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Love at First Sight

Grab the Kleenex!  If you’re like me, you won’t make it through the first 30 seconds without tears.  ~~LTG


Change for a Dollar

Watch Full Screen – This mini-masterpiece will bless you!

H/T to my dear neighbor, Charlotte!


Today’s Chuckle

Two little boys were laying in bed one night.

All of a sudden one of them raises up and says, “I’m old enough to curse. All day tomorrow I think I will say “damn”.” The other one not to be out done raises up and says, “I’m old enough, too. All day tomorrow I’m going to say “ass”.”

The next morning at the breakfast table the mother asked the first little boy what he wants for breakfast. The little boy thinks for a minute and says, “I think I want some of them damn rice crispies.”

The mother snatched him out of his chair and gave him a good spanking.

She turns to the other little boy and asked what he wants for breakfast. The little boy told her real fast, “You can bet your ass I don’t want any of the damn rice crispies!!!”