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Positive solutions? Country music band “Lady A” sues black artist “Lady A” after name change

Last month, the country music band formerly known as “Lady Antebullumchanged their name to “Lady A” in an effort to “distance themselves from a term with ties to slavery.”

Turns out there was a black woman artist, Anita White, who was already performing under the name of “Lady A.”

So the band members of Lady Antebellum reached out to “Lady A.” and, according to USA Today, they had a “transparent, honest, and authentic conversation.” They stated: “We are excited to share we are moving forward with positive solutions and common ground. The hurt is turning into hope. More to come.”

Fast forward to July and this is how “positive” things are moving forward: “Country band Lady A, formerly Lady Antebellum, sues blues singer Lady A.”

Turns out there’s a price to pay for being woke. A BIG price. From the CBS News story:

“Today we are sad to share that our sincere hope to join together with Anita White in unity and common purpose has ended,” the band members of Lady A said in a statement to CBS News. “She and her team have demanded a $10 million payment, so reluctantly we have come to the conclusion that we need to ask a court to affirm our right to continue to use the name Lady A, a trademark we have held for many years.”

Band members Hillary Scott, Charles Kelley, and David Haywood decided to sue after “White’s attempt to enforce purported trademark rights in a mark that Plaintiffs have held for more than a decade,” according to the lawsuit. The band is not seeking monetary damages, the lawsuit said.”

The “Lady A,” aka Ms. White, applauded Lady Antebellum’s efforts to stand up for the BLM movement. From the CBS story:

“I applaud them for it, and I’m willing to help any way I can and they are willing to help any way they can. So we’re gonna work together,” she said. “This is where white allies need to start listening to black people, indigenous people, people of color. We need to make sure that you’re listening so that we can change this narrative of racism in this world.

Apparently $10 million was just too much help to ask for from the “white allies.”


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