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el-Hajj Malik el-Shabazz’s daughter, granddaughter busted on animal cruelty charges


Such fine, lovely womyn…

From NY Post: Malcolm X’s daughter and granddaughter were busted this week on animal cruelty charges, when injured pooches subjected to “inhumane conditions” were found inside a stolen U-Haul truck they were driving.

Malikah Shabazz and her daughter Bettih Shabazz, 19, were arrested Wednesday night in a parking lot of a La Plata, Maryland, Wal-Mart, cops said. Seven injured pit bulls were found inside stacked crates in the back of the rental truck, cops said. The truck was reported stolen earlier in the day to Vermont state police.

The women were charged with seven counts of animal cruelty and vehicle theft and released on $2,000 bond.

Malikah, 51, the youngest of six daughters of the late civil rights activist, pleaded guilty in 2011 to identity theft charges and racking up more than $55,000 in someone else’s name. The victim, Khaula Bakr, was the widow of one of Malcolm X’s bodyguards. Malikah was sentenced to probation in that case.



Melania Trump Wins Hurdle in Defamation Suit Against Political Blogger who Claimed she was an Escort


From NBC News: Lawyers for Melania Trump netted an early victory Friday for the first lady, who is seeking damages against a Maryland blogger after he published a report claiming she once worked as a top-dollar escort.

At a pretrial hearing, Montgomery County Circuit Court Judge Sharon Burrell decided not to toss out the defamation suit, despite an attorney for blogger Webster Tarpley arguing that the suit itself was frivolous and he was within his rights to publish rumors that could have affected husband Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, the Associated Press reported.

Judge Burrell said the published suggestion that Trump, a former model, had worked as a “high-end escort” was akin to describing her as a prostitute.  “There could be no more defamatory statement than to call a woman a prostitute,” Burrell said, according to POLITICO.

Trump attended an initial hearing last month, but she was not in court Friday.

The judge, meanwhile, declined to rule on whether to dismiss another lawsuit against Britain’s Daily Mail newspaper, which published an article on its site on Aug. 20 about reports questioning Trump’s alleged link to an escort agency. The newspaper, which had a story suggesting she worked as an escort in the 1990s before she married Donald Trump, retracted the story.

Burrell is expected to provide a written opinion on the suit against the Daily Mail’s parent company at a later date.

Trump’s attorney, Charles Harder, said in a statement in September that any allegations about her are “100% false and tremendously damaging to her personal and profession reputation.” He said the damages against her are estimated at $150 million.

Harder previously represented Hulk Hogan in his successful suit against Gawker Media, which eventually was sold to Univision. The company’s flagship site, Gawker.com, shut down.

Tarpley has called the defamation lawsuit against him a “blatant attempt to intimidate not only me but journalists of all stripes into remaining silent with regard to public figures”


College president frets students might ‘drop out from fear’ after election

Montgomery President Derionne Pollard

Montgomery President DeRionne Pollard

Via Campus Reform: The president of Montgomery College claims that the presidential election created “profound insecurity” for students, which demands a renewed commitment to “inclusion” from academia.

“Radical inclusion is an approach to higher education that I have promoted for years at my college,” Dr. DeRionne Pollard begins a recent op-ed for The Washington Blade, asserting that “Diversity is one of the pillars of our identity at Montgomery College.”

Pollard—whose bio describes her as “an openly gay African-American woman who remains committed to radical inclusion in the post-election era”—even contends that although diversity and inclusion are “progressive” ideals, they might actually have a practical purpose.

“Creating a climate of inclusion is certainly a progressive 21st century vision, but it also has a practical outcome: It strengthens academic achievement,” she asserts. “Extensive studies—many based around closing the achievement gap for students of color—confirm that people who feel connected to their communities are more likely to succeed in college.”

Yet Pollard says that the 2016 presidential election has created “ripples of profound insecurity” on college campuses, particularly with respect to Donald Trump’s proposed crackdown on illegal immigration, and frets that students might be driven to despair by their disappointment.


“Immigrants and native-born students have been saddened and distraught by the rhetorical targeting of distinct ethnic and racial groups,” she states. “They have written me heartbreaking messages such as, ‘I feel unsafe.’ ‘I feel so insecure…What will happen to us?’ ‘I feel scared, angry, and disappointed.’ Having spent immeasurable energies connecting academic achievement and social belonging, these questions threaten to unravel the safe haven of teaching and learning that my institution has painstakingly nurtured.”

 “Will students drop out from fear?” she ponders. “Will they drive others out under the false logic that opportunity is a zero-sum game?”

Conceding that the answer to both of those questions has thus far been “no,” Pollard says she has nonetheless been “overwhelmed,” but also “comforted,” by the expressions of concern she has heard from students and faculty, citing a “roundtable with journalists” held in the wake of the election titled, “What Just Happened?”

Noting that the college will continue to offer lectures that “push back against the false narrative that victims of state violence and political persecution are somehow a threat to ‘real’ Americans,” and that its “hundreds of ‘Dreamer’ students” will continue to attend for the same tuition, she still frets that not enough is being done to “teach our students about the campaign’s incivility.”

“The only option I see is a stronger and deeper commitment to inclusion,” she concludes, remarking that, “in the week since the election I have received more messages from people who called for increased inclusion and dialogue than from those espousing intolerance.”

Boasting that Montgomery students “understand that poverty is the real enemy in this country,” and that “opportunity” is the solution, Pollard declares that “there is no room left for exclusion,” because “respect for the opportunity that education provides transcends partisan politics.”

Campus Reform reached out to Pollard for comment, but did not receive a response in time for publication.


LGBTQ activists enraged over beach patrol bathroom email

Butch Arbin - no PC allowed!/Baltimore Sun photo

Butch Arbin – no PC allowed!/Baltimore Sun photo

From Todd Starnes at Fox News: The Left has given common sense a great big swirly, America. Consider the plight of Captain Butch Arbin, a 40-year veteran of the beach patrol in Ocean City, Md. He’s facing the wrath of City Hall and militant LGBT activists over his handling of a bathroom controversy involving male and female lifeguards.

Female lifeguards had complained that male lifeguards were using their dressing rooms. The male lifeguards are not transgender. They are presumed to be men who identify as men, which in PC parlance is called “cisgender.” Some of the guys were apparently using the ladies room out of convenience – seeing how there are more male lifeguards than female.

So Arbin fired off an email to set things straight by referencing a recent dustup over President Obama’s decree that men who identify as women should be able to use the porta-potty of their choosing.

“WE are NOT Target,” he wrote to the lifeguards. “USE the locker room that corresponds to your DNA…If You’re NOT SURE go to Target.”

Target's new transgender bathroom

Now, that right there is funny, folks. Target is the national retailer that set off a firestorm when it announced customers could pretty much use whatever bathroom suited them. It’s just too bad that the LGBT activists in Maryland don’t share our sense of humor.

Someone leaked the captain’s email to the news media and – well, let’s just say the veteran lifeguard landed in some mighty hot water.

“It’s nothing short of making fun of transgender people, and it’s absolutely unacceptable for a city employee or a public employee to make fun of transgender people at all,” Equality Maryland Executive Director Patrick Paschall told The Washington Post.  Paschall accused the beach patrol captain of demeaning transgender people and suggested the email might result in physical harm to the LGBTQ community.


“No one should be surprised when the increased drumbeat of harassment increases to discrimination and even violence against LGBTQ people,” he said.

Oh, please. Arbin said the email had nothing to do with transgender people.

“I used humor to make the point,” he said. “I was ONLY looking out for the women of the patrol and was not attempting to put down any group or individual, only maintain a nice facility for the women who choose to use a gender specific facility.”

He told the Baltimore Sun that the guys were leaving the toilet seats up – and that was an issue for the ladies. “I don’t care about being politically correct,” he told the newspaper. “That’s one of the problems in the country right now.”

So the LGBT activists and left-wingers are trying to politically water board this poor guy simply because he was looking out for the female lifeguards. Facing a tsunami of illegitimate outrage, Arbin issued a public “heartfelt” apology. Still, City Hall threw him under the cabana.

Ocean City spokesperson Jessica Waters called his actions “completely inappropriate.” “He just stepped way out of line,” she told the Post. “It’s not a reflection of Ocean City in any way, and we welcome all types of people.”

That’s a lovely sentiment, dear. But does that mean it’s city policy to let men who identify as men leave the seat up in the ladies room?

Ocean City Today, the official newspaper in those parts, issuing a brilliant defense of Arbin.

They suggested that he should tell his critics to pound sand – writing in a stinging editorial about having to “take special care that we don’t put a toe over the line of hurting anyone’s feelings. “Butch Arbin ought to tell those who would see him disciplined for a recent email to take Ocean City’s 10 miles of sand and pound it.”

They sound like my kind of people. “One thing wrong with society in these turbulent times isn’t Arbin or anyone like him, but is the increasingly delicate dance of public discourse at a time when those who seek tolerance are themselves intolerant,” the newspaper wrote in a staff editorial.

I hope they get a Pulitzer for editorial writing.


5-year-old Interrogated By School Over Toy Cap Gun Until He Wet Himself With Fear

OK, don’t know about you , but I think it’s time to get out the great big stupid stick and start smacking the crap out of these idiot edjumacaters. No really. It can’t hurt can it?—————————–   ~ Steve ~ ———————————-


May 31, 2013

Now this burns my Butt

Now this burns my Butt

Yet another child barely out of nappies has been persecuted by school officials for playing with a toy gun on the school bus.
The Washington Post reports  that the five-year-old from Dowell Elementary School in Lusby, Maryland was questioned by school officials for over two hours after he showed a friend his cowboy-style cap gun on the way to school.
Officials finally called the boy’s mother when he wet his pants. The mother told the Post that she found it highly unusual that her son soiled himself, indicating that he was very intimidated.
The report states that the boy’s parents bought him the plastic, orange-tipped cap gun at Frontier Town, a western-themed adventure centre. Following the interrogation, the boy told his mother that he had brought it to school because he had “really, really” wanted to show his friend, who had previously brought a water pistol to school.
The school’s principal told the mother that her son had pointed the toy at other students and pretended to shoot them, although the boy and his sister, who was also on the bus and subsequently questioned, say this is not the case.
The principal even stated that had the gun been “loaded” with caps, then it would have been “deemed an explosive and police would have been called in.”

The boy, who remains anonymous has been suspended from school for 10 days. “If the punishment stands, it would become part of the boy’s permanent school record and keep him out of classes the rest of the school year,” the report notes.
“The school was quite obviously taking it very seriously, and he’s 5 years old,” the boy’s mother said. “Why were we not immediately contacted?”
“I have no problem that he had a consequence to his behavior,” the mother added. “What I have a problem with is the severity.”
The family has hired attorney Robin Ficker, who was also the attorney involved in the infamous Hello Kitty bubble gun incident  back in January, when school officials in Pennsylvania suspended a five-year-old girl for “threatening” class mates with the toy that contains a harmless soap solution. Officials were also said to have interrogated the girl for several hours, before notifying her parents.
Officials at the Mount Carmel school issued a statement describing the girl’s actions as “terroristic” and then refused to retract it following media coverage.
“Kids play cowboys and Indians,” Ficker stated with regards to the latest incident. He added that the boy’s age is important. “They play cops and robbers. You’re talking about a little 5-year-old here.”
He’s “all bugs and frogs and cowboys,” the boy’s mother added.
School officials said they cannot comment on the matter but have scheduled a “disciplinary conference” today to resolve it.
This latest knee-jerk overreaction to children playing with anything that even remotely resembles a gun comes just days after another kindergartner was punished by school officials and forced to apologise for  bringing a tiny miniature lego gun onto a school bus.
The list of previous incidents of this nature is now so long that it has prompted  Maryland  Sen. J. B. Jennings to  introduce a bill  to stop such idiotic over reactions being played out over and over again in schools.
In March, a 7-year-old boy from Maryland  was suspended for unintentionally  biting his pop tart into the shape of a gun.

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2013, Early Entrant For FOTM Darwin Award

Yep folks, the inmates are running the asylum again.  Ughh

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posted on January 2, 2013 by Philip Hodges


6-Year-Old Suspended For Saying, “Pow”

Michael Moore recently said that the only reason white people are buying a bunch of guns in the wake of the Sandy Hook shooting is that they’re fearful. Afraid of black people specifically. He said, “Calm down, white people, and put away your guns.” So if we’re all buying guns and ammo out of fear of the black man, what emotion would cause this idiocy: a 6-year-old boy was suspended from school for making his hand in the shape of a gun and pretend shooting it, saying, “Pow,” as it was pointed at a fellow student. Were school officials actually scared that a bullet was going to come out of the child’s index finger and kill his classmate? So, it’s not fear that’s driving this; it’s pure stupidity.

Renee Garraway, the Assistant Principal in this Montgomery County, Maryland school, sent a letter home with the 6-year-old. Her letter, addressing the child’s parents, stated in part that “your son … was involved in a serious incident. [He] threatened to shoot a student. He was spoken to earlier today about a similar incident.” He threatened to shoot a student? Are they kidding? He was probably playing a version of Cops and Robbers. He’s a little boy. At one time, such behavior was considered normal for little boys. Nowadays with the abject paranoia of the left, this child’s configuring his fingers in the shape of a gun is worthy of suspension

And because of the school’s “no tolerance” policy and ridiculous overreaction, the parents have had to retain an attorney, Robin Ficker. Ficker pointed out that “five years from now when someone at Montgomery County looks at [the child’s] permanent record, they’re going to see that he threatened to shoot another student.”

This is similar to another recent incident where a 3-year-old deaf student was told he had to change his sign language name because the hand gestures for the name “Hunter” resembled guns, much like the 6-year-old’s “gun” above being used to shoot a fellow student.

Government schools are proving themselves to be dangerous, mentally, emotionally and physically. They’re also run by imbeciles who think they’re doing society a favor by removing the kids with “behavior problems” such as the child who was playing Cops and Robbers. Shutting down these government schools would do society a much greater favor.


PS.   Stock up on cases of Duct Tape, Horde it. You will need it as your head will explode a lot this year. 😦

Breaking News- Murder Charges Dropped Against Late Term Abortionists

A Maryland prosecutor on Tuesday dropped murder charges against two doctors accused of performing late-term abortions on fetuses that could have lived outside the womb, in a case that drew national attention as a test of fetal homicide law.

In December, 2011, Cecil County, Maryland State’s Attorney Ellis Rollins brought murder charges against Drs. Nicola Riley and Steven Brigham.

But on Tuesday, Rollins said a medical expert who had originally offered his opinion that a late-term abortion performed by the doctors in 2010 was in Maryland, now said he was not sure whether it was in Maryland or New Jersey.

The case was the first time Maryland’s fetal homicide law was applied to doctors, who are provided with an exception.  Full Story

See:  A Face of Evil: The Face of a Child Murderer   and