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U. of Illinois invites porn star to teach orgasm

This is what passes for higher education in American universities today.

Students at the University of Illinois — Obama’s home state! — invited famous porn star Annie Sprinkle to conduct a sex education week, which climaxed (pun intended) with an “Orgasm Workshop” on Thursday night — a subject in which American college students require no instruction, being Olympian marathoners in that subject themselves.

According to Wikipedia, 58-year-old Sprinkle was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to a Russian-Jewish mother and a Polish-Jewish father. She describes herself as “ecosexual” (whatever that means) and married her long-time partner, Beth Stephens, in Canada on January 14, 2007.


annie-sprinkleSprinkle at a “performance art,” inviting a member of the audience to “inspect her cervix.”

Scott Greer reports for CampusReform.org, Feb. 7, 2013:

A residence hall at the University of Illinois has invited Annie Sprinkle, a famous porn star from the 1970s and 80s, to conduct a sex education week, which is set to culminate with an “Orgasm Workshop” Thursday night.

Sprinkle plans to play students her documentary “Annie Sprinkle’s Amazing World of Orgasm” which features interviews with 26 “orgasm experts” and describes itself as a ”poetic homage to the big O.”

Laura Haber, the program director for Unit One, the resident community that is hosting the week, said the workshop will involve participation from students but will bar all nudity. “They’re participating, but they’re fully clothed,” she clarified.

Haber would not release the cost of events but she did say they were funded with student fees paid by residents of the community.

The week also included a speech from Sprinkle detailing her career as a porn star, a Free Sidewalk Sex Clinic, and a presentation on “Eco-sexology.”

Annie Sprinkle, born Ellen Steinberg, starred in adult films such as “Teenage Deviate” and “Big Busty 3.” She holds a Ph.D. in human sexuality and currently works as a performance artist and a sex educator.

At the Free Sidewalk Sex Clinic, which was conducted in a public space, participants practiced sexual techniques using anatomical models.

Sprinkle also showed explicit clips from her adult films during her speech at Allen Hall. According to the Daily Illini, student response was mixed to her acting highlights.