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Gun groups, county sheriffs challenge L.A. law limiting magazine capacity

I’m guessing these “gun control activists” have never reloaded a firearm nor have they seen just how quickly it can be done.


LA Times: Los Angeles city lawmakers jumped into the national fray over gun control earlier this year, voting unanimously to ban firearm magazines that hold more than 10 rounds of ammunition.

Gun control activists said that eliminating those kinds of ammunition magazines would reduce the bloodshed of mass shootings by forcing attackers to stop their rampages sooner to reload. And they said they were confident the new rules would stand up in court: Federal judges had rejected requests to stop similar laws in San Francisco and Sunnyvale from being enforced.

City Councilman Paul Krekorian

City Councilman Paul Krekorian

At a July rally outside Los Angeles City Hall, City Councilman Paul Krekorian declared that if gun rights activists wanted to sue the city, “bring it on.” Now their critics are doing just that. The California Rifle and Pistol Assn. and other opponents — including dozens of county sheriffs from elsewhere in California — filed a lawsuit Friday against the city in Los Angeles County Superior Court. Gun rights groups have sharply criticized such bans, arguing that many lawful gun owners have chosen such ammunition magazines to defend themselves.

This time around, however, attorneys said they are challenging the ban on the grounds that it is preempted by California law, not on the basis of the 2nd Amendment right to bear arms, as they did in the Sunnyvale and San Francisco cases. Their lawsuit argues that the L.A. ban adds to “a patchwork quilt of laws” that travelers “must attempt to navigate under threat of criminal penalties.”

Gun rights advocates used a similar argument when they successfully sued to overturn a San Francisco law that banned handgun possession for most city residents. The new lawsuit seeks to stop L.A. from enforcing the ammunition law and to strip the rules out of the city code.

The Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence, which supports stricter gun laws, countered Friday that the fact that California has regulations tied to such magazines doesn’t mean that local cities and counties cannot pass their own rules. Los Angeles City Atty. Mike Feuer brushed off the legal claims as “baseless,” declaring that the city would fight the lawsuit and win.

And Krekorian, who championed the new restrictions, called it “a predictable and desperate attempt by [National Rifle Assn.] lawyers to strike down a common-sense policy that will keep our city and its people safe. Because the vast majority of mass shooters possess and use large capacity magazines to kill and maim innocent people, laws like this are critical to safeguard our city’s residents,” Krekorian said in a statement.

State law already generally bans the manufacturing of such ammunition magazines, offering them for sale or bringing them into the state. But California does not actually prohibit people from possessing them, which Krekorian and other gun control advocates see as a dangerous loophole.

Under the state rules, residents can generally continue to hold onto such magazines if they owned them in the state before a certain date. The groups suing Los Angeles argued that its ordinance contradicts that and other state law because California “specifically and purposefully permitted the continued possession” of magazines that are now banned under the city rules.

Shasta County Sheriff Tom Bosenko

Shasta County Sheriff Tom Bosenko

“There are literally tens of thousands of these magazines in existence throughout California that can be legally owned — and current state law allows them to be possessed,” said Shasta County Sheriff Tom Bosenko, who is a plaintiff in the case. “This ban preempts that. It erodes the rights of law-abiding citizens.

In addition, the lawsuit claims that the L.A. ban “effectively land locks numerous individuals who are unable to transport their magazines anywhere without traveling through Los Angeles” despite state laws allowing lawful owners of such ammunition magazines to transport them. For instance, it contends that Torrance firearm safety instructor Kenneth Takahashi will find it “effectively impossible” to get to trainings elsewhere.

The Rifle and Pistol Assn. is the official state affiliate of the National Rifle Assn. but has its own independent board, according to its website. It has been joined in the suit by the California Reserve Peace Officers Assn., the Law Enforcement Alliance of America and gun magazine owners from L.A. and nearby cities.

Bosenko was among 30 county sheriffs who also joined the lawsuit, arguing that the new rules could criminalize anyone whom they have licensed to carry such magazines if they drive through Los Angeles, and could also put the sheriffs themselves at risk. The L.A. rules exempt any police and military gun owners who are otherwise authorized to possess such magazines and do so “while acting within the scope of his or her duties,” but the lawsuit argues that means the sheriffs and their deputies could be arrested for having such magazines while off duty in Los Angeles.

L.A.’s ban went into effect earlier this year. Gun control activists are now seeking to expand such restrictions across California, advocating for a ballot initiative backed by Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom that would prohibit the possession of ammunition magazines that can hold more than 10 rounds, as well as other measures to toughen state gun laws.


L.A. County minimum wage hike would have little effect on poverty, study says


Los Angeles Time: A proposed minimum wage increase in Los Angeles County’s unincorporated areas would have “little impact, if any, on poverty,” according to a new report. The Board of Supervisors commissioned the study by the Los Angeles Economic Development Corp. to look at the potential economic effect of gradually raising minimum pay to $15 an hour.

The city of Los Angeles earlier this month approved a plan that will increase the minimum wage within the city limits from $9 to $15 by 2020. County supervisors will vote on a similar plan on Tuesday.

A draft version of the report was released earlier this month, including results of a survey of 1,000 businesses around the county. The final report, released Friday night, added summary observations and included more a detailed breakdown of the survey results.

The economists concluded that as a result of the wage increase, “many prices will increase, including those that lower-income households commonly face; wages will rise for those in minimum wage jobs that remain employed; employment opportunities for those at the bottom of the skills ladder will be diminished” and “employment growth will slow.”

Unbiased Sheila Kuehl

Unbiased Sheila Kuehl

County Supervisor Sheila Kuehl, who proposed the wage increase, said she thought the business survey findings bolstered her arguments for raising the wage and called the conclusions drawn by the study “dishonest.” “I was extremely disappointed in the bias of their executive summary,” she said. “The executive summary is not a summary of the report — it’s an opinion piece.”

According to the report, none of the businesses surveyed thought it likely that they would close down or relocate as a result of the wage increase. The survey included a cross section of small and large businesses from different industries. A majority of businesses surveyed — and 96% of those that have minimum wage employees — said they would likely raise their prices to make up for the increased labor costs.

Only 6% of the businesses overall said it was likely they would reduce the number of minimum-wage workers they employ as a result of the increased wage, but 19% of businesses with minimum wage workers said it was likely they would. And only 2% of businesses overall — but 7% of those with minimum wage workers — said they would likely cut the hours of their existing low-wage employees. A large portion of businesses were undecided on both questions.

Businesses in the city of Los Angeles employ about 40% of workers throughout the county. Another 10% are in unincorporated areas. The rest are in the other 87 independent cities within the county.

Under the plan approved by the city and being considered by the county, businesses with less than 26 employees will get an additional year to implement the wage increase in both the city and county. Those small businesses comprise a substantial majority of businesses throughout the county. According to the LAEDC report, 87% of businesses throughout the county and 86% of those in unincorporated areas have fewer than 20 employees.

If all these politicians around the country are promoting and voting for an increased minimum wage, why are 1) the wages phased in and 2) why not a minimum wage of $20? Seems if they really want to help the poor, they’d mandate increased wages now and with a better “living wage”.

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What killed Elisa Lam, whose body rotted for 2 weeks in a hotel water tank?


This post, especially the surveillance video at the end, will unnerve you. Make your own judgment as to what happened to Elisa Lam, but note that the title of this post is “What killed Elisa Lam,” not “Who killed Elisa Lam”.

Elisa Lam

On February 19, 2013, the body of Elisa Lam (pic above), a 21-year-old college student from Vancouver, Canada, was found in a gigantic water tank on the roof of Cecil Hotel, a rundown hotel in Los Angeles’ tenderloin district which marketed itself as cheap lodging for international tourists but also rented rooms to long-term residents.

Cecil Hotel2Cecil Hotel1

The young woman had traveled alone to California for tourism, arriving on January 27. Reportedly in daily contact with her parents in Vancouver, Lam was last seen by hotel employees on January 31, which meant her body had been in the water tank for more than two weeks.

Indeed, for two weeks guests at the Cecil Hotel had complained of low water pressure and a foul taste in the water. After the discovery of Lam’s body, L.A. County health officials at first issued a do-not-drink order. After conducting two tests of the water, officials declared the water was safe from a “microbiological standpoint.” Chlorine in the water probably killed any bacteria in the tank where Lam’s body was found. 

On June 20, 2013, Los Angeles Coroner’s Lt. Fred Corral said Lam’s body had no signs of trauma indicating foul play, and ruled her death “an accident with bipolar disorder listed as a significant condition,” without elaborating what “significant condition” meant. Toxicology tests found nothing that contributed to her death. Authorities have not said how they believe Lam got into the tank. She had simply “accidentally drowned.”

But as you can see from the pictures below of the hotel’s water tanks, how Lam could have climbed up to the top of the 8-foot tall, 4-foot diameter tank, pushed aside the lid, “accidentally” fell into the tank, then put the lid back on and “accidentally drowned” defies a rational explanation.  For an assailant to drag her  body up to the top of the tank would be even more difficult.

The only ways to get to the roof are via a fire escape and a locked door to which only employees have access. The door is equipped with an alarm system that notifies hotel personnel if someone is on the roof.

Cecil Hotel water tanksCecil Hotel water tanks1

The hotel has a checkered and rather spooky history, including: 

  • “Night Stalker” serial killer Richard Ramirez, who died of cancer June 7 while on death row for 13 slayings in the 1980s, had lived on the hotel’s 14th floor for several months in 1985.
  • In 1962, a female occupant jumped out of a hotel window, killing herself and a pedestrian.

Before the discovery of her body, police searching for Lam had released a surveillance video of the hotel elevator, showing her behaving oddly — pushing buttons for multiple floors, peering out of the elevator, stepping in and out of the elevator, waving her arms, and seemingly trying to hide herself in a corner. The video triggered widespread speculation and conspiracy theories about her death on the Internet in the U.S., Canada, and especially in China, where the video went viral.

Warning: The video is disturbing, more so than a horror movie because it’s not a movie. Please watch the video till the end, even after Lam had exited the elevator. Tell me if you see movement in the wall of the elevator, including a face. I’m not joking.

Sources: USA Today; CBS News; L.A. Times; CNNVigilant Citizen.


Fred On Everything

This was sent to me as an email from my bud. Never heard of Fred before, but I have to say he is a bit insane.  :)   There is a link below for all of his columns. Enjoy,   ~Steve~




Blacks And The Politics Of Racial Extortion

Will It Work Forever?

Oh, Lord. I’d pull my hair out, if I had more.


Slavery Reparations………..by Fred Reed!

As you will recall, Henry Louis Gates, Jr. is the Harvard professor who got arrested by Cambridge Police not too long ago. 

Fred Reed was a police reporter for one of the large Washington newspapers. 
He now writes a column which can be Googled ~

http://www.fredoneverything.net/fred-columns.shtml )

“Fred on Everything.”

Fred published a weekly online column in which he got to say the things his editors would never, ever have let him write in the paper. His stuff is iconoclastic and various articles have probably offended everyone…regardless of political  orientation. So, with the 
warning that “This is definitely not politically correct,” here comes Fred…

The following is an essay regarding the failings of a system and a culture. 
Please note that he elegantly describes the mood of many Americans and he does so without prejudice.

Slavery Reparations………..by Fred Reed!


On the Web I find that Henry Louis Gates Jr., the chairman of Afro-American Studies at Harvard, is demanding that whites, pay reparations to blacks. It’s because of slavery, see. He is joined in this endeavor by a gaggle of other professional blacks. I guess he’ll send me a bill.

Huh? I feel like saying, Let me get this straight, Hank. I’m slow. Be patient. You want free money because of slavery, right?

I don’t blame you. I’d like free money too.

Tell you what. I believe in justice. I’ll give you a million dollars for every slave I own, and another million for every year you were a slave. Fair enough? But tell me, how many slaves do you suppose I have? In round numbers, I mean. Say to the nearest dozen. And how long were you a slave?


In other words, I owe you reparations for something that I didn’t do and didn’t happen to you. That makes sense. Like lug nuts on a birthday cake.

Personally, I think you owe me reparations for things you didn’t do and never happened to me. I’ve never been coated in Dutch chocolate and thrown from the Eiffel Tower. I’ll bet you’ve never done it to anyone.

I want reparations.

Kinda silly, isn’t it?

But if we’re going to talk about reparations, that’s a street that runs in two directions. You want money from me for what some other whites did to some other blacks in another century. How about you guys paying whites reparations for current expenses caused by blacks? Not long ago blacks burned down half of Los Angeles, a city in my country. Cities are expensive, Hank. Build one sometime and you’ll see what I mean. Whites had to pay taxes to repair Los Angeles for you. You can send me a check.

Now, yes, I know you burned LA because you didn’t like the verdict in the trial of those police officers. Well, I didn’t like the verdict in the Simpson trial. But I didn’t burn my house and loot Korean grocers.

Over the years blacks have burned a lot of American cities: Newark, Detroit, Watts, on and on. Now add in the fantastic cost over the years of welfare in all its forms, of large police forces and jails and security systems in department stores. I can’t live in the capital city of my own country because of crime committed by blacks. Toss in the cultural cost of lowering standards in everything for the benefit of blacks.

See what I mean?

Now, I’d view things differently if you said, “Fred, blacks can’t get anywhere in a modern country without education. We know that. We need better schools, smarter teachers, harder courses, books with smaller pictures and bigger words. Can you help us?”

I’d say, “Hallelujah! Hoo-ahh! Not just yes, but hell yes. Let’s sell an aircraft carrier and get these folks some real schools and get them into the economic mainstream.” I’d say it partly because it would be the right thing to do, and partly because I’d like to add you guys to the tax base. The current custodial state is expensive. I’d just love for blacks to study and learn to compete and stop burning places.

But is it going to happen?

You may not believe it, but I, and most whites, don’t like seeing blacks as miserable and screwed up as they are. I spend a fair amount of time in the projects. Those places are ugly. It’s no fun watching perfectly good kids turn into semi-literate dope dealers who barely speak English. It just plain ain’t right.

But, Hank, what am I supposed to do about it? I can’t do your children’s homework. At some point, people have to do things for themselves, or they don’t get done.

Maybe it’s time.

I’ll tell you what I see out in the world, Hank. I think blacks are too accustomed to getting anything they want by just demanding it. True, it has worked for over half a century. Get a few hundred people in the street, implicitly threaten to loot and burn, holler about slavery, and the Great White Cash Spigot turns on.

Thing is, whites don’t much buy it any longer. Most recognize that what once was a civil-rights movement has become a shakedown game. Few people still feel responsible for the failings and inadequacies of blacks. Political correctness keeps the lid on–but everyone knows the score.

Which scares me, Hank. On one hand, blacks hate whites and incline toward looting and burning. (The whites you hate are the ones who marched in the civil-rights movement. Ever think about that?) On the other hand, whites quietly grow wearier and wearier of it. Not good.

On the third hand (allow me three hands, for rhetorical convenience) blacks keep demanding things. As I write, you demand reparations for slavery. Blacks in Oklahoma (I think it was) want money for some ancient race riot. Other blacks reject the Declaration of Independence, blacks in New York hint broadly at burning and looting over a trial, yet more demand the elimination of the Confederate flag, and the federal equal-opportunity apparatus, which means blacks, wants to sue Silicon Valley for not hiring nonexistent black engineers.

That’s a lot of demanding for one month, Hank. What happens if whites ever say, “No”?

Now, how about you? You’ve got a cushy job up there at Harvard, and you can hoot and holler about what swine and bandits whites are. I guess it’s lots of fun, and you get a salary for it. But don’t you think you might do blacks more good if you told them to complain less and study more?

For example, if you want blacks to work in Silicon Gulch, the best approach might be to find some really smart black guys, and get them to study digital design, not Black Studies. That’s how everybody else does it. It works. Then blacks wouldn’t feel left out, and racial tension would decline. Sound like a plan?

Just out of curiosity, how many hours a week do professors of Afro-American Studies spend in the projects, encouraging poor black kids to study real subjects, Hank?


~Steve~                                            H/T  I_Man               


The Captain Has Advised You To Fasten Your Saftey Belt.

The Fuse has been lit……….


Pick a headline, any headline.

I’m especially fond of 

“Every Fu*King Cop Is a Fu*king Target”

America gripped by second night of fury...Police fire rubber bullets in LA freeway...Thousands pack Times Square...CA protesters break windows, start fires...Cause Gridlock In Midtown Manhattan...'Every F**king Cop Is a F**king Target'...MARION BARRY: 'Good news is Zimmerman will never be in peace'...NY Giants Star: 'Zimmerman Doesn't Last Year Before Hood Catches Up to Him'...Falcons WR: Jurors 'Should Go Home Tonight And Kill Themselves'...Beyonce holds moment of silence at concert...Celebs React...Sharpton: 'Slap in Face'...
Justice Dept: Under Review...

Halted: Traffic came to a halt Sunday evening on Los Angeles' I-10 freeway as Trayvon Martin supporters swarmed the road in protest of his killer's acquittal, stopping all traffic

Halted: Traffic came to a halt Sunday evening on Los Angeles’ I-10 freeway as Trayvon Martin supporters swarmed the road in protest of his killer’s acquittal, stopping all traffic

Impressive crowd: A shot from high up shows the Times Square crowds considerable size

Impressive crowd: A shot from high up shows the Times Square crowds considerable size

Have to say these 2 pics kinda give me the Heebie Jeebies.

(That’s a technical term for could be deep doo doo real quick.)

~Steve~                               H/T Drudge

PS. So much for the peaceful protests. In That case may I say it is my sincere desire that any an all who who engage in violence may you step off the curb and get hit by a bus. 

These views not endorsed by FOTM, just little ole me

PSS. I’m sick of the whole thing, and wash my hands of it. Back to jokes .

LIVE: Fugitive Dorner in shootout with police in Big Bear / Update, May be Dead !!!

Dorner May Have Died In Fire After Standoff; Deputy Shot To Death


Reports of automatic gunfire ringing out.

Listen Live now

Accused cop killer Christopher Dorner is reportedly in the middle of a gun battle with police in the Big Bear area of Southern California.  There have been reports of one or two officers down during the reported shooting.

A Fish and Game warden might be one of the wounded.  Authorities swarmed to the scene earlier today after it was reported Dorner was spotted in the area.  The gun battle is reportedly happening near Glass Road and Highway 38.

Earlier reports said Dorner had tied up a couple in a cabin in the area and possibly stole a truck.  Dorner is accused of killing three people in the Los Angeles area, including one Riverside police officer.

He’s been the subject of a manhunt since last week. In his manifesto Dorner said he did not want to be taken alive.


Transcript: Reporter Carter Evans Trapped In Center Of Dorner Gunfight

IG BEAR (CBSLA.com) — CBS2/KCAL9 correspondent Carter Evans was describing the situation to anchor Sandra Mitchell via cell phone when authorities began exchanging gunfire with fugitive Christopher Dorner. Gunfire was heard from several directions.


BACKGROUND: yelling, faintly “Get out of here, get out of here”

SANDRA: Is that someone yelling the background, carter?

CARTER: Yeah, we got authorities yelling at us to get out of here, but we don’t know where to go, frankly to tell you the truth.


SANDRA: Carter what are you hearing, what are you seeing.

CARTER: Uh, I see authorities, I’m going to have to speak quieter now, I have you on the speaker phone. I see authorities honing in on an area on a cabin that is about 200 feet ahead of us right now. I see a lot of these authorities moving to take cover themselves.


CARTER: I hear some screaming, you heard all that gunfire.

SANDRA: That was gunfire.

CARTER: I see a team of sheriff’s deputies in full-on fatigues with weapons drawn running toward us right now. We are down on the ground behind the wheels of our car right now and the door is open, I am talking to you on the speaker phone. We are right, right in the center of the action here, we are right where this is happening.


CARTER: We’re trying to, we’re not moving from our vehicle, because this is a very fluid situation. We’re staying here, we don’t want to get caught in the crossfire ourselves.

UNIDENTIFIED: Hey you! Come here!


UNIDENTIFIED: You! Come here! [Unintelligible]


UNIDENTIFIED: Hey! Get the f— out of here now!



[Unintelligible yelling]



SANDRA: I want to check back with Carter Evans. Carter? Are you there?



UNIDENTIFIED: Get the f— down. Down! Keep it down!


UNIDENTIFIED 2: Hey, hey! …Get the f— out, get the f— out now.


Read more: http://www.970wfla.com/cc




The Sunday Funny Papers


Splinters in Her Crotch!

A woman from Los Angeles who was a tree  Hugger, a liberal Democrat, and an anti-hunter, purchased a piece of  Timberland near Colville, WA. There was a large tree on one of the  highest points in the tract. She wanted a good view of the natural  splendor of her land; so, she started to climb the big tree. As she neared the top, she encountered a spotted owl that attacked her. In her haste to escape, the woman slid down the tree to the ground and got many splinters in her crotch. In considerable pain, she hurried to a  Local ER to see a doctor.

She told him she was an environmentalist, a democrat, and an anti-hunter and how she came to get all the splinters. The doctor listened to her story with great patience and then told her to wait In the examining room and he would see if he could help her.  She sat and waited three hours before the doctor reappeared. The angry woman demanded, “What took you so long?” He smiled and told her,  “Well, I had to get permits from the Environmental Protection Agency,  The Forest Service, and the Bureau of Land Management before I could remove old-growth timber from a “recreational area” so close to a  waste treatment facility. I’m sorry, but due to ObamaCare, they turned me down.


~Steve~                               H/T   May