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84 y.o. Berkeley pediatrician sexually preyed on young boys

The Mayo Clinic says “It’s natural for men to notice a gradual decrease in sex drive (libido) as they age.”

But not for pedophiles and pederasts, like 84-year-old Berkeley pediatrician Bayard Allmond, M.D.


California News Wire Services reports that on November 8, 2018, Dr. Bayard Allmond, an 84-year-old Berkeley pediatrician with 54 years of experience, pleaded no contest ahead of a scheduled January 2 sentencing for his conviction on a felony count of sending harmful matter to a teenage boy with sexual intent.

In exchange, the Alameda County District Attorney’s Office agreed to:

  • Dismiss three other counts involving the boy: misdemeanor child molestation, felony sexual battery for false professional purposes, and misdemeanor sexual exploitation of a patient.
  • Three years’ probation for Allmond, and the surrender of his medical license and abandoning his practice.

Allmond was arrested on Dec. 14, 2017, at his Berkeley home on Hillcrest Drive where he also has his medical practice.

Three of the charges against Allmond stem from alleged actions in 2016, when Allmond was 82 years old. Berkeley police Officer Darren Kacalek wrote in a probable cause statement that the boy told police that, beginning when he was 16, he made visits to Allmond to receive therapy for anxiety and panic. The boy told investigators that three or four months into the therapy sessions, Allmond began showing him explicit photos of men masturbating and later used images and pornographic videos to show him how sex is performed between men.

Officer Kacalek wrote that when Allmond was arrested on Dec. 14, 2017, he “admitted to engaging in sexual acts with the victim inside his office,” that “what he did was wrong,” that he showed poor judgment, and that “he regretted the incident.”

Allmond’s lawyer, Paul Wolf, says the criminal complaint against Allmond contains “provocative allegations,” many of which “cannot be proven and are not true.” Wolf calls Allmond “an 84-year-old man who has an extraordinary reputation and is generally loved and admired professionally,” who “has worked well with hundreds of patients,” and whose behavior with the teenage boy was “aberrant.”

Court records indicate that the victim’s family isn’t happy with the way Allmond’s case was resolved.

I hope the boy’s family bring a civil suit against Bayard Allmond.

Update (Jan. 4, 2019)

The victim, now a 20-year-old college student, had agreed to Allmond’s plea deal because he didn’t want his parents and the public to find out about what happened.

Recently, however, his parents found out about the case because the victim and his father share the same name and the father inadvertently opened a letter about the case that probation officials sent to the family’s home.

The upshot: A family discussion took place and the victim is now free from shame and wants jail time for Allmond. The victim, who is suffering from PTSD, asks to postpone Allmond’s sentencing until Feb. 15, at which time the victim will come to court to make his case. (Source)


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