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My heart is heavy as I said goodbye to my “Lucky” cat…

Lucky…with his brother Baby’s catch (He knew Baby is the better hunter).


Lucky never wanted me to leave…


Lucky (r) and his brother Baby.


Lucky batting at the blinds…anything to make some noise & get your attention.


Lucky helping me getting ready in the am.

On Wednesday morning I said goodbye to my buddy, “Lucky.”

He passed away rather unexpectedly. I had taken him to the vet on Tuesday and his blood work looked really good for a 16-year old cat. The vet diagnosed him with Stage 1 kidney disease and we devised a treatment plan. He expected Lucky to live another year.

Lucky had it rather rough that night and come Wednesday morning, I knew the end was near. I wrapped him in a towel and drove to the vet with him on my lap.

He passed away on my lap in the vet’s parking lot. My last words to him were “I love you buddy.”

Lucky and his brother Baby came to me 16 years ago while I was living in Washington state. A friend in Oregon found an abandoned cat in the woods by her house. She took the cat home and realized it had been nursing.

She went back to the spot in the woods where she discovered the mama cat and found four kittens. I drove to Oregon and took home the biggest one (my Lucky) and the runt (my Baby).

I thought “Lucky” was a perfect name for my new buddy as my friend had the hindsight to go back into the woods and search for kittens. Turns out I was the lucky one.

We are all lucky to have four-legged friends cross our paths and share our lives. The live forever in our hearts and memories.

Goodbye my sweet buddy. Thanks for letting me be lucky enough to have shared a part of my life with you.


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