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The Liberal Waterloo. I like That.

Good Piece from The Tea Party Nation.

Liberalism has seen its high-water mark.  Now liberals are starting to retreat.  If the liberals are in retreat, it provides the greatest opportunity for conservatives to advance an agenda in the last thirty years.
What is the liberals’ Waterloo?  How do we know liberalism is now in collapse over this?
You know things are bad for liberals when the organs of the liberal media establishment are calling for surrender.
That is happening.
The Chicago Tribune has called for Obamacare to be repealed.
Hell may have frozen over but when even the liberal media is telling liberals to give up on Obamacare, America is winning.
Last Friday, the Chicago Tribune called for Obamacare to be repealed.  The editorial board of the Tribune wrote: The Americans manhandled by this exercise in government arrogance now find themselves divided into warring tribes: Those with chronic ailments who have found new plans on Obamacare exchanges and are pleased. Those who don’t want or can’t afford the replacement policies Obamacare offers them. Those whose new policies block them from using the health providers who have treated them for many years. The estimated 23 million to 41 million people whose employer-sponsored plans are the next to be imperiled. And on and on.
Even liberals recognize that Obamacare is not only a disaster; it will destroy liberalism and push Americans back to a conservative party.
Some liberals are in total panic mode that Obamacare might not only help conservatives take the nation back in the next two elections, but the damage to the socialist cause might even be longer term.
In Politico, Todd Purdum wrote: So the fiasco of the launch of Obama’s sweeping health care overhaul has put the reputation of Big Government progressivism at risk for at least this generation. And its future now rests on the president’s ability to reverse that debacle and to demonstrate that his approach to covering millions of uninsured Americans is not only an enlightened — but workable — policy. He set the bar himself.
Fortunately for America, Barack Obama is a man of limited intellect, which is overwhelmed with a massive ego.   Never complain when the leader of the other side is narcissistically insane.
For conservatives, we have a fight in front of us.  If the pain of Obamacare continues into next year, the liberals will have no choice.  Obamacare must be sacrificed in order to save the Democrats.
The danger will be Republicans wanting to scuttle attempts to repeal Obamacare so they can use it as a campaign weapon. Republicans had better realize that 2014 is going to be a big year for them, provided they don’t try to leave Obamacare intact or even replace it with Obamacare-lite.
Obamacare must go. Repealing Obamacare will be the best thing for America. It will be what starts to pull America out of the Great Obama Depression.  Republicans must realize that the repeal of Obamacare is not a partisan issue.  It is an issue for America.
If Republicans love America as they claim, in early 2014, they must lead the charge to actually repeal Obamacare.  And GOP leadership, trust me on this; by repealing Obamacare, you will have much more to work with in the 2014 elections, not less.
( Not just repeal, but they better have something else to offer )

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