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Agenda 21: Heroic Ann Bressington, Australian MP – Names the NWO Gang

It’s been an amazing year in the fight against the UN Agenda 21-Sustainable Development juggernaut.  As public awareness has grown through the efforts of citizen activists from both sides of the political spectrum, political parties and legislators are taking a stand.  You can find the  anti-Agenda 21 legislation here, 
They’re fighting it in Australia, too.  Member of Parliament, Ann Bressington, spells out the totalitarian plan chronologically and names the names of the perpetrators  quoting NWO boy, George H.W. Bush, ” There will be a profound reorientation of all human activity.”

In the face of the pushback by average citizens and legislators, the UN-USA Executive Director, Patrick Madden, posted an article in March, 2012 calling the people taking a stand against  UN Agenda 21 conspiracy theory wackos and called supporters of Agenda 21 “… we do need to be vocal and vigorous in defense of the UN to ensure the facts are set straight and our message is heard. You can do this by speaking at city council meetings or writing a Letter to the Editor and op-ed, specifically tailored to debunking the Agenda 21.” 
It’s going to be an uphill battle for the UN boys.  It’s hard to debunk a conspiracy when videos of United Nations strongman Maurice Strong, reveals himself as a conspirator in pushing the true agenda behind Agenda 21. 

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Agenda 21: Presentation for Local Officials

Short and sweet, this should be seen by everyone in local government.  When you get their reaction you can vote accordingly.  A guy running for my local City Council actually puts out campaign literature saying he’s on The Visioning Committee!   I’m sure he has no idea how many votes that cost him.  He lost. LOL!  ~LTG

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Where did Agenda 21 come from daddy? Well, honey, it all started with a man named Maurice Strong

Canadian internationalist and Rockefeller errand boy, Maurice Strong, is the father of Agenda 21.  This plan has been in the works since the early 1970s;  premised on climate change, the old Rockefeller hobby horse — population control, redistribution of wealth and social justice. ~LTG
More Info:  The Janitor, the Rockefellers and the 40 Year Plan
1974 Rockefeller Report 
( 249 page pdf on the Rockefeller Foundation website)

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The Man Behind Global Warming Scam

Maurice “Dr. No” Strong

No, it’s not Al Gore.
Fat Al is merely the front man. The evil wizard behind the curtains is a Canadian billionaire named Maurice Strong.
Like you, I’ve never heard of this guy either, until only recently. First, I read that Strong, 81, is the Canadian equivalent of international financier currency speculator and supporter of Obama and the Left, George Soros. Now, in this investigative documentary by former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura for Tru TV, we hear from a global warming skeptic, Lord Christopher Monckton, that Maurice Strong is the man behind the global Global Warming conspiracy.
Strong made his billions in oil and carbon trade-offs, which should be a tip-off that something ain’t right. He portrays himself as an “environmentalist” and a climate warmist, with deep roots in the United Nations, having been in leadership positions in a number of UN environment-related programs. He is also a proponent of a world government in the name of climate change.
Take a look at this video and judge for yourself!

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