to use the public demonstrations as an opportunity to commit  violence and damage property.
If I were an individual or business owner I’d be sending my property damage bill directly to the Mayor’s office.

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May Day… May Day! Communists & SEIU March

Public Sector /Private Sector Unions and Communists:         in lockstep, shoulder to shoulder.


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