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This is how we roll in Oklahoma: Man gets bit in face by snake, neighbor comes to deal with the snake with hammers

We got all kinds of critters here in Oklahoma: Bunnies (good critters!), armadillos, snakes, scorpions, raccoons, June bugs, cicadas, etc.

Along with firearm protection (to deal with criminal critters), we keep a BB gun and sand shovel handy to deal with the annoying scorpions and snakes. I’ve killed many scorpions with the sand shovel – as well as with a good old stompin’ from my boots.

A scorpion I killed with a shovel…

And our domestic cat critters have also come in handy when dealing with snakes and cicadas!

My “Baby” with his snake capture

Yet a local man took a different approach when dealing with a snake (a pretty good-sized one) that bit a man on the face on his front porch.

This is life in Oklahoma!

Video is NSFW due to foul language. And the snake doesn’t survive.


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