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Wednesday Morning Chuckles.

Yes today is “Piss Off A Liberal Day.”  If you know any Liberals forward this and thank them for giving us the most corrupt, inept, dishonest president our Country has ever had!
Damn, –Oh, I’m so disappointed.  I thought it was Piss on a Liberal Day.
Says it all, doesn't it?

Says it all, doesn’t it?

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~Steve~                                     H/T   Miss May.


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Definition of Progressives

From the  San Francisco Weekly we get the ultimate definition:

Progressives favor more government control over people’s lives for their own good, as when they effectively banned McDonald’s Happy Meals. But sometimes progressives say the government needs to let people make their own choices, as when they opposed Care Not Cash — which steered homeless people into social services and housing instead of doling out money. Progressives believe government should subsidize homeless people who choose to drink themselves to death, while forbidding parents from buying McNuggets because fast food is bad for us.
LOL !   ~LTG

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Why Do Blacks & Jews Vote Democrat?

A new CBS News/New York Times poll has good news for us about Tuesday’s elections. Republicans continue to hold an advantage over Democrats in the generic House ballot: 46% of likely voters say they plan to vote Republican, while 40% say they will vote Democrat.

But the poll also shows that blacks continue to be slaves to the Democrats, with 90% of them still approving of Obama. 

Jews comprise such a small percentage (2-3%) of the U.S. population that their political preferences typically don’t show up in polls such as the CBS/NYT poll, unless pollsters specifically target them. But, according to anecdotal data, despite being disillusioned with Obama, all signs point to Jewish Americans continuing to vote mainly Democrat next Tuesday.
Which brings us to this question: Why do blacks and Jews vote the way they do?
Obama has done little that really benefits blacks, other than have the Dept of Justice look the other way on the new Black Panthers’ 2008 voter intimidation. After half a century of the “War on Poverty,” blacks are still mired in crime and poverty, although a black middle class has arisen due mainly to Affirmative Action racial quota and government employment. (BTW, did you know that Affirmative Action was installed by a Republican administration — that of Richard M. Nixon?)
In the case of American Jews, it’s even more baffling, as this article by James Lewis addresses.

Why Do Jews Vote for Their Enemies?
By James Lewis – American Thinker – October 27, 2010

American blacks vote Obama for the color of his skin. American Leftists vote O because they hope he will shaft this country more royally than anybody else has so far.
So what excuse do the Jews have? The black and the radical leftist vote O for reasons I can understand. Obama is black, even if his life experience has no relationship to the average American black person — none at all. And Obama is a radical, so even the radicals have a reason. However, why does Obama keep his favorable standing with American Jews? It makes no sense.
With his favoritism for Muslims, by trying constantly to undermine the elected government of Israel and by constantly reaching out to a Hitler-wannabe in Iran, Obama has made it clear enough what side he’s on. His friends Jodie Evans of Code Pink and Bill Ayers agitated for the Gaza flotilla that turned into a planned PR disaster for Israel. His administration supports the grotesque and shameful farce of Iran, the Sudan, and Libya sitting on the U.N. Human Rights Council. Those are genocidal, torturing, and utterly reactionary regimes. And that’s just the start of Obama’s bitter hatred of Israel and Western values. There’s more coming — you betcha.
American Jews are voting against their plain self-interest. They voted for someone who listened to J-Wright ranting against Jews and whites for twenty years. Wright is a race-hater, pure and simple, and he hates Whitey and the Jews. What’s more, Michelle Obama is the daughter of a Chicago ward boss who grew up in that atmosphere, rife with Louis Farrakahn and the Black Muslims, J-Wright, and the ranting Father Pfleger. Michelle grew up with the Jesse Jackson family, and we know where Jesse stands. Put all that together, and you get classical Jew-hating. It’s obvious to anybody who pays attention.
Obama’s pal George Soros helped set up the phony front group J Street, which specializes in undermining Israel while claiming to defend it; it’s classical Stalinist agitprop. Anybody could find that out. Granted that the media tried to cover it all up, but it’s on the web, for goodness’ sake. Use your fingers and it’s right there.
Jews have the reputation of being intelligent, and academically, they often are. But Jewish smart people seem to be — how shall I say this? — incapable of thinking straight about politics. Once many Jews figure out what side in politics they are rooting for, they are stuck for life. No facts, no matter how persuasive, will change their minds. This is nuts. It is certainly not intelligent. In politics, American Jews seem to be idiots savant: Very bright in one part of life, but with big islands of ignorance, denial, and wishful thinking.
And yes, some of my best friends, and all that.
I can make up all kinds of imaginary reasons. Back in Europe it was the socialists and Soviets who ultimately did the most harm to the Nazis, so Eastern European Jews were drawn into that horrific maelstrom and chose the only side that wasn’t systematically threatening and killing Jews. But that’s historically one-sided. George Soros infamously grew up in Hungary selling the (stolen) furniture and art of the Jews who were marched to the concentration camp. Liberal Jews still admire the man.
Jews are attracted to the fantasy world of the lion lying down with the lamb. But reality tells us it hasn’t happened yet, and the chances that peace will break out all over are not high. The Left constantly runs that sucker play, and American Jews fall for it. I’ve talked with Jewish friends, and I keep trying to figure it out. Can’t they spot a cruel scam when they see it? Where is their intelligence?
The Jews in Europe had a very bad time with Catholics and Orthodox of various stripes, especially in Poland and Russia. And yet the European Enlightenment that started the liberation of Jews from the medieval ghetto was created by many Christians and some Jews. Historically, Christianity has both anti-Semitic elements and philo-Semitic ones, as the historian Paul Johnson points out in his history of the Jews. Listen to Mozart’s Requiem Mass. Half the text comes from the Hebrew Bible.
A billion Muslims in the world are exposed to classic anti-Semitic hate propaganda. You can see it day by day on the MEMRI website, with straight translations from the Persian and Arab language media. Hate-Jew cartoons are all over those Islamic media. Hitler’s Mein Kampf sells like hotcakes in Egypt. The Saudis sponsored a truly filthy TV series shown throughout the Arab world based on the Elders of Zion, the phony czarist anti-Jewish propaganda tale. (It features those folks with caricatured Shylock faces who are constantly plotting to take over the world, talking like Snidely Whiplash and rubbing their hand in glee while they are preparing to kill a Christian baby for Passover.) This is sleazy, nasty, hateful, and moronic stuff. Arab audiences in Egypt and Iran just love it. They are mental throwbacks to the Dark Ages.
And yet, American Jews vote for Obama. Now, Obama himself is careful to avoid any appearance of militant hatred of Jews. He just inveighs against “Wall Street Fat Cats” and “Neo-cons” and protects Black Muslims who are caught in voter intimidation in Philadelphia. A lot of those targets of abuse are Jews, and a lot of them sort of agree with Obama’s rants against capitalism. But capitalism frees people, and the Jews, who have suffered more than their share of oppression, should recognize that instantly.
Half of American Jews are women. Women are badly used and abused both sexually and physically throughout the Islamic world. So are gay people. So are Christians who profess a religion that does not elevate Muhammad as the last prophet. Jews by the million have been forced to leave Muslim countries and are now settled in Israel and America. Every other day Ahmadinejad issues another nuclear threat against Tel Aviv. The Muslim Brotherhood, which inspired Hamas, has acted to destroy Jews and Israelis since its World War II alliance with Hitler. Jimmy Carter is a big fan of Hamas and brought that other medieval throwback, Ayatollah Khomeini, into power, thereby driving Jews and other Iranians out of that country.
And still the Jews vote 70-plus percent for their enemies.
Two plus two does not equal four.
This is not adult, rational behavior. It is not intelligent. It is not wise or benevolent. It is not charitable toward the weak and oppressed peoples of the earth. It is not good for future generations. And as 97 percent of the Israeli public has decided, Obama is very bad for Israel; after all, he’s done nothing visible about Iranian nukes, which are the biggest genocidal danger to Israel ever. A second Holocaust has never been closer. Obama’s backed off now for the election, but he’ll be back at Netanyahu’s throat as soon as the election is past. His White House “advisors” are all for shafting Israel but good. It’s their substitute for sane foreign policy.
Something isn’t right here. People usually don’t vote for those who hate them and who constantly act in alliance with genocidal haters like Hamas and the Iranian fascisti.
Something isn’t right.
Now watch the midterm elections, when the country will render its first verdict on Obama and his cronies in office, on the recession, the insanely high budgets, Obama’s friendly alliances with ranting enemies of America and Israel.
I’ll bet that Obama’s crew gets more than 50 percent of the Jewish vote in the midterms.
Is this crazy, or what?

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Take the World's Shortest Political ID Quiz!

Draft of the Declaration of Independence

Ideas and ideology do matter.
If you doubt that, re-read Thomas Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence. Re-read the history of the American Revolution — the part where it was Thomas Paine’s printed words that stirred the hearts of the colonists to Revolution and, at its lowest point, re-stirred their hearts and revitalized a flagging cause.
Are you a Conservative, Libertarian, Liberal, or Statist?
Take this 10-question quiz, the shortest such quiz in the world. Go HERE, then report back to us on your results!
(I’m told I’m right on the border between Conservative and Libertarian.)

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Democrat Congresswoman Waters Stole From Haiti

[Please scroll down for an important UPDATE!]
Demonrat Congresswoman Maxine Waters, 72, is a professional politician who began her lucrative career in 1976 in California’s State Assembly. In 1991, she was elected by Los Angeles to the U.S. House of Representatives, representing first the 29th District, then the 35th District. She is a member and former chair of the Congressional Black Caucus.
Waters is also among the most corrupt of Congress, named by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington to its list of corrupt members of Congress in its 2005, 2006 and 2009 reports, and by Citizens Against Government Waste as its June 2009 Porker of the Month. She is currently being charged with and investigated by Congress for ethics violations. According to the LA Times, Waters’ relatives had made more than $1 million during the preceding eight years by doing business with companies, candidates and causes that Waters had helped. [Source: Wikipedia]
Maxine Waters is also a Marxist.
Remember how she blurted out the truth — that liberalism is really socialism/communism — while grilling a Shell Oil CEO during a 2008 Congressional hearing? Beginning at around the 4:00 mark, she says,

“And guess what this liberal [referring to herself] will be all about? This liberal will be all about socializing…uh, uh…would be all about, basically, taking over…uh, uh…and the government running all of your company.”

The House Ethics Committee should add another ethics violation to its investigation of Waters. An exclusive-for-subcribers report from D.C. investigative journalist Wayne Madsen claims that Water stole from poverty-stricken Haiti, a country populated by fellow blacks. Unconscionable.
October 15-17, 2010 — Democratic congresswoman rips off misery-stricken Haiti
Influential Haitian-American sources have informed WMR that Representative Maxine Waters (D-CA), already mired in an ethics probe by the House of Representatives, has been involved in a money laundering operation involving several “dummy corporations” she set up with Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide before he was ousted in a 2004 coup d’etat.
The current House Ethics Committee probe of Waters’s role in arranging for a federal bailout for OneUnited Bank, which she and her husband, Sidney Williams, a bank director, held a financial stake.
Now, the financial scandal surrounding Waters has spread to earthquake-ravaged Haiti. WMR has learned that Waters had OneUnited Bank dissolve her joint companies after Aristide was overthrown. OneUnited Bank subsequently laundered over $17 million, most of it from kickbacks from lucrative telecommunications contracts in Haiti, from the dissolved firms through fourteen other banks, including HSBC and Bank of America. WMR has been told by Haitian sources that Aristide, who was exiled to South Africa by the United States after the coup, may not know about the companies that were established by Waters with him as co-owner. However, Aristide once told his closest confidante that in several matters he agreed to while president, “I had no choice, these people are the mafia.”
WMR has been told of a connection between Waters and her husband and the San Francisco-based Steele Foundation, the private security firm that that provided security for the Haitian presidency, and which arranged for Aristide’s flight from Haiti to the Central African Republic following the 2004 coup.
Waters’s role in the Haitian financial scam now has Haitians and Haitian-Americans calling her “Dirty Waters.” Waters and some of her colleagues recently sent a letter to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton complaining that Aristide’s political party, Fanmi Lavalas, was unfairly excluded from the upcoming November 28 presidential and parliamentary election, postponed from last February because of the devastating earthquake, because its paperwork was incorrect. The letter is as follows:

Dear Secretary Clinton:We are writing to express our concerns about the November 28 presidential and parliamentary elections in Haiti. We believe it is imperative that these elections be free, fair, and inclusive, and result in a government that is legitimate and perceived as legitimate. The November 28 elections are particularly important to re-establish an effective legislature, establish political accountability for the expenditure of large amounts of money, and resolve Haiti’s current societal disputes in a peaceful and democratic manner.As it currently stands, Haiti’s Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) has decided to exclude candidates from over a dozen political parties from participating in the elections, including Fanmi Lavalas, Haiti’s largest political party. The exclusion will undermine both Haitians’ right to vote and the resulting government’s ability to govern.Last November, the CEP, which was appointed through a process not recognized in Haiti’s Constitution, excluded 14 parties from parliamentary elections then scheduled for February 2010, without providing a written, comprehensive explanation. Although those elections were postponed and rescheduled for this November 28, the CEP refused to revisit the disqualifications, which have been widely condemned by civil society and parties across Haiti’s political spectrum. A previous CEP, with many of the same members, also excluded Fanmi Lavalas and other parties from Senatorial elections in April 2009. Haitian voters boycotted, and most observers estimated a 3-6% voter turnout.Although some may argue that Haiti has more pressing problems, allowing flawed elections now will come back to haunt the international community later. Haiti’s next government will be called upon to make difficult decisions in the reconstruction process that will have a lasting impact on Haitian society, such as land reform and allocation of reconstruction projects among urban and rural areas. Conferring these decisions on a government perceived as illegitimate is a recipe for disaster.Haiti’s next government will also have to ask its citizens to make sacrifices, such as losing land through eminent domain, or take risks, such as relocating to a new displacement camp. Citizens are unlikely to sacrifice for or trust a government that obtained power through dishonest means.President John Kennedy famously remarked, “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.” Running transparently unfair, exclusive elections, with the support of the international community, will leave many Haitians to conclude that they have no choice but to protest the elections and the consequent government through social disruption. That disruption threatens to severely limit such a government’s ability to govern, and imperils the United States’ past and future investments in Haiti’s reconstruction.
The CEP and international community must also ensure that all Haitians entitled to vote are afforded the opportunity to do so. This includes all those who have lost their voting cards and other identity documents in the earthquake this year, as well as those who have turned 18 since the last elections in 2006. We are particularly concerned that the 1.5 million people who have been internally displaced have access to identity cards and polling stations close to the camps where they live so that they can vote. This is also essential to holding legitimate elections.
We call on you to make a clear statement that elections must include all eligible political parties and ready access to voting for all Haitians, including the displaced. The United States government should also state unequivocally that it will not provide funding for elections that do not meet these minimum, basic democratic requirements. 
Maxine Waters; Donald Payne; William Delahunt; Barbara Lee; Debbie Wasserman Schultz; Alcee L. Hastings; Charles B. Rangel; Jan Schakowsky; Dennis Kucinich; Hank Johnson; Jim McDermott; Yvette D. Clarke; John W. Olver; Keith Ellison; Sam Farr; Donna M. Christensen; Raúl Grijalva; Michael Honda; Betty McCollum; Laura Richardson; Alan Grayson; Chellie Pingree; Eleanor Holmes Norton; Danny K. Davis; Sheila Jackson Lee; Elijah Cummings; Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick; Lynn Woolsey; Chaka Fattah; Fortney “Pete” Stark; Al Green; Stephen Lynch; Donna F. Edwards; John Lewis; Bob Filner; Diane Watson; Bennie G. Thompson; Tammy Baldwin; John Garamendi; Bobby L. Rush; Jesse L. Jackson Jr.; Bart Gordon; Melvin L. Watt; Corrine Brown; Lucille Roybal-Allard   

WMR has been told that Waters’s letter is an attempt to distract attention from her own Haitian activities that are resulting in her increased unpopularity in Haiti and among the Haitian-American community. WMR has been informed that the Lavalas Party was not excluded but its top leadership voluntarily withdrew from the November 28 election because it was determined that it had been so thoroughly penetrated by outside forces, some called “betrayers,” it had ceased to be a viable opposition party to the U.S.-backed business interests. Those interests first backed Haitian-American entertainer Wyclef Jean for president, and after he withdrew because of his citizenship status in Haiti, the outside forces opted for Charles Baker, who is linked to the Port-au-Prince sweat shop operations of  Andre Arpaid, the head of Alpha Industries, the largest garment assembly factory in Haiti and the leader of the Group of 184, the George Soros-linked civil society group that forced Aristide from office in 2004. One of the reasons Arpaid helped engineer the coup against Aristide was the president’s doubling of the minimum wage for Haitian workers, including those in the garment industry.
The foreign-inspired split within Lavalas is what resulted in its withdrawal from the election, contrary to the spin that Waters and her colleagues are placing on it. Waters decision to ask the Obama administration to withhold aid for Haiti because of the Lavalas withdrawal has also raised suspicions in Haiti. Originally, Jean was thrust into the election process, even though he was ineligible to run for president, in order to tarnish the entire election process. The penetration of and subsequent split within Lavalas also aimed to tarnish the election process. Waters has added to the pre-election machinations by suggesting in her letter to Clinton that over a dozen parties, in addition to Lavalas, had been excluded from the election. However, no other parties were excluded and Lavalas voluntarily withdrew.
Haitian-American sources suspect that Waters and her colleagues are trying to tarnish the Haitian election process to keep the country in turmoil and prevent it from uncovering the millions of dollars that Waters and her husband siphoned from Haiti into numbered bank accounts and phony companies.
Waters’s Republican opponent, Bruce Brown, has expressed his outrage over Waters’s corrupt business deals with Haiti and has promised the Haitian-American community to support an investigation of Waters activities if he is elected.
Waters’s staff, WMR is told, closely with House Financial Service Committee chairman Representative Barney Frank (D-MA) to arrange for the bailout of OneUnited Bank in 2008. Waters’s chief staff member for Haiti, who is close to Frank’s staffers, has refused to consider the Haitian-American community’s concerns that Waters is tarnishing the Haitian election because of her conflict-of-interest.
UPDATE: On October 20,2010, Fellowship of the Minds is honored to receive this comment by Maxine “Dirty” Waters’ opponent in her bid to be reëlected. His name is Bruce Brown. Here’s his comment:

I am Maxine’s opponent and we have been doing similar work except we have the family enrichment in more detail. With just word of mouth, we are at 46% to her 54% and we can beat her with this story line!! Spread the word and help us get donations if you want her gone. Thanks

Mr. Brown is a successful businessman who, two years ago, gave up his corporate life to go into inner-city Los Angeles, day and night, to help mediate gang disputes as a member of a consortium of anti-violence organizations. He is an uphill battle to unseat a corrupt politician in a corrupt district. If you have even a $1 to spare, please donate to his campaign. CLICK HERE! And if you live in California’s 35th District, please help the Brown campaign with your time and energy. The election is only 12 days from now.

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She Chose Freedom

A powerful confessional by beloved fellow Judy, on how she turned away from the mirage of liberalism (which is really parasitic socialism) and chose freedom and responsibility for herself. She kindly gave us permission to repost it. Check out her blog Ladyhawkhollow HERE!

Why I Should Be the Poster Child For the New America

By Judy – September 14, 2010
Yep, that’s me. I was not allowed to work while I went to school. School was too important to be distracted by earning money. On welfare, I could have a place of my own, and I certainly qualify for it. Insurance is sky high. I’m overweight, and clearly need someone to tell me what to eat because I’m failing on my own. I’ve kept my head buried in the sand rather than look around at what’s happening, so someone else should make the decisions about the things I know nothing about. I don’t want to try to figure out what each candidate is really saying. Just tell me what to vote for, and I’ll do it. I’m the only person in my family without at least a B.A. By every definition, I should want what the new government regime is offering.
I was taught that Democrats were for the little guy, and Republicans were for the evil corporations; Democrats were peace-loving, and Republicans were warmongers. What I was taught was to be easy, non-confrontational, because everyone else was responsible, not me. I didn’t have any power, so what could I do, really?
So how in the world did I turn out to be a capitalist down to my bones? It wasn’t easy. There was a lot of learning, accepting responsibility, learning, creating healthy boundaries, learning, making priorities, learning, making mistakes, and more learning. Looking back, I recognize that it all came down to one thing: My free will, my right to choose.
It has been a gradual process, but one that has been escalating over the years. Several years ago, I began recognizing a pattern that really, really annoyed me. There were people that knew me well and wanted to make sure I never made the same mistakes again. Then I started to notice that there people who didn’t know me or anything about me but were making assumptions about me. They were telling me what was best for me because they wanted to be sure I didn’t make any unnecessary mistakes. If I only did everything they advised, I would be safe. Why did this all sound so familiar?
The adversary abhors freedom. If we’re free, we might choose to serve God. God, who gave us freedom from the beginning, in the Garden of Eden, to eat or not. He knew what would happen if Adam and Eve ate, and expected it. He gave Man the freedom to make mistakes. So it follows that the adversary would want to take away all freedom. What better way than to disguise freedom as dangerous? Do I really want to follow the insidious plan the adversary has so carefully constructed since the beginning of time? Or do I want to be willing to risk my very soul for the right to lay claim to the Atonement that God provided through His only Begotten Son? All that is asked of me is that I believe and follow Christ. With God all things are possible; the adversary whispers that all is lost with too many choices. It’s to risky. It isn’t safe. You might fail. You could be hurt. You could have trials. You could struggle. You could die. A rule here, another there, and oh, better make a rule for that little thing there, and that, and that, and that, and that… And in an effort to remain safe, we find ourselves bound in the chains of safety, not only not safe but lost.
Do I advocate that Capitalism is God’s perfect plan? You’re kidding right? People aren’t perfect. Given all the plans that Man has come up with, Capitalism gives the most choices so far. I want more choices not fewer. Consider that in the Old Testament, God gave 10 Commandments. In the New Testament, we were given three. Fewer rules, with more far reaching meaning. But those three rules are based on the individual. The first great commandment is to love the Lord Thy God with all thy heart, might, mind, and strength, and the second is like unto it to love thy neighbor as thyself. There isn’t anything in there anywhere about someone else making sure I’m taken care of, nowhere. I’m willing to trust that the Atonement is more than enough for all the mistakes, bumbling, failures, and loss that life will throw my way. I’m awed and grateful that God inspired the Founding Fathers to create a country that would make it possible to choose my own way. I may succeed spectacularly, but I may also fail just as spectacularly, but hopefully in the process I will become what God intended. I choose the freedom God promised.

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