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Say wut? 33-year-old woman engaged to a chandelier

A whole lotta crazy here.

From NY Post: A British woman plans to marry a chandelier she bought online — and admits she’s hooked on “kisses and cuddles” with the dusty antique.

Amanda Liberty, 33, isn’t fazed by the whopping 57 year age gap between her and the tarnished light fitting, who she has dubbed “Lumiere.”

Speaking of her wife-to-be, who she spent over $500 shipping over from Europe in 2016, she said: “As soon as I saw Lumiere on eBay, I knew immediately that she was the one for me and it was love at first sight. She was based in Germany and although I knew it would be tricky to get her home, I knew I needed to find a way to make her mine. I couldn’t stop thinking about her and how beautiful she was — she has such a beautiful shape and I could feel really amazing energy coming from her.

After winning the online auction, Liberty patiently waited for her to turn up at her Leeds home, turning to her 24 other chandeliers, who she claims she was in an “open relationship” with before meeting Lumiere.

She said: “After buying the chandelier, I patiently waited for her to be imported into the UK and after six days of waiting, she was finally in my arms. She had been disassembled for her own safety, but once I put all her pieces together and she settled into her new home, our relationship just went from strength to strength.”

“A friend of mine actually named her Lumiere because of the film “Beauty and The Beast,” after the candlestick who comes alive.”

Last Valentine’s Day I proposed to her, to signify our long lasting love. I hope at some point we will have a commitment ceremony — I haven’t been engaged before so it’s very new and exciting!”

Perhaps due to Lumiere’s age, Amanda doesn’t take her to bed every night, preferring to snuggle up with another of her fancy light shades called “Jewel” under the covers.

Liberty said: “None of my chandeliers are jealous of each other, they understand that I love them all for all of their different personalities. For example, I love kissing and cuddling Lumiere, but I sleep with Jewel every night, as she is portable and very nice to cuddle.”

“I’ve always loved the look of chandeliers and when I saw my first chandelier, Luna, it was love at first sight. You can’t control who you fall in love with and things just went from there.

“I spend my spare time restoring old and broken chandeliers to their former glory, which I really enjoy as I can tell that they enjoy the attention that they receive. My dream job would be to work in public buildings such as Buckingham Palace, looking after the grand chandeliers that they have there.”

But it hasn’t always been a light touch that Liberty has craved. As an Objectum Sexual, someone who is sexually attracted to inanimate objects, all sorts of bits and bobs have caught her eye.

Her first relationship was with a drum kit when she was just 14, but as she grew older her tastes developed — and she soon had her eyes on bigger sights.

Liberty fell in love with the Statue of Liberty — who she affectionately calls “Libby” — and has traveled to the US six times to gaze longingly at the 305-foot tall monument. In 2010 she even changed her surname by deed poll to “Liberty” to show her commitment to the 142-year-old statue.

However, Liberty struggled to have a long distance relationship with the green woman, who has an eight-foot-long face and she turned to her chandeliers for comfort. Her living room is adorned with memorabilia dedicated to the monument and she insists that she still loves Libby.

Liberty said: “People often can’t understand that this is just a natural orientation for me, that I can find the beauty in objects and can sense their energy. I want others to see how happy the chandeliers make me and how much they’ve enriched my life. I’m not hurting anyone by entering into a relationship with them, I am simply just following my heart.



“Throuple” of two homosexual men and one woman live together and want to adopt children

new york throuple

One happy “throuple”

Someone needs to inform the woman in this “throuple” about the medical consequences she may face by having sexual relations with homosexual men as well as the medical consequences the men bring upon themselves.

From Daily Mail: A ‘throuple’ of two married men and a woman are thinking of adopting children together.

Chris, 38 and Matt Brandt, 28, from New York, have been together for eight years. Two years ago they invited Cait Earnest, 28, into their relationship after meeting her on a dating app.

Chris, who is bisexual, said he suggested to Matt that they involve a woman because he had never had any sexual experiences with them. He said Matt was against the idea at first but soon decided to try it and the couple met Cait.

The trio now live together in a one bedroom apartment and say their relationship is better than ever before – despite disputes about who sleeps where in the bed. Even Matt’s grandfather has welcomed the unusual relationship and often asks when they are going to adopt a child.

Cait told The Sun: ‘When we meet somebody at a bar I will usually say “hi, I’m Cait and these are my two boyfriends.” People often ask if I’m joking.’

Talking about the ‘throuple’s’ sex life, she said: ‘I had never been with two people at the same time before. It’s different strokes for different folks but I would say it’s a pretty fun sex life.’

Cait and Chris say they are bisexual while Matt defines himself as homoflexible, meaning he prefers men but is open to women. He said: ‘I guess I had an awakening after I had a sexual experience with a woman. It is just another body, another soul, a connection that I can have.

Cait, who officiated her boyfriends’ wedding, said she was jealous at first because she liked Chris more than Matt and was frustrated that she would have to share him with Matt. Matt said he was also jealous of Cait because he thought Chris would love him more than her, but both said they soon came to terms with their place in the relationship.

The ‘throuple’ say they are thinking about having children in the future and believe any child would be ‘lucky’ to have three parents.  But Matt said they are happy with their two dogs for now.


Uncle in Germany cleared to have sex with his niece

As proggies like to proclaim, “#LoveIsLove.”

messed up

From NY Post: A teen’s sexual relationship with her uncle is not verboten, a German court ruled this week.

In its ruling, the judges reasoned that the 15-year-old girl, identified as Josephine, risked “serious damage in her social-emotional and mental development” if she and her non-blood uncle, 47-year-old Gerrit Haager, were denied contact.

The loving uncle/CEN Photo

The loving uncle/CEN Photo

In Germany, as in many European countries, the legal age of sexual consent is 14. Since there is no law in Germany prohibiting the relationship, it may continue to blossom, the court ruled.

“The court does not offer any opinion on the non-judicial question of whether a 47-year-old married man should return the love of a 14-year-old fired by adolescent affection and enthusiasm,” it wrote, the Telegraph reported.

“The relationship may be socially undesirable and unacceptable, but it is not covered by criminal law, and not categorically forbidden.”

The girl from Schildow, a town in the German state of Brandenburg, ditched school and ran off with her uncle a year ago — to the dismay of her worried parents, who alerted police.

The pair were later found in southern France, and the teen was brought back to Germany, where her parents forbade her from seeing her uncle. The parents got the court involved in a bid to keep the two apart. The red-haired teen revolted, stopped attending school, and tried to stay in a government shelter.

The teen, whom the court described as of “above average intelligence,” has said her relationship with her uncle is “goal-oriented and stable,” according to CEN.


Polygamous family from TV’s ‘Sister Wives’ take their fight to legalize ‘multiple marriages’ to Supreme Court

I will not be surprised if this eventually becomes another legal right in the US. After all, #loveislove.

sister wives

From the Daily Mail: The polygamous family from TV’s ‘Sister Wives’ will take their fight to legalize polygamy to the U.S. Supreme Court, their lawyer said on Friday.

Kody Brown and his four wives say that polygamous marriages can be just as healthy as monogamous unions, and they argue a Utah law that makes plural marriages a felony violates their right to freedom of speech and religion.

sister wives family

Attorney Jonathan Turley decried an appeals court decision that threw out the Browns’ challenge to the law. The judges decided the Browns can’t sue because they weren’t charged under the law, so they didn’t consider the constitutional issues.

Turley said an investigation by local authorities after the Brown’s reality TV show ‘Sister Wives’ premiered nevertheless amounted to government abuse. Though the investigation was closed without filing charges, the Brown say they had to flee the state and the threat of prosecution still hangs over their heads.

A federal judge sided with them and overturned key parts of the state’s bigamy law in 2013, but an appeals court overturned that decision in April. The appeals court refused the Browns’ request to reconsider the case in an opinion handed down Friday.

Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes (a republican) has pledged to leave polygamists alone unless they break other laws.  But he argues the state still needs the ban to go after polygamists like Warren Jeffs, who serving a life prison sentence for sexually assaulting girls he considered wives.

A spokesman for the Reyes declined to comment on the ‘Sister Wives’ appeal. The family’s lawyer didn’t immediately say when the appeal might be filed.


Mother and her son are in love, plan to marry and have a baby…

Hey, #loveislove or something like that.

mother in love with son

Via Daily Mail: A mother who was reunited with her son after giving him up for adoption more than 30 years ago says the pair are in love and trying for a baby after he left his wife for her.

British-born Kim West, 51, and her son Ben Ford, 32, who lives in Michigan, have been in a relationship since they met in 2014 and says they have ‘incredible and mind-blowing’ sex.

The pair came back into contact two years ago after Mr. Ford wanted to find out more about his birth parents and got in touch with Miss West. They found themselves sexually attracted to each other and shared their first kiss over a bottle of champagne in a hotel before having sex.

And just three days after they had sex for the first time, Mr. Ford told his wife Victoria, he no longer loved her and would be leaving. He told New Day that he told his wife: ‘Everytime I have had sex with you since I met her, I imagine it’s her I am kissing, otherwise I can’t perform.’


West, who grew up in Islington, London, became pregnant while studying in California and after giving birth to her son aged 19, gave him up for adoption. After Ford was adopted a week after he was born, she came back to the UK but was unable to make a relationship work.

But in December 2013, she received a letter from her son, who was looking to track down his biological parents. And ever since the pair were reunited in January 2014, they realised they were attracted to each other.

Now two years on, he is in a relationship with his mother with the pair living in Michigan in what they describe as ‘Genetic Sexual Attraction’ (GSA). And now they plan to marry and are even trying to have a baby together.

West, who works as an interior designer, told Alley Einstein of New Day: ‘This is not incest, it is GSA. We are like peas in a pod and are meant to be together. I know people will say we’re disgusting, that we should be able to control our feelings, but when you’re hit by a love so consuming you are willing to give up everything for it, you have to fight for it.’

Incest is illegal in the couple’s home state of Michigan and judges in the state are able to give out life sentences to those found guilty of the offence. However, it is unclear if a case against them would be pursued and the couple say they would move if that were the case.

Ford first got in touch with his biological mother in December 2013, while living with his wife in Colorado, as he wanted to know more about his birth parents. They arranged to meet up and the couple grew close, and eventually shared their first kiss.

Soon after, Ford, a freelance computer coder, left his wife after realising he had fallen for his mother and moved to Michigan, where they met with another GSA couple. Now the couple are planning a special wedding and hope to have a baby together. They also say they will consider surrogacy, if they are unable to have a biological child.

Genetic sexual attraction is a seldom-talked about phenomenon that occurs between adoptees and their long-lost parents. It describes feelings of intense intimacy between two relatives who have been separated during the critical years of development and bonding, and then meet for the first time as adults.

When an adult-child and their biological parent finally meet, the brain struggles to associate each other as family. Instead, they become captivated with one another, sharing similar physical features, likes and dislikes, which is coupled with complex feelings of intimacy. This can lead both parties to express their emotions sexually.

The phenomenon was first identified by Barbara Gonyo in the Eighties, after she a wrote book called I’m His Mother, But He’s Not My Son, which recounted her personal story of reuniting with the son she placed for adoption at 16.

Read the whole story here.


More garbage from MTV: “I had my cousin’s baby”

Because #loveislove, or something like that.

are you serious

MTV has a “documentary” TV series called “True Life.” It’s been around since 1998 and covers topics from drug use, money issues, and sexual topics to simple social behavior. Their latest offering? “I’m in love with my cousin and I’m having his baby.”

Thursday’s episode featured two women who are in romantic relationships with their cousins, and who decide to have children with them.

As The NY Post describes:

“Alexis, 20, of Charleston, SC, is engaged to her cousin Andrew and six months pregnant with his baby (she also has a 2-year-old from another father). He’s been in jail for the past five months for burglary, and she is trying to raise enough money to bail him out. But their family, who disapproves of their relationship, is reluctant to help.

Her relationship is dealt another blow when she finds out Andrew may have cheated on her. “Even if we do break up, I’m still going to see this man everywhere I go, at every family event,” she says. “I didn’t think I’d be going through this with somebody in my own family.” Adding insult to injury, the judge denies Andrew’s bail bond and sentences him to a six-year term — meaning he misses the birth of their daughter.

Meanwhile, Grace, 23, is married to her cousin Dylan, 24, and they have two daughters (ages 3 and 18 months) together. Though they didn’t know each other growing up, they have been outcasts from their family since getting married (her mom and stepdad were the only two people to attend the wedding from her side). Grace’s brother has disowned her, and when they show up to her niece’s 3rd birthday party uninvited, they aren’t let in. “It was definitely a slap in the face, and one that I won’t forget, ever,” she says.

Tired of being ostracized, the couple decides to move across the country from Cedar Hill, Tenn., to LA, where they hope their unconventional relationship will be accepted. After an eventful drive west (their car breaks down outside of Phoenix and they’re forced to pawn their TV to pay for a motel), their new California life proves to be short-lived — they run out of money after just two weeks and are forced to return to Tennessee, where they are still trying to make amends with their family.”

messed up


Gay married couple who got divorced after just one year to include a THIRD man in their relationship now plan to have children with their sisters as surrogates

Because “love is love” or something like that.

Happy threesome: (l-r) Sebastian Tran, 29, Adam Grant, 27, and Shayne Curran, 29, live together as a threesome after Shayne and Adam got divorced to include Sebastian in their relationship

Happy threesome: (l-r) Sebastian Tran, 29, Adam Grant, 27, and Shayne Curran, 29, live together as a threesome after Shayne and Adam got divorced to include Sebastian in their relationship

Daily MailTwo married men have revealed how they got a divorce just one year after tying the knot – so they could include a third man in their relationship.

Adam Grant and Shayne Curran, from Nova Scotia, Canada, said ‘I do’ in 2011 after dating for more than two years. However, they met Sebastian Tran in a nightclub in September 2012 and immediately hit it off – and decided to end their marriage so they could make a commitment to each other as a threesome.

The trio, who all work in the medical profession, now live together and are hoping to start a family someday – with help from Seb’s and Shayne’s sisters who will act as surrogates and egg donors.

Although being married to more than one person is not legal in Canada, the trio say they have spoken lawyers who can draw up paperwork to make sure they are ‘equally bound and obligated to each other in the eyes of the law’. None of the men has ever been in a polyamorous relationship before.

Shayne, 29, who is a medical administration student, said: ‘We’re the happiest we’ve ever been – all our dynamics and personalities work so well in a relationship. The three of us bring out the best in each other.’ Adam, a 27-year-old nursing student, added: ‘We didn’t want Sebastian to be excluded or feel like the third wheel in our relationship. ‘So Shayne and I decided to get a divorce so that we could make a renewed commitment between the three of us instead. ‘We want to make sure that we’re all equally bound and obligated to each other in marriage.’

Adam Grant and Shayne Curran, from Nova Scotia, Canada, tied the knot in 2011 after dating for more than two years. They got divorced a year later and now live as a threesome with Sebastin

Adam Grant and Shayne Curran, from Nova Scotia, Canada, tied the knot in 2011 after dating for more than two years. They got divorced a year later and now live as a threesome with Sebastin

The threesome hope to conceive three children together with the help of Shayne’s sisters as surrogates whilst Seb’s sister will donate her eggs. 

Sebastian, 29, came out as gay a year before meeting Adam and Shayne and has never been in a long-term relationship before. He said: ‘We definitely see kids in our future. We would love to have three children altogether of our own genetics if possible and we have a plan on how we’re going to make that happen. We have really supportive family and friends around us who want to help us conceive. Shayne has two sisters who have offered to carry our children for us and my sister will hopefully donate her eggs too.’

Adam and Shayne first met in a nightclub in Halifax, Nova Scotia more six years ago. Adam said: ‘For three weekends in a row, Shayne and I kept spotting each other at the same nightclub. Every time we met, we couldn’t stop staring at each other. I thought Shayne was so good looking. Eventually, we broke the ice and started chatting.’

Shayne said: ‘Once I began talking, Adam and I instantly clicked. We soon became inseparable and we ended up moving in with each three weeks later. ‘I suppose Adam and I knew straight away that we were meant to be. We were really happy together and ended up getting married in 2011.’

Although being married to more than one person is not legal in Canada, the trio have spoken lawyers who can draw up paperwork to make sure they are 'equally bound and obligated to each other in the eyes of the law'

Although being married to more than one person is not legal in Canada, the trio have spoken lawyers who can draw up paperwork to make sure they are ‘equally bound and obligated to each other in the eyes of the law’

A year into their marriage. Adam and Shayne decided to become a bit more open-minded with their relationship. It was during this point that they met Sebastian. Shayne said: ‘Adam and I wanted to have a little more fun so we decided to experiment with multiple partners. We never intended it to be anything serious, we certainly never planning on taking on a full-time third partner by any means. It was just bit of sexual experimentation. So one night, Shayne and I were in a nightclub with some friends. Sebastian caught our eye. He was dancing to Gangnam Style, which we found hilarious and we thought he was really cute.’

Adam added: ‘We started chatting to Sebastian and the conversation just came really easily. After leaving the nightclub, we went home with Sebastian and spent the whole evening with him. ‘The three of us sat out in our back garden together, talking for hours about our lives, ambitions and dreams.

‘It was such an amazing night. Sebastian was different to anyone we had ever met. There was something about him that Shayne and I couldn’t explain, but it was like meeting our life partner for the second time. ‘We all hung out together the morning after too. We had breakfast together and went on a little road trip together to pick pumpkins.’

Sebastian, who works as a family physician, said: ‘I came out as gay pretty late in life. When I met Adam and Shayne, I was still in the phase of just seeing what everything was about. I hadn’t been in a relationship yet before either so I didn’t know what to expect. I just knew that I really liked Adam and Shayne and they made me happy. At the time, I didn’t think I was ready to commit to anyone so it was a surprise when I fell for both Adam and Shayne. I didn’t think I wanted one boyfriend let alone two! But from the moment we met, we started spending all our time together. We were inseparable.’

This was the first polyamorous relationship that Adam and Shayne had been in too and they had some initial concerns about the arrangement. Shayne explained: ‘Before I met Sebastian, Adam and I had never been in a serious three-way relationship before so it was new territory for us. Initially, we did struggle with our feelings for Sebastian and we had some concerns about how our relationship would all work. I felt awful when I began to feel jealous at the thought of Sebastian being with another guy. It felt wrong to be envious of Sebastian when I still loved Adam. And I didn’t want to fall in love with Sebastian and hurt my relationship with Adam. But after speaking to Adam, we both realised that we both felt the same way about him. If anything, Sebastian only enhanced our relationship.’

After two months of dating, it became obvious that love had blossomed between the trio and they moved in with Sebastian. Sebastian said: ‘It just seemed like the natural path for us, we just realised what we were. Together as a threesome, we were all complete. We never really had the conversation of let’s all be together as a couple. It just sort of happened.’

The threesome have been living together for more than three years now and are happier than ever. Adam, Sebastian and Shayne work so well together that they hope to open a medical clinic in the next few years.

Sebastian explained: ‘Right now, I work as a doctor in the military but after Adam and Shayne have finished their studies, we would love to set up own health centre. I would be the main doctor, Adam should be able to help out with the clinic and perform cosmetic procedures on the side and Shayne would be the boss. It would be wonderful to work together, we’re very passionate about medicine.’

Last year, Adam and Shayne got legally divorced so that they can legally become joined in a union where all parties are equal. Adam explains: ‘We divorced so everything would work out legally with the three of us. The commitment Shayne and I made to each other still stands but now Seb is part of that commitment too.

‘We want to make sure that we are all equal in our relationship and in marriage. ‘Although being married to more than one person is not yet legal, we have spoken lawyers who can draw up paperwork to make sure we are equally bound and obligated to each other in the eyes of the law.’ Sebastian added: ‘We haven’t got a date for our wedding yet but we want it to be a low-key affair – a nice party with all our closest friends and family there.

‘We want to have kids one day so the three of us getting married is very important. We want to ensure our children are looked after whatever happens to us and our union is backed up legally. Adam, Seb and Shayne hope to have three children altogether and even have a plan on how they will conceive them.

Shayne explained: ‘I have two sisters who have both offered to carry our children for us as surrogates and are willing to donate their eggs as well. My sisters actually argue over which one them will carry our baby first – I feel very lucky! Meanwhile Sebastian’s sister will probably donate her eggs too so we can keep it in the family. We want to mix our genes enough so that our kids are as genetically close to us as possible. But, we are open to adoption too. Children are a huge part of our future plans.’

A year into their marriage. Adam (right) and Shayne (left) decided to become a bit more open-minded with their relationship. It was during this point that they met Sebastian

A year into their marriage. Adam (right) and Shayne (left) decided to become a bit more open-minded with their relationship. It was during this point that they met Sebastian

The threesome insist their relationship is like any normal couple’s – having dinner with one another, looking after their two dogs Tito and Tux, and sharing a bed together.

Sebastian explained: ‘Our lives are pretty normal. I work as a doctor in the day whilst Shayne and Adam study. When we return home, we love having movie nights or relaxing in the hot tub in our backyard. We like spending time with our friends and family, checking out the new restaurants and night clubs in Toronto during the weekend.’

Shayne said: ‘We all sleep in a king size bed together – it’s necessary when there’s three people in a relationship as well as two dogs who end up getting into your bed! We all have our roles in the family and divide up our chores. I’m the cook in the family. I always make sure there’s dinner on the table and I insist we all get together to eat supper together every night. That’s very important to us. At the moment, I love cooking Vietnamese food for dinner. Sebastian’s mum has been showing me how to cook lots of amazing Eastern dishes. Meanwhile, Adam is the clean freak of the household and he’s always tidying and taking care of our two dogs. He likes decorating too. Sebastian is the jokester of the family and he constantly cracks us up with his jokes. He also takes on the role of the family financial advisor.’

Adam, Shayne and Sebastian don’t think they will add a fourth partner to their throuple. Sebastian said: ‘We’re already pushing the envelope with the three of us so we’d probably be in danger of pairing off with a fourth partner in the mix. And we really do have a sense of completion with our current relationship. Right now, it’s about the three of us.’

The trio hope to show that polyamory is a perfectly acceptable choice of life and love. Adam explained: ‘We just want to say that love is love. It should be multiplied not divided. It shouldn’t matter if you’re in a three-way or a four-way relationship.’

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